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Your mum and your family…keep you down to earth…I loved it when it was, like, over Christmas time when there was some film on and it was your mum and Robin and you said ‘Ooh, she’s not very good at acting’ and Robin was like, ‘Alright, Al Pacino’
—  Grimmy and Harry on R1 Breakfast (via writsgrimmyblog)
I feel like it’s NOT been 8 years though, has it? Because- [..] I feel it’s been like 6 years and then they’ve totally sort of ignored each other for the last 2 years or summat. It’d be like me ringing my last boyfriend being like ‘Congratulations!!! We’ve been together for 12 years!!!’ and he’d be like 'Ummm. No. We’ve had quite a long hiatus.’
—  Nick when a listener asked how he feels about #8YearsOfOne Direction
You know how people like to throw things on stage and Harry previously had kiwis thrown at him. No kiwis last night, but someone was throwing Haribo. And at one point he was like ‘OK. Throw one more and get it in my mouth’. So someone threw it from the audience and he caught it! I was like arms up in the air and everything. It was the proudest thing I’ve ever seen him done I was all 'THERE 'EEEEE IS!!!!!’ I was cheering, hugging his mum. It was a real moment. I saw him afterwards and said 'That was AMAZING…’ He went 'Thank…’ and I was like ’…when you caught that Haribo in your mouth!!!’ and he was like 'Oh. I thought you meant the gig.’
—  Nick talking about his highlight from Harry’s show
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All the Harry chat from the Breakfast Show with Scott and Chris and the first hour of Matt Edmondson’s show today.

Feat. Nick in Miami, White Eskimo, Harry’s audition, Matt’s naked Harry Styles tape and Harry’s Unlikeliest Fan.


[Harry] told me an amazing story when he went on a date once - and he’s not got an ego at all - but he said he went on a date with a girl and she’s like ‘So what’d you do then?’. And I mean, YOU KNOW WHO HARRY STYLES IS!!! But she pretended she didn’t know who he was. He was like 'I’m in a band.’ and she’s like 'So what’s the band called???’ and he’s like 'Ummm. One Direction?’ and she’s like 'Oh! Ok, cool.’ And he knew she followed like One Direction band things [on twitter].
—  Nick telling a story about one of Harry’s dates
  • Nick: When I got this job you were one of only four people I told that I got it.
  • Harry: Who were they?
  • Nick: I told my mum and dad, I told my friend Aimee, and I told you. And did you keep it a secret?
  • Harry: Yeah, I did. When I don't tell anyone big secrets, it's more for selfish reasons. When it gets out and I know I haven't told anyone I feel quite proud of myself.
  • Nick: So you were not proud of my job...
  • Harry: No, I was proud of the job! But I was like 'YES! I didn't tell anyone!'
  • Nick: When you played me your song I didn't tell anyone what it sounded like because I thought 'Oooooohhhh, he's testing me to see if I'm a big mouth.'
  • Harry: This is called trust.
  • Nick: Cause sometimes I think you think I'm a big mouth.
  • Harry: No! I actually don't think you're a big mouth.

Okay, so, this face has become SO iconic as the representative Harry’s-scrunchy-nose-to-contain-the-fond-face that I almost forgot what Harry was reacting to here:

And I’m just so ahgjfh it’s THIS line that totally breaks his ability to keep his cool (I mean, he wasn’t doing a very good job before or after but he totally loses it here) and how it’s this ongoing, years-long joke with Louis. Because the other time we see the story, Louis says almost the same thing:


Like… it must be the line that comes up in all his Donny Dome stories, “two stories of ice skating”, and I’m just SO BEYOND ENDEARED that four years later, Harry literally can barely contain himself when Louis is doing his bit. Like, it’s a bit, right?? Harry has heard him do this many times and he still is over there not being able to control his face because he wants to laugh so bad. That’s love.