VIXX reaction - worrying about you(...)

original here:  SHINee reaction - worrying about you(…) - overworking yourself, breakdown.

N: He deeply cares about you and anything you feel, he also feels. He won’t leave your side no matter what, really hiding how worried and stressed he also is. He will do his best to make you feel safe.

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Leo: He will ask you questions like if you ate today and what you ate, when did you fall asleep and if you slept enough, or if you took vitamins. Even if you don’t answer, or snap at him, he will not care. He will keep asking and when you eventually answer, he’ll tell you you did good or be grumpy and ask you to be better for yourself.

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Ken: He will be your shoulder to cry on at any hour. When you break, he will hold you close and cradle, telling you gentle things into your ear to calm you down. The best remedy right?

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Ravi: He will do your best to help you with whatever that causes you to stress. He will help you with any problem, he will help you get your work done, he will help you with studying for exam. Anything, just to prevent any breakdowns or too much stress. You are to delicate in his eyes~

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Hongbin: He will not say anything, until he can see that you are too stressed and about to break down. He will let you use him as a relief. You can shout at him, punch him, cry in his arms. 

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Hyuk: He will make sure you know you are safe and loved. That no matter what happens, you have somewhere to come and laugh or cry together. You are not alone with it.

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Do you occasionally feel the need for an intellectually challenging conversation? If so, to whom do you go? Not that I´m trying to imply anything about your family´s cranial capacities, but Impact is a sparkling, and let´s face it, while Breakdown has undoubtedly MANY merits, he doesn´t strike me as the type to sit down and mull over matters of the mind.

Then you clearly don’t know Breakdown. That mech has more intelligence and insight in his left little finger joint than some people accrue in a lifetime.

You hear me crying, but you don’t hear.
You see my breakdown, but you don’t see.
You think you know, but you don’t know.

So I disappear..

—  Sadness