The Tire Pop


This shot was far and away the most technically demanding shot in Hellbent

So here’s how we managed it.

Even from the animatic it was pretty obvious it was going to be hard. The camera was moving dynamically past an animating background with a SFX element in focus. 

It was pretty clear to me this shot was going to need to be partly or fully 3d.

We’ve used 3d reference in the videos before. But this was the first time it would be IN the actual video, so I needed to convince Ben it could be done and blended in a way that wouldn’t stand out awfully against Kressent’s beautiful backgrounds. 

I was able to get started on this shot pretty early but that turned out to be a double sided sword. I had time to try things but I didn’t have character animation or even final background reference until much later. 

So I started blocking it out in 3d.

(old bg colors from the con preview)

Matching the 2d truck and van in 3d would have been near impossible, so I opted to use the 2d flash asset we already had.

Then the flash asset match moved manually to the 3d reference.

The shot was slightly re-timed from this version

(rendering the background  to a video format flash can play turned out to be a real pain)

Next up was set dressing

Heilos got me a ton of nice little assets to throw around the scene

and starrrrsssss

I used blender and cycles for rendering. Lots of janky tricks. but here’s the main one for getting alpha textures to work nicely on the 2d billboards.

For weirdos who are into that kind of thing.

Then it was just a matter of animating the Fire moving through a windscreen and a complex 3D camera move.


At this point I had the 3d render of the background

And a folder of swf files for each element in the shot. (using PBnDumbexport)

And it was up to AE to glue all this stuff together

Over all I’m pretty happy with how this shot turned out, few problems, some I didn’t even notice until doing this write up.

Kressent was literally killing herself with backgrounds so there was actually another shot that used this 3D background

software used
flash cs6, after effects cc, blender 2.7

Here’s a discord I’m on a lot if you have any questions:

Expectations by Hayley Kiyoko: a breakdown

Expectations/Overture: Chill, relaxed happy, kinda a buildup to the rest of the album

Feelings: Lonely, looking for love, tired of being single .

What I need (feat. Kehlani): Found someone but getting mixed signals??? Why are you keeping me at a distance? Are you hiding me? WHAT DO YOU WANT???? We could be good together!!

Sleepover: I want to be with you so bad but you dont want that :( at least i can fantasize about us.

Mercy/Gatekeeper: i cant stop thinking about you and it hurts. I cant tell you how i feel because i might mess things up. I need to get away and get a fresh start.

Under the blue/Take Me In: We get together, bow chika bow wow but like cool and gay,

Curious: so you’re avoiding me and you’re back with your boy toy but im too cool for this so its all chill. Ps are you really with him what are we stop playing with my emotions like this.

xx: why’d you do it? vibes. No words. Confused?

Wanna be Missed: why you dont want me? You were so into me and said all those things and made me feel like this now where did you go?

He’ll Never Love You (HNLY): You clearly want me, why are you with him im the one for you, we would better than you and him would ever be.

Palm Dreams: im going home. Partying and being here if you want me. Living life and moving forward. This is my place.

Molecules: youre really gone and im trying to move forward. Trying to feel again. Ive lost you.

Let It Be: i have to move on but i miss you and its hard. Feelings are hard.

This album is a story we all know in the form of 10 bops lasting 49 minutes altogether.

being mentally ill is weird, I can go through traumatic shit and maintain a poker face but then have a mental breakdown over losing a pen