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give me spidey/winter soldier interactions in a:iw or give me death


{22/?} ❦ ↣ social media au where’s yoongi’s an introverted yet feisty librarian and he attracts all the wrong people, including notorious fuckboy taehyung

Shadowhunter apocalypse caused by Julian
  • Julian: *pushing away ashes, stepping on bones* *looks at siblings* So, who is ready for breakfast? Pancakes? Anyone?
  • Julian: *coughs because of smoke* Why are you all so gloomy?
  • Everyone: ...
  • Julian: Wait. Is it because I destroyed the world?
  • Dru: No, it's because it is a little bit humid- OF COURSE IT IS BECAUSE YOU DESTROYED THE WORLD. WHAT THE HELL JULES?
  • Julian: Rude
  • Mark: *bakes potatoes in a nearby pile of ashes*
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Note: Where’s that upside down smiling emoji because I think about cancer mars Yoongi and impregnation all the damn time. Title is somewhat based on this one particular song that made the discovery channel weep in embarrassment. As per usual, I lost steam towards the end. 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Werewolf!AU
Warnings: no external editing (rip), werewolf sex, imagined breeding kink, barest hint of degradation
Word Count: 3107
Rating: A-, for A Whole Lot Less Kinkier Than You Thought! (MA/NC-17)


Now that he’s sitting down next to you in close proximity with none of the aroma of the burning oil vaporizing into the cramped atmosphere of your kitchen, he could smell just how primed you are to receive his seed. Yoongi cringes; it sounds terrible in his own head, but his cock loves where this thought is going. Call it a baser need driven by whatever DNA or RNA or societal conditioning or what-the-fuck-ever coded werewolves to react this way, but your ovulation days are when Yoongi salivates over giving you a nice, fat sperm deposit up your precious pussy.


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Cillian Murphy chased down director Neil Jordan in the hope he’d get cast as Kitten in Breakfast on Pluto. His performance as a transgender foundling searching for love emerged as one of his standout moments. “I knew Neil was making that film and that I was the right age. People respond to direct contact from other artists and other filmmakers. I think people don’t do it enough.”

a nice morning | sweet pea

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a Sweet Pea x Reader imagine 

summary: reader and Sweet Pea wake up to a nice morning, when something goes terribly wrong. 

warnings: cursing, that’s mostly it. this might be more than one part, just depending on the feedback I get, and whether you guys want more. also this is my first time ever writing for Tumblr, and doing an imagine, so I’m sorry if it sucks. 

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Prompt:  “If you drop me, I’m dragging you down with me.”

Character: Bucky Barnes

Warning: N/A

“Bucky!” You were pretty sure people half way across the city could hear you as you were lifted off of your feet by a familiar pair of arms, one cold and one warm. You clung to Bucky’s shoulders tightly as he walked with you through the Tower. 

You had been half asleep but that had stopped the minute he’d lifted you from the ground, your natural feelings of self-preservation being very unhappy that your safety was in the hands of someone else who might just decide to let you fall to the hard wood floor. 

“If you drop me, I’m dragging you down with me.” You warned, nails digging into the back of his neck in a warning that was barely felt by the man in question, who just laughed at you as if you were being silly.

“I’m not going to drop you!” Bucky let go briefly, lightly tossing you further up so he could hold you better, you let out a squeak, holding onto him tighter. Sometimes you wondered if he didn’t just do this so you’d hold him. 

In truth being carried by Bucky was rather nice, when you were prepared, awake, and in the mood for it. Not when you had just woken up and felt like you were a mile off the ground not a meter.

“You’re adorable, y’know that?” You rolled your eyes to shrug off the flutter in your chest at his words as he deposited you on a kitchen chair before moving to grab your usual breakfast. 

If anyone was adorable, it was him making you breakfast in an oversized sweater with his hair in a bun.

effortlyss Not sure which was better, this view or the delicious breakfast at Andronis Concept 😍🍓🥐🍯☕️ 

sad girl music

are you a sad girl? do you like to listen to girls sing about being sad? you’re in luck. here are my favorite sad girl artists and a few of their best songs. 
* denotes wlw.

complete sad girl playlist (spotify)

*mitski - first love / late spring, francis forever, fireworks, goodbye my danish sweetheart, brand new city, liquid smooth

soccer mommy - try, out worn, benadryl dreams, grown, allison, inside out

*oh pep! - tea milk & honey, wanting, only everyone, afterwards

*japanese breakfast - soft sounds from another planet, 12 steps, the body is a blade, machinist, in heaven

annie dirusso - gone, danger, blue walls (more on soundcloud)

*frankie cosmos - young, what if, outside with the cuties, sappho

Jason Todd x Reader: The Kitchen is Off Limits

• Today was shaping up to be a good day.

• You had woken up to your boyfriend peppering your face with gentle, little kisses, and had realized that it was infact Saturday and you did not have to go to class.

• So instead of having to leave your warm bed before eight, you were able to laze around in Jason’s arms.

• Of course you had to get up at some point, so you roll out of bed, and give a quick stretch.

• “Come on babe, just a few more minutes.”

• “Jay, it’s noon. We’ve got to get up at some point.”

• Jason groans and rolls back under the covers, cacooning himself away from the light.

• You just laugh and move to open the blinds as much as you can, and just to be a little bit more of a little shit you pull at the blankets.

• “C'mon Jay, get up.”

• “Nooooooo.”

• “Fine. I guess I’m just going to go make breakfast. In the kitchen. With the nice pans on the new stove.”

• “I’m a gun-toting, reformed criminal, late night vigilante. I’m not scared of you cooking.”

• You just him and shake your head, not that he can see.

• So you leave the room humming to yourself.

• “Babe? You’re kidding right? Babe?”

• You just keep walking, heading towards the kitchen with a bounce in your step.

• There’s a thump then the sound of scrambling.

• “Babe, don’t touch my precious kitchen.”

• And then you’re tackled onto the wooden floor, your smaller frame dwarfed under your, quite frankly, giant boyfriend. You laugh as he shifts his weight to prevent crushing you, his arms on either side of your head, and you just roll over so you can see his face, his desperate expression only fueling your laughter.

• “Look y/n, I love you but if you even step foot in my kitchen, its war.”

• “Relax. I know I’m not a good cook but you had to get up at some point.”

• And both of you just laugh, and you lift your head to press a chaste kiss to Jason’s lips with a smile.

• “Now get up you big lug, I’m hungry.”

• “Aieye Captain.”

• “Dork.”

• And you push him off of you. Once you get onto your feet you help him up.

• Oh, and if anyone asks, breakfast was sweet, but watching your boyfriend prance around in a Kiss the Cook apron was so much sweeter.

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Happy Birthday Jason Todd!