Breakbeast Lyrics

Lyrical physics // breaking bad on you bitches // cooking up some dope tracks in the kitchen // so my bars should be illegal // more addicted than some crack rock // 5 times more lethal // sell me on the corner // to your brother, to your mailman // to your teachers, to your local leaders // I am tasty sweet and satisfying // you call me the grand slam // have me with your breakfest to get a good start on your day // if you’re trying to me raw you gotta start the rawest way // pour me in a glass // mix me with your oj // to cut the taste of realness if you’re new to such a bitter taste // bitter taste from the tears of all these fallen fellas // who get they feelings hurt when my flow smoother than some butter // whipped up at a rapid pace like fresh whip cream // dripping with some sassiness like syrup from a tree // i am your daily serving of girl power with a bow // i am here to take your order // would you like that to go? // on some skates with a wink // so i can give you a show? // how about no // how about you get in where you fit in like some sealant in a crack // how about you seal your fucking mouth when you spitting on a track // you need a nap and a snack // and i’ll tuck you right in with the rest of these bitches who try to sleep on me // sleep tight hope the jealous bed bug don’t bite // you coutin sheep // when you should be countin pennies // when you look more broke than some dollarstore panties // off brand soda and a half of a mcdouble // you in trouble cause they put ice in your water // and you can’t afford the tax // you countin nickles // yeah you countin dimes // soon you’ll have a dollar then maybe you can holla at me // but until then shut your mouth and know your place // cause barf troop is the gang // kill your ass without a trace

It’s all me, stayed true, that’s all me

Well i’m incredible // I eat these niggas like they edibles // cooked up with the og kush // yeah I got that medical // dr.doo little or much // pushin buttons // think you stuntin // take off running when you get caught up // naw you stay here // the devil comes to play here // have you prayin like you should’ve when you knelt down on sunday // jesus got your back // but i got you by the balls// got your jaw on the wall like the swat team has been called // pulled up in the hummer // all black with the windows tinted // screaming out the window // watch out women and children // cause you came to play // but me i came to kill // bars sharper than the boner of the man of steel // lyricism stickier than some spiderman semen // yeah i weave a web that you’d be lucky to get caught in // and i am venom with a sinister smile // got a laugh more infectious than some boomer bile // hit you harder than a tank coming round the corner // leave you crying like a witch in the shadows where you slumber // yeah i’m goofy // keep it silly like i’m pre-school // yeah i’ll eat the pussy like some cookies if you supply the milk // grade A double d’s // gotta get it raw for the taste // you better blue scadoo to a new and better place // hold up blue blue give these niggas a clue // cause the mail is here and the rent check is over due

super mix of all my female faves

1. flawless remix ft. nicki minaj - beyonce // 2. cherry bomb - the runaways // 3. oblivion - grimes // 4. help i’m alive - metric // 5. pour it up - rihanna // 6. heart of glass - blondie // 7. deceptacon - le tigre // 8. bad girls - m.i.a. // 9. teenage girl - cherry glazerr // 10. black tongue - yeah yeah yeahs // 11. acrobat - angel olsen // 12. alice practice - crystal castles // 13. i like giants - kimya dawson // 14. burn, don’t freeze - sleater-kinney // 15. sawdust & diamonds - joanna newsom // 16. doe - the breeders // 17. survive - the bags // 18. these days - nico // 19. strange fruit - billie holiday // 20. independent woman - destiny’s child // 21. psyche feat. martina topley-bird - massive attack // 22. violet - hole // 23. rapt - karen o // 24. four women - nina simone // 25. girl germs - bratmobile // 26. feeling myself ft. beyonce - nicki minaj // 27. part heart - kate nash // 28. breakbeast - babeo baggins // 29. valerie - amy winehouse // 30. let it fall - lykke li // 31. dna - the kills // 32. prove it on me blues - ma rainey // 33. the greatest - cat power // 34. lady - regina spektor // 35. halah - mazzy star // 36. q.u.e.e.n. ft. erykah badu - janelle monae // 37. toxic (cover) - yael naim // 38. bad reputation - joan jett // 39. easy easy (cover) - willow smith  // 40. rebel girl - bikini kill

Rules: we’re snooping on your playlist, set your entire music library on shuffle and report the first 10 songs that pop up. Then choose 4 additional friends 
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 1 Hall of Fame - the Script

 2 Anywhere Else But Here by Simple Plan

 3 Drive by Halsey

 4 Breakbeast by Barf Troop 

 5 New Year’s Eve by Mal Blum

 6 Behind the Sea by Panic at the Disco

 7  Spooky Ghosts by SNCKPCK

 8 Let’s Call a Heart a Heart by Billie Holiday

 9 ***Flawless by Beyoncé 

 10 Bottom’s gonna be on Top from Something Rotten!

I tag: @marchtothesea09 and whoever else wants to do it

They hate on your shine ‘cause they know your story“ 
A sampler of some of the music I listened to in 2014.

01. THANK GOD (demo) - DiFFAKULT
02. Oven Ready - Cakes Da Killa
03. Jump Hi - LiON BABE
04. Know What I Want Kali Uchis
05. Pray For Love - Kwabs
06. Avf (feat. Maltre Gims & OrelSan) - Stromae
07. (One More) Silly Bitch - Njena Reddd Foxxx
08. Drip - Babe Field
09.HazeBoogie - Mykki Blanco
10. BreakBEAST - Babeo Baggins
11. Hey - Le1f
12. Favorite Song (feat. Childish Gambino) - Chance The Rapper
13. Titty Attack (feat. Junglepussy) - Dai Burger
14. Shining Star - Nneka
15. Aquarius - Tinashe
16. So High - Doja Cat
18. Parker - Ikea-Graveyard

Content warning: slurs, language, drug mention.

[listen on 8tracks here]


I’ve finally discovered how to make a rebloggable masterlist!! 

One Shots/ Imagine


Anything You Say Can And Will Be Held Against You (Part Two)

When The Lights Go Out

An Angel Like You

First Day (newsroom!Luke)


Best New Years Ever

I Would’ve Married You In Vegas

Study Break

Beast (50′s!Ashton) (Part Two)


Breakdown (Part Two) (Part Three)

My Idiot Valentine

Talking Body (Part Two)


I’m a Hurricane (stoner!calum)

We Get So Disconnected 


She Looks So Perfect

Good To You- Mariana’s Trench ft. Kate Vogele (Part One)

Good To You- Mariana’s Trench ft. Kate Vogele (Part Two)

Laundry Day!

Marvin Gaye- Charlie Puth ft. Meghan Trainor

All of the Stars- Ed Sheeran

Favorite Kisses


What Drives Him Crazy 




Thinking Out Loud (daddy!Luke)

Like Daddy Does (daddy!Luke)

Rockstar (college!Luke)

Homework Help (daddy!Luke)

Koala Mother Fucker!

You’re Drunk

Sing Me to Sleep (daddy!Luke)


Passionate (daddy!Ashton)

Target Love (target!Ashton)

Wherever You Are (daddy!Ashton)

All Nighter (college!Ashton)


I Need Cuddles

Coming Home (daddy!Ashton)

Testing Your Stamina

How Did We End Up Here?


Punk Rock Like Daddy (daddy!Michael)

Fifa and Pizza (college!Michael)

Pillow Fight (departmentstore!Michael)

I Can’t Keep My Hands Off You

Bat Tattoos

Lightening Bugs (daddy!Michael)


Ballet Lessons (daddy!Calum)

Just Like Daddy (daddy!Calum)

Cal Pal Save the Day (college!Calum)

Karma’s A Bitch

Meet The Parents (badboy!Calum)

I’m Having A Moment (daddy!Calum)

You, All You (daddy!Calum)

Number Blurbs















Rejects (mutant!5sos)

I’m Just a Reject

Kids In The Dark

Know Your Enemy

Dear Maria, Count Me In (Full Fic)

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

Family Series


Girls Bios

Luke and Maria

How I Met Your Mother

Two Pink Lines, A Plus Sign and a Damn Stupid Smiley Face

Eighty Sixty

God Mother (text)


Your Kid Is Weird, Hemmings (text)

Just Like Daddy

Calum and Savannah

Night Changes

I’m Having Feels, You Bag Of Dicks (text)

Michael and Gage


Blueberry (text)

Ashton and Elena


My Girl (text)

In Sickness And In Health

Extra Stuff

If You Don’t Know (video concept)

Badlands Series


Our final States of Independence Tumblr of the Day pick is net-based all-girl rap collective Barf Troop. Watch the music vid for Barf Troop member Babeo Baggins’ track Breakbeast above, and listen to more from the gang (Babenstein, Baberella Fox, Babe Field and Justin Baber) here.

Catch up on all six weeks-worth of States of Independence guest edits over on Dazed.

Hola hola, bitch que pasa, break out the Patrón and vodka“ Queer and lady rap playlist part two.

01. Pickle Juice - Justin Baber x Babeo Baggins
02. Hola - Snow Tha Product
03. Goodie Goodies - Cakes Da Killa
04. Boom - Le1f
05. Wish You Would - Mykki Blanco feat. Princess Nokia
06. BreakBEAST - Babeo Baggins
07. Bring The Noize - M.I.A.
08. Cali Luv - Snow Tha Product
09. I Am Your Leader - Nicki Minaj
10. Dragons - Princess Nokia
11. Wavvy - Mykki Blanco
12. Feelin’ Myself - Junglepussy
13. A Tribe Called Red - Angel Haze
14. TDB - Babenstein

[content warn: language, slurs]

[listen on 8tracks here]