KOBD Jetpack

For simonbitdiddle who has taught me the meaning of “jetpacking” which is a wonderful wonderful thing :U

Also, have a cropped version because I thought it might look nice a bit smaller too:

Things I learnt due to my fathers mental breakdown

1) Terrible things happen to good people.

2) Our childhoods impact us more than we realise.

3) Keeping quiet about your battles does not make you strong, talking about them makes you strong.

4) Men cry and that’s okay.

5) Self harm comes in many forms.

6) People will continue to love and care about the people who have hurt them in disgusting and tragic ways and it’s incredibly confusing trying to comprehend this.

7) There are no quick fixes when it comes to mental health.

8) You can try to numb the pain all your life but it’ll still tear you to the ground at some point, so you might as well talk about it now.

9) The earth stops moving from no-one.

10) Accepting help is hard.

11) You have to be ready to talk and willing to accept help in order for people to help you.

12) Sometimes you have to disconnect the phone and that’s okay.

13) It’s okay to feel angry about what’s happened.

14) Nothing will be the same again.

15) It’s okay.