“ #BreakFreeOfOppression -Makaveli Shakur ” 💯

#ElijahMuhammad set the devils back for 1,000 years. They were released on the coming of Columbus, and his finding of this Western hemisphere. They have been here now over 400 years. Their worst and most unpardonable sins were the bringing of the so-called Negroes here to do their labor.

The so-called Negroes have not only given free labor, but have given their lives on the soil of their masters and, all over the earth wherever his hateful and murdering slave-master wants them to go. Now, the slave wants better treatment. They are fast learning today, that these are the children of those who made merchandise out of their fathers. The devil is the devil regardless of place and time.

They deceived our fathers and are now deceiving the children, under many false disguises, (as though they want to be friends of the black man) such as integration and intermarriage.

The devil said to Allah: AI shall certainly come upon them from before them and from behind them; and from their right and from their left; and Thou wilt not find most of them thankful (Holy Qur-an 7:17). This is being fulfilled before our very eyes today. The devils are doing both. #FACTS #HardTruth #DoTheResearch