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Hi Pang ! Love your blog ! It´s the first thing I watch in the morning :-) . I hope you can help me with a difficult decision: Found the Trailer to the movie "Breakfast with Scot" on YouTube and I loved it. Tom looks goooood in it ! Have you seen the movie ? Is it any good ? Because I have the opportunity do get the DVD but don´t know if it´s worth the purchase ;-)

Breakfast with Scot is #TREMENDOUS. Definitely get it (assuming you don’t have to pay a fortune!). A very sweet, touching, funny film with a lot of depth and some Important Issues that are pretty rare to see. Probably Tom’s best movie role to date, and it really plays to his strengths of comedy, drama, ice skating, and being a big damn handsome jock.

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Hey hey Hi hello! I was on facebook and going through a bunch of videos on there and a trailer came up of a movie with Tom Cavanagh . Breakfast with Scott. He plays a gay hockey player that has a husband and then their kid gets dropped on their door. I just thought you would want to know.

Looks like it’s an older movie? 2007? And lol it did not gross very much $, unfortunately, not compared to that budget. Ah, Canadian films ^^; We try. It’s only natural it’s a movie about an ex-hockey player…


Breakfast with Scot 2007

Scot: He and Sam are married
Eric: We’re not even.. We’re not even married
Scot: They’re just gay together.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas [21/24]

On the other end of that spectrum, Breakfast with Scot, a movie about a straight-acting gay couple who are inadvertently saddled with a too fabulous for his age gay kid, is a great movie. It takes tropes and conventions from both traditional family dynamics and the gay community and plays around with them to great success. It’s a charming little love story between a couple and a child challenging each other’s identities and finding an unexpected family with each other at the end.


Breakfast With Scot

This movie, I have all the feelings for it. But besides the gay-hockey-player, are-you-in-or-out-of-the-closet setup and marvellous set of characters dealing with gender and orientation stereotypes, it’s most of all a story about a family learning about how to be a family. It’s awesome and heartbreaking and hilarious. Go watch it! (P.S this post can help with that.)


Breakfast with Scot 2007

Scot: …I grew a lot.
Billy: Yeah. Kids grow, you grew. That’s good.
Scot: You didn’t notice.
I would. Cause you’re gonna grow a lot. You’re gonna get taller, your voice is gonna change,your face is gonna change. It’ll all be amazingly different. But it’ll all happen so slowly you won’t even notice. But I would. I’d notice you. Everyday,I notice you.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas [19/24]