Adrenaline Rush

Cal leandros was not a morning person. It was bad enough that his brother Niko had taken him running this morning in Central Park which God awful. Cal ended up puking though that might have been the hot pocket he had for breakfFast. But now they were sitting in a cafe, waiting for their latest client to show up. Cal was all for helping out the people of NY handled the monsters under the bed but they had just taken down a pack of skin walkers last night. Ever heard of a break, Niko? No of course not. Their life was their work. Begrudgingly, he sipped his coffee.

breakfast was just under 300 cals :)

yay!!! i’m tryng to stick to my goal of around 1300 cals. i weighed myself yesterday and was really disappointed i hadn’t lost ANYTHING. so i took a look at my diet, realized some things i tought were good to consume everyday really aren’t.

goodbye dunkin donuts black iced coffee

slowinn’ it way down on the pb.

eating WAY more veggies cause i think i’ve been skimping on that.

hopefully this goes well :)