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Intertwined(Prince AU)

Author’s note: I so freaking excited for this ajgakiuhgaergugkj. Jinyoung is the perfect prince in my book. 


Breakeven - The Script

Fools - Troye Sivan

Paper Hearts - Tori Kelly

Pairing: Reader x Jinyoung(GOT7)

Word Count:1400+

Genre: Angst

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I knew I made a mistake the second I let my friend leave his hand on me for one second too long. I could feel his gaze from all the way across the giant ballroom. I said my goodbye to my friend and walked quickly back to the kitchens. I shouldn’t let this get to me. We were nothing after all. I could touch anyone or let anyone touch as much as I want. let it me him or anyone else.

   Tonight was the night of one of the biggest balls of the year. It celebrated the founding of our kingdom, the end of many wars and to bring our people together. I saw it as a way for the rich to show off their wealth. I have attended it since I was a child but not as a guest in a glittering gown but a servant carrying a tray. To many, it was an honor just to be invited. To me is was a long night and some sore feet in the morning. As a child, I would watch in envy all the beautiful gowns and people coming through the tall doors, wishing one day I could be right with them in a dress of my own. But as the year passed, I knew that could never be. I look at these people with anger now because not one of them ever had to lift a finger for anything in their life.

   “You there! Servant girl!” I look up from my thought and into the eyes of a woman who most certainly has a stick up her ass. She was the head of my kind and never took the effort to remember any of our names. She would say “why should I have to remember the names of people who are below me” or “there is simply too many of you.” she acted like she was the queen but she was only one step above any of us. Nowhere near royalty but she never let us forget who had the power.

   “Yes, Miss Stockard?” Yes, she was unmarried. I always thought who would want to marry a woman like that. But a part of me had pity for her. Getting to her age and not having even one marriage proposal. Must be lonely.

   “Take this to the king, he not liking what on the menu tonight.” she pushes a large tray laden with roast, vegetables, and potatoes into my hands. “Make sure to use your manners or I’ll have your throat.”

   “Yes, Miss Stockard.” I bow my head to her and walk to the entrance to the ballroom. I make my way around the circle room to the king’s table not making eye contact with any of the guests. Just as I have been trained to do since birth.

   I reached the king’s table and stop to the side of the king’s chair. The king was young but he did look much older. Stress and disease racked his body through the years as king and left him looking beyond his years. I bow low enough to look a bit silly to anyone in their right mind but it was “servant manners”. The King was laughing joyfully to a joke told by a member of parliament. He waves at me without a look in my direction continuing to talk to everyone. I place the food laden plate down in front of him. But as I look up from the plate, I make eye contact with the one person I didn’t want to see all night. He was sitting to the right of the king, a place of honor. A seat only meant for the next in line. The Prince. I dreaded what he would do next but as I watched him lift his hand to his face and scratch right above his left temple. I knew I was in for a long night. I tuck the tray under my arm and speed back to the safety of the kitchen.

   Maybe I could just not show up. It’ll teach him. But if I don’t he’ll just find some way to force us to talk. He was my boss after all. I have to do whatever he says. I sat on a stool drying silverware and plates. The ball ended hours ago but my night was far from over. Everything had to be cleaned, polished and put away until the next stupid party. I rub my hand on the back of my neck, dreading what was going to happen after everyone went to bed.

   After securing the last of the plates into their boxes, I slip myself out the back door of the large kitchen into the gardens surrounding the castle. I walk quietly down a path I taken many times before. I take one last turn and squeeze myself through two tall hedges. I brush leaves off my worn gray dress and look around the tiny enclosure. It was a kind of place you had to know about to ever find. To me and him, we were the only people in the castle to know about it. A space I found hiding from an angry Miss Stockard as a child. It became our hideout as children and an escape as teenagers.

He was sitting on an old stump and gazing at the many stars above. I used to ask him to name every single star some nights. He was still in his suit from the ball. His tie was loosened and his hair was ruffled, though. I liked him better this way. He didn’t look like a man who was about to inherit an entire kingdom for once but like my best friend.

“Jinyoung,” I call out softly to him. He looks away from the night sky and stood up as he smiled kindly at me.

“I was starting to think you weren’t going to come.”

“I had my cleaning duties.”

“I thought so.”

“What do you want Jinyoung?”

“You know what funny, how after all these years, we still come back to this spot.”


“It has always been a place to escape. From rules…our titles…parents.”

“I can’t stay long, I going to be missed.”

“I know.” He was inches away from me. He was always the one to close the distance between us.

“What do you need then?”

“Why can’t we just talk like we used to do?” he plops himself on the grass and pats the spot next to him. I sigh as I slid down next to him keeping a good foot or two in between us. I look up into the night sky. He follows my gaze and we watch the stars for a while

“What you want to talk about?” he was silent for a moment.

“It becomes harder each day to just watch from a distance.” he comes closer to me just a little bit.

“Don’t” I whisper out weakly

“To pretend you’re just another servant.”


“I wanted to take you out onto that dance floor tonight and show my father the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.“  He closed the gap between us again and was leaning close to me.


“And when that boy touched you, I wanted to punch him. I never had a want to punch anything before.” I had enough.

“We aren’t anything. He did nothing wrong.”

“I still wanted to.”

“It doesn’t matter. We nothing. We will never be anything. The moment I turn 20 years old, I will be forced to marry whoever Miss Stockard and my parents deem fit to be my husband. To carry on the castle servant line. And you will be married to some princess or lady who has been trained all their life how to hold a teacup. Someone pretty to sling across your arm. We aren’t teenager anymore, let stop this wistful thinking.” I push myself from him and gaze straight into his dark eyes.

“I know, I still don’t like how it is.”

“Do you think I like it this way either? But I accepted my fate. You need to too.” I stand up from the grass and squeeze myself back through the hedges. I rush through the garden because I have been away for too long. I hated being so cold to him. But it was the only way I can let go of him. Someone I could never have.

More to come. As always I hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I loved writing it!!<3

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