breakdance moves


I finally caved into this au bandwagon orz
Inspired by @jen-iii‘s breakdance AU comic.
I really liked it and then it made me think there should be a rap battle involved. That and I’ve been listening to too much Hamilton.

I hope you guys like my silly rap and Nino’s random shouts, haha.

AU by @starrycove



Yuuri literally got drunk off his ass, went up to the Russian punk who yelled at him in the restroom amd challenged him to a dance off.

We all know Yuri P. Is a competitive ass person.

But Yuuri won…he won with breakdancing/ballet moves, all the while being totally smashed.

Then he danced with Viktor, and Viktor’s heart couldn’t handle the random goofy moves, the ballroom dancing and the flamenco.

Then Yuuri asked Viktor to be his coach if he won a dance off against Chris while practically dry humping him.

Chris turned it into a pole dancing contest. Where did the pole come from??? Does he have a to-go stripper pole.

[ Strip-To-Go, the convenient stripper pole to go! Are you bored at a fancy, hoity toity, party? Well don’t be! Just get out your Strip-To-Go and have at it you sexy beast, you!]

And Yuuri is actually really good at pole dancing???? Like why??? I’m blessed.

Yuuri slays.

Viktor is in Love.

Yuuri leaves.

Viktor is Sad.

Like….I am so in love with this show. It’s ridiculous. I can’t wait for all the stripper au’s and pole dancing fan art.

Quickie thing I drew for @starrycove because IT WAS HER BIRTHDAY (hey, my thoughts were on time, only my present was late lololol). 

It’s supposed to be her dance au but like… idk… what do dancers wear after practice?????? //sweats//

Anyway yeah that moment when two people run into each other but then when you lock eyes it’s like… whoah. 

I recorded this, too, so I’ll post a speedsketch vid… eventually… //sweats more//


I suppose if you do one you gotta do both… I’m going to end up doing all of them aren’t I?



“You wanna go, my lady?”
“Oh just shut up and dance with me, kitty.”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @starrycove !!

your art is just… ehhh i can’t explain it! i’m speechless. all i can say is that i just really wanna be able to draw like you one day. thank you for blessing us with your drawings and lovely personality! i hope this drawing will suffice as a gift? (you also absolutely kill me with your ml art btw. thank you for helping me getting through this terrible hiatus)

again, happy birthday!! i hope you have a blessed day, week, month, year! :D