Wrath of Con

Steven drags the Gems to a fan convention, where he hopes to attend a panel with one of the animators of Crying Breakfast Friends. Elsewhere, Peridot waits in line for hours to get an autograph from the actress that plays Paulette. But when it’s finally Peridot’s turn, she excitedly shares her ideas for future episodes (“Everything is the same… but in space!”), taking up all of the remaining time in the signing before she can actually get her poster signed. With Paulette gone and no autograph after hours waiting, Peridot becomes enraged and vows to destroy the Camp Pining Hearts.

“peanut butter - 14 servings per jar”
me, eating spoonfuls straight from the jar: interesting

✨Cinnamon Peanut Butter Banana Oats✨

Ingredients: -½ cup oats -½ cup water -½ cup unsweetened vanilla cashew milk
-cinnamon -one banana -1 tsp maple syrup -drizzle of @crazyrichardspb ✨

Directions: -cook oats, water, maple syrup, cinnamon, + cashew milk on the stovetop on medium heat. -while cooking, add half of your banana (mashed up) -when the oats are your desired consistency, transfer to a bowl. -top with the rest of the banana, more cinnamon + peanut butter. -enjoy!🍌✨

IG: @thelittleflowerpetal

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Yesterday’s amazing post-workout protein pancakes! I added unflavoured protein powder, a tablespoon of @greenicbio Energy Powder (it’s currently 40% off on their website!) and sweet lupin flour to the batter and topped the pancakes with banana, figs, raspberries and sunflower seed butter. The pancakes turned out super fluffy and delicious 😊

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