breakfast squad

Okay so I know that the movie itself is basically just like superpowered breakfast club, but the fact that the fandom doesn’t have an actual breakfast club au is such a missed opportunity.

  • Yoichi: *in a written letter* Dear Guren, we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong. But we think you're crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are. You see as you want to see us - in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each of us is a brain...
  • Yuu: ...and an athlete...
  • Shinoa: ...and a basket case...
  • Mitsuba: ...a princess...
  • Kimizuki: ...and a criminal...
  • Yoichi: Does that answer your question? Sincerely yours, the Shinoa Squad.

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I know your very busy but if you have time could you please draw sasodei doing something cute if you have time (p.s i love you art and au its amazing)

Mon-El Appreciation Week

Mon-El Appreciation Week - Day 2

Favorite Scene/Episode

Why not both!

Fave Episode - 2x7 The Darkest Place

Just seeing the character development in this episode alone for him. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched, cause it’s a lot!

I mean seriously, he gets captured by CADMUS because he tried to do a good deed. He tries to escape and fails because of a good deed for a person he thought was a friend (J'onn). Kara then comes to his rescue, and ends up solar flaring to protect him (yet he begs her not to). This episode proves that Mon-El has it in him what it takes to be hero, even if he doesn’t really admit it until a few admit until a few eps later.

Fave Scene - 2x17 Opening Scene - Mon-El makes breakfast for Kara

That scene is so adorable. He was trying so hard to impress the woman he loves.

Even going so far as to read a cookbook and watch YouTube videos to figure it out. Let me tell you, the breakfast he made, I’ve lived in one place my whole life and couldn’t cook that with the small amount of instructions. Again, character growth!!

The look on his face when she saw what he had done was pure love and joy. Not only that he wanted to fill her world with it. It’s just so adorable. ❤️😍


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AHAHAHAHAHHAHA,I had the IMMENSE LUCK to drawpile with @wandeeoveryonder and @goforhater the other dayyy !!! Look at all this good stuff !!
One of the most fun drawpiles I’ve had for sure ! 
(if you’re confused by the Breakfast squad it’s just us, Egg’s wandeeoveryonder, goforhater is Coffee and I’m Bread) 

non-superhero! aged up! au :

  • gabriel isn’t a fashion designer and adrien isn’t a model. instead; he works at a fast-food place.
    • he has to wear those visors they wear at like, mcdonalds and it messes his hair up every. single. time.
    • he smells like french fries constantly !!!
  • marinette goes there a lot. enough to where adrien takes notice and starts to give her two cherries in her milkshakes instead of one.
    • “just a little something extra”
  • when they introduce themselves, the poor boy forgets he wears a nametag and introduces himself anyway. marinette is just “yeah, i-i know, you wear a name tag lmao” aaaand !! cue an embarrassed adrien
  • after a while, he offers to take marinette out to lunch when she’s free and she jokes about them eating lunch at his job, at the table in the back with old initials scratched into it.
  • the kid rides a bike to work until he saves enough money to get himself a moped.
    • bonus : when he and marinette start dating, he buys her a helmet so she can ride with him places.
    • double bonus : HELMET HAIR X2
  • when he gets fired from the fast food place, marinette offers him a job at the bakery as a delivery boy. 
    • he starts to smell like the cakes, cookies and pastries that he delivers.
  • adrien mopedding to school and then walking to marinette’s house just so he can walk back to school with her !!
  • marinette bringing him croissants for breakfast every morning !!!
    • bonus : marinette bringing breakfast for the whole squad ayee
  • plagg is a black kitten that adrien finds that ends up taking a liking to him and follows him around, and sleeps on his moped seat most nights.
  • tikki is a ladybug with exactly five spots that always returns to marinette’s flowers on her balcony and basically lives on the plant now.
  • adrien lets marinette drive his moped but practically bites all his nails off because wHAT IF BOTH OF HIS PRECIOUS THINGS GET HURT!!
    • #adrien worrywart agreste amiright
  • adrien plans out their special night bow chicka wowow but accidentally makes it on a sunday way to go buddy and he has a heart attack when he sees the date ‘maRINETTE GET UP WE HAVE SCHOOL ITS MONDAY WHY DONT I PAY ATTENTION TO CALENDARS’ so they gotta bolt tf out of there and thank god she lives across the street. they still get there late though lmao. alya and nino waNT THE DEETS.
  • they have a study group on marinette’s balcony with a lot of coffee because group project due tomorrow leTS HIGHTAIL THIS SHIT and marinette causes adrien to fall asleep on her because she absentmindedly plays with his hair while she writes and he’s out like a light tbh
  • the squad goes to the beach and blondie turns into a lobster and nino slaps him on the back. rip dude