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As August comes to an end, it’s hard not to look back at all those fleeting summer memories and wish the season could last just a little bit longer. But we at NOVL figured, why not put all that longing for the past to some good use?  To help you with that, we’re taking a look back—a full decade back in some cases—to some older YA books that are just as fresh and exciting today as they were the year they first hit bookshelves. Maybe you’re due for a comforting re-read. Maybe they slipped under your radar on pub day. Either way, unlike summer 2017, an old favorite book is always available, so why not take a look?

First published five years ago, The Diviners is a mash-up of so many genres it’s impossible to categorize! It’s a historical paranormal mystery set in NYC during the Roaring 20s, where speakeasies, mysticism, and the jazz set the scene. Why read it now? The third book in the series, Before the Devil Breaks You, is out in October, with a fourth and final book still to come.

Ship Breaker did post-apocalyptic before it was cool—way back in 2010, to be exact. This book won the Printz Award and pioneered environmental dystopian YA. Now the author’s revisiting the character “Tool”, a mysterious figure in Ship Breaker, with Tool of War, out in October.  Tool of War is a companion novel rather than a direct sequel, but Ship Breaker will help you understand all the nuances of Bacigalupi’s amazing worldbuilding.

Of all the books on this list, Absolutely True Diary is probably the one you were most likely made to read in high school. But Alexie’s semiautobiographical novel about growing up on an Indian reservation is super relevant in today’s society as race, identity, and American heritage make national headlines. It’s definitely time for a re-read!

This gothic fantasy was an instant bestseller in 2009, right at the start of a gigantic wave of YA paranormal romances (involving every vampire/werewolf/zombie/creature imaginable)… remember? But even though that particular genre trend has come and gone, Beautiful Creatures is still full of slow burning passion and lush descriptions of a swampy, southern town—making it the ideal vacation pick for long and hot August nights.

Ok, so this one’s meant for slightly younger readers. But if you binge-watched the Netflix adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events and are craving more stories set in the same universe, we have a solution. The All the Wrong Questions series reveals the backstory of an enigmatic peripheral character in Lemony Snicket’s previous books… Lemony Snicket. It’s darkly clever, and witty– everything that Snicket fans know and love!

Hopefully at least one of these old, faithful books sounds intriguing. Or maybe the list made you realize you always meant to pick one of them up! In any case, happy reading from NOVL!


Talvi set the alltime breed record Saturday, and beat his own record Sunday. The top speed for AKC collies (rough or smooth) is now 26.29MPH! He accumulated 103 points in one weekend. 
I hope AKC updates the top speeds soon on their website. :) 
I’m super proud of him. We came with the goal to break the record, and succeeded. 

I want you to run into me when we are older,
When I have a slimmer waist,
When my hair is longer and shiny,
And my lips are better to taste,

I want you to notice,
All the hard work I’ve been putting in,
How I got better at my makeup,
And smoothened my skin

I want you to notice,
The brightness in my eyes,
The beauty marks perfected,
When I’m wanted by many guys

I want you to notice,
All of these beauty changes,
To see your heart break like mine did,
Once my body rearranges


“ Want you to Notice”



They’re finally here!!

They were a month underway and got lost in transit, but they finally arrived - the paperback versions of Iron Breakers: Stag’s Run and Iron Breakers: Endurance. They’re absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t be happier. So here they are, with some added bonus stickers on display!

They will be up for sale on Amazon later this week.

I’ve got some cool news to share about the paperback version of the final book, The Floodgates, which is why it didn’t arrive with the other two. More on that tomorrow!

“I said only that words were my forte, sweet lady. I never said I couldn’t fight. Though I would never claim to be any sort of true warrior. Not after failing to protect the ones I cared for.”

{ favorite unpopular characters meme - a character you love who is often villainized for their relationships }