i wouldve hoped that tumblr as a whole learned that sending anon hate isn’t okay but apparently not.

i’ve gotten wind that someone is sending hate to a few blogs. i dont think everyone understands these are real people with real feelings. whatever reason you have for sending hate, whatever justification you think you have for ruining their day? meaningless.

even if you have bad blood or hold a grudge with someone, even if you cant stand them, their friends, their loved ones, you know what you can do? you can block these people. you can unfollow them and blacklist their urls, or use word replacer add-ons to change their names and aliases to something unrelated that makes you happy, like “breakdancing mini dachshunds.” you’re pathetic if you send anon hate because you could be doing quite literally almost anything else while online. by going out of your way just to be a shitrooster and trying to ruin someone’s mood you’re doing far worse than whatever they might’ve done to you



-This vine belongs to  Hans 美-


((loud music due 2 breakdancing))

Headcanon that 2p America and 2p Canada-
  • go to junkyards to restore and fix old school cars together
  • can play basketball in a slummy abandoned park for hours
  • are kings of their local skateparks
  • can do a fuck ton of fancy duo-skateboard tricks together
  • do parkour together
  • make 4am liquor store runs together
  • smoke weed together
  • have a complex secret handshake
  • read Playboy magazines together
  • blast hip hop in their room and dance together
  • go to raves together
  • regularly play beer pong together
  • cheat off each other in school 
  • have to yell at each other to study / remember to do other important things
  • are known as the hottest bad boys of their school
  • drive the exact same pickup trucks but in different colors
  • ride motorcycles together and call themselves a biker gang
  • draw dicks on each others’ faces when the other is sleeping
  • are the fucking best of friends but are too stubborn to admit it


  • 2p America free-style raps while 2p Canada beat boxes
  • 2p America breakdances while 2p Canada carries the huge stereo
  • 2p America and 2p Canada’s motto around each other is “bros before hoes”
  • 2p America is Native American and 2p Canada is part Eskimo and they’ll occasionally nerd out about their cultures together

I feel like this is how the boss battle with Sans would be in Dancetale.

Emotionless frisk dodging sans’ moves and breakdancing kicks. But every once and a while they just get kicked in the face.

I must make more Dancetale ;-; its too great.



New bi-monthly self-anthology “Shonen Jump” esque series by me, Corey Lewis. 


Introducing Sun Bakery: a one-man Shonen Jump-esque comics anthology from Sharknifecreator, Corey Lewis. Each 48 page issue is jam packed with robo space adventure, paranormal skateboarding, breakdancing, and social swordplay. This landmark first issue debuts four new stories: “Dream Skills,” “Arem,” “Bat Rider,” and “Freeze.”

* * 
Item Code: FEB161067
In Shops: 4/27/2016
SRP: $5.99
48 pages
* * 

From the artist’s mouth: it’s hard to describe the potential of what the series means to me, but basically I feel it will be the most ultimate thing I’ve ever done in Comic Books. I hope you join me for this wild ride… I feel the series will start modestly enough but as it goes on I will be introducing some crazy, crazy things.

NOTES: “FREEZE” actually won’t be in this first issue. Our plan is to serialize the original PENG kickball story before I start running all the cool PENG-related side stories (Freeze, breakdancing story– STALL, hacky sack story) 

I did a kickstarter for a self-published version of Sun Bakery a few years ago that I now call Sun Bakery #0– the content in that issue is totally unrelated to the all-new content in #1!!!! 

cool cool cool hope you consider grabbing this book! ! ! <3

a-box-full-of-tulips asked:

Where would the 2ps be found at in a college dorm party?

at a college party

2p!america: the one starting a dance off and slaying everyone w/his mad breakdancing skillz

2p!china: the one who brought all the bags of weed

2p!england: the one who’s acting like the mom of the party such as taking care of drunk people and/ or making sure the dorm doesn’t get rekt

2p!france: the introvert sitting alone on the couch drinking a beer and scrolling mindlessly on his smartphone

2p!russia: the one who leaves right when things get too lit

2p!italy: the one who gets shitfaced and starts a bunch of fights

2p!germany: the fuckboi grinding on the dance floor

2p!japan: the one taking advantage of everyone’s drunk/ stoned moments by snapping photos of them for future blackmail

2p!canada: the one eating all the food in the kitchen/ refreshment area


2p!austria: the DJ who goes hardcore

2p!prussia: hiding in a closet probably

From fashion in France to hip-hop originators in the Bronx

For two years, Sophie Bramly captured New York City’s burgeoning hip-hop scene, including graffiti artists, breakdancers, and artists like Run DMC, the Beastie Boys, and Fab 5 Freddy. That landed her as one of the creators of Yo! MTV Raps. Now, she’s releasing an entire book of early hip-hop photography called. Walk this Way. See more shots of hip-hop history in The Guardian.


Grab your favorite Star Wars figure and a dime. This is how to make your old-school Star Wars figures breakdance.