breakfast at wah


1st page

Sakura: [It’s] morning…

I’ll have to make breakfast….


2nd page

Sakura: !? Sasuke-ku–


Sasuke: Don’t go

Sakura: Don’t go, you say. ***Not sure how to translate further**** That’s extreme. But I have to go make breakfast.

Sasuke: [I] don’t want [it].

Sakura: You don’t want it … ahaa…

3rd page

Sakura: Eh?


Sasuke: We stay here.

4th page

Sakura: yes…

Ino: Sakura is late.

Hinata: It’s weird that Sakura-chan is late

Tenten: Should we just go ahead? *** Not exactly sure how to translate it in English

*** Not sure what suka means. Onomatopoeia ?

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