Happy Fathers Day ya’ll!

Me and my Dad for my 3rd birthday! He’s been in heaven for 5 years now- and now blessed to lead my wife I in a new legacy of the Alfaro family and @thecallingchurch

Remembering, my family and friends who were not so blessed to have a dad in their life, God is “A father to the fatherless- and sets the lonely in families” Ps. 68:5-6

And if any of ya are feeling down- Always remember the Fathers love for you- in the story of the prodigal- the father runs toward his lost and hurt child, unashamedly- to embrace him and restore him-

don’t matter how broken you are, how holy you are, how much you have accomplished or how much life you waisted-

the Father loves you period. There’s just no running from it! Agape!

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What chains are you trying break from. This isn’t just words, these words bring power as soon as you speak. Declare out loud, in your life that your chains are broken. Hashtag DT (Declare Thursday) #DT #spreadtheword #declare #breakchains