List of Gay Films with Happy Endings (as requested)

Disclaimer: I haven’t seen all of these films, so if there are some that are questionable about happy endings, my apologies. Also, I tried to find films with a good rating and a quality story.

1. Shelter (2007)

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2. North Sea Texas (2011)

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3. Beautiful Thing (1996)

4. Morgan (2012)

5. The Way He Looks (2014)

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6. Boys (2014)

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7. Weekend (2011)

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8. Summer Storm (2004)

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9. Love of Siam (2007)

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10. Latter Days (2003)

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11. Free Fall (2013)

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12. Maurice (1987)

13. Breakfast with Scot (2007)

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14. Big Eden (2000)

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15. Out in the Line-up (2014) (documentary)

Breakfast With Scot

Got to play another round of the Netflix guessing game tonight. It’s a game gifted to me by the Bad At Managing My Netlix Queue Fairy, where I have to figure out what past!me was thinking when it chose the dvds to put at the top of my queue and wonder why I don’t check these things better before sending the last movie back.

This time, Breakfast with Scot

The dvd sleeve tells me that this movie is about a gay couple becoming reluctant foster parents to a flamboyant child.

Which, okay, yeah, that DOES sound like me.

And the internet tells me that one of dudes is a former hockey player.

Everything is becoming clearer.

And watching the movie reveals that at some point the kid starts playing hockey and they have to teach him to fight. And there’s really a whole lot more hockey in this movie than I think even past!me would have expected. Turns out, maybe I knew what I was doing after all.

This movie never transcends just being cute. And parts of the plot don’t quite track (and there are way-hay too many slurs in it for my liking). But, hey, it hits all my pleasure centers. And we all learn how to love ourselves and to be a family in the end. So.

God bless Canada.

“We know who they are, Sam. We don’t name them. But there’s a lot we do and a lot we don’t do to make ourselves acceptable in their sight. I humble myself before them every day when I don’t kiss you good-bye in the street.”

Sam wiped his face with the dish towel, and was he crying? He was trying not to, but he was.

I said, “Oh Sam,” but I wanted to break a window in everyone’s home. Look at this. Look at what you’re doing.

—  Michael Downing - Breakfast with Scot

Rachel and I are watching Breakfast with Scot and its like, about this hockey player who is gay but has like, ridiculous amounts of internalized homophobia and they take in this kid who like, is super effeminate, and may be gay?? And its actually really cute bc this man is like, OBVIOUSLY INTERNALIZED HOMOPHOBIA but its not bc he’s malicious, it’s like him coming to terms with himself and I just CAN’T HELP BUT LIKE THIS MOVIE GOD BLESS. 

Yesterday I watched with a dear friend of mine Breakfast with Scot. Searching for a picture for tumblr I get to know that there is also a book by Michael Downing.

The film is about the gay couple Eric and Sam, who live a peaceful life. Suddenly Scot bumps into their life because his mother is dead and the legal guardian Billy (Sam’s brother) isn’t in town. So Eric’s and Sam’s life turn upside down because Scot seems to be gay, too, for he uses make up and likes to go shopping. During the film Eric begins to integrate Scot in the local hockey team because Eric thinks it’s better for Scot to do something boys do. In the end Scot’s true nature is revealed for he doesn’t like to play hockey but did it to please Eric. Finally the boy can stay with Eric and Sam.

The film is a family comedy but pick out as central theme the problem of being gay (or different as other people). Eric hates it when Scot says in public about him that he’s gay because he don’t want that others know it. Scot is marked as gay because he likes fashion, make up and musicals and has difficulties to find friends. All in all the film has a very positive message: to be what you are and that others will accept you anyway. Moreover it’s a very funny film. Scot is played very well; I really don’t know how the director got the boy in the outfits!