Breakfast with Scot (2007) trailer - directed by Laurie Lynd, from the novel Breakfast with Scot by Michael Downing.

We don’t often see LGBTQ films that feature children as a star focal point so I was instantly interested in this one. Most will focus on romantic relationships but Breakfast with Scot has a focus in family.

Eric & Sam (Ben Shenkman from Angels in America) are a couple that likes to keep their personal lives, well, personal. Eric is an overly macho ex-hockey player and Sam is a little taken aback by that but never brings it up. But when Sam’s brother’s ex-girlfriend dies it turns out Sam is the only traceable person to place her child, Scot, with. On meeting the boy the two find he’s incredibly feminine and Eric begins trying to stifle it the way he did when he was growing up.

The reason I enjoyed this movie quite a bit is because it is probably the only LGBT film I can think of that you could show to a younger audience. It contains no sexual scenes or especially adult content (outside of an F-bomb and mention of drugs). It also follows a kids perspective through quite a bit of the film, while it alternates between Eric and Scot.

It’s also quite aesthetically pleasing, given the crisp, Autumn setting. And the acting is really good, especially from its child actors.

Overall it’s funny, it’s cute and it’s heartwarming in the end. It deals with loss, gender roles, bullying, family, and acceptance.

Breakfast with Scot - Rating ★★★★☆