It always amazes me how much I can care about a person. I can take a lot of shit and always see the good inside of them. I will stick with that person until the end, I will go out of my way to improve their mindset, thoughts and lifestyle. I’m loyal beyond measure and I love until my hearts content, but as soon as my intuition speaks and I get an epiphany and finally realise that it’s not mutual or reciprocated, I immediately switch off. I carry on with life as if they never existed, and it rarely hurts because I love myself enough to know when to stop. People prey on those with low self esteem and sometimes your kindness can be mistaken for that, but let me tell you.. that is certainly not me. I always think to myself, there are so many ways people can hurt you, but they should morally draw the line at love, because it’s not a game. Once I realised that this person I’ve gone out of my way to care about, can continually disrespect me with no hesitation, they are no longer alive to me and I refuse to entertain anything that has no life in it.
—  Meggan Roxanne
how to get over someone

1. delete everything to do with them from your phone. EVERYTHING.

2. burn anything given to you.
(drawings, letters, clothes,etc.)

3. do NOT at all costs listen to those songs until you are completely over him. you know which ones im talking about. on yourself, get your nails done, workout, read books, take baths, treat yourself and better yourself as a person

5. flirt with others, be free you ARE single, dont take it for granted. rebounds are allowed/expected/necessary

6. If you do end up getting a boyfriend/girlfriend take things slow. don’t rush and don’t get attached too fast. its okay to take precaution but dont let it ruin your life.


I’m not going to leave you,“ he said when we began.

“I will be with you forever,” he said, when I began to doubt myself.

“This is forever.” His words, when I was feeling insecure.

“We have a future together.” He sounded reassuring, when I asked him what he had planned.

But that was three years ago.

And since then, tears have been shed, pillows wet, mascara smeared, people lost, memories forgotten.

Since then, pictures have been ripped, grades plummeting, motivation lost, and a heart broken.

That was three years ago and I assure you, it does not hurt any less than it did three years ago.

—  D.N. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #60

Jason Segel talking to Terry Gross in 2009 about the naked break-up scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall:

“That was taken from the pages of real life. I once got dumped while I was naked, but she asked me to put clothes on during this real breakup, my real life breakup, and opposed to in the movie when I say “no,” I did go to put clothes on. So she waited for me while I went back into my room to get dressed. Let me just tell you, Terry, picking out an outfit for the second-half of a breakup is like the hardest outfit you’ll ever pick out in your life. I came out, I came out in a blue, buttoned-up shirt and khaki pants, like I was going to private school.”

If life takes us in different directions, please remember me as someone who always smiled and laughed loud. Someone who was always happy. Please remember all the times I made you laugh and all the times that I annoyed you with my love but you loved me anyway. Please remember all the good times that we had and the laughs that we shared and love that was between us. Remember our first kiss and the first time you told me that you were in love with me and how I smiled because I was so indescribably happy. Remember when you let me into your life, and how you let me see you cry and how I stroked your hair and you fell asleep in my lap.

Don’t remember the fights we had or the terrible times we went through. Don’t think of all the times I threw things at you and all the times we almost broke up. Don’t think of how we ended.

Think of me happy. Because that’s what I’ll do with you.

—  D.N. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #26

In the end, after it was all over, after he broke my heart and left me and betrayed my trust, I knew that maybe he did love me.

Maybe he did at one point and maybe at one point I was everything to him.

But in the end, I needed him more than he needed me. I needed him way more than he needed me.

And that’s something I’ll have to live with for the rest of my life.

—  D.N. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #54

The thing about break ups that kill me are how abrupt they are

even if they take a month of going back and forth there comes a day when its ends

when there is no communication

no visits

no anything

its just gone

like a death

the person you once loved and considered your best friend just disappears 

and you’re left wondering what you used to do without them

did you watch tv did you walk around the city just wandering

who did you spend all your weekends with

your hard days are spent crying alone with no shoulder to lay your head on or no hand to wipe away your tears

and your good days are spent laughing to yourself with no one to express you joy with no one to celebrate with

that’s the worst part

and then it gets better in time

but that part

that’s the part i will always be afraid of

You don’t understand,“ she said, her voice breaking slightly.

His eyebrows crinkled and his gaze shifted from looking at the floor to her eyes.

“Look. I know that you love me. And you know that I love you back,” and then she swallowed hard, because what she would say next would be the biggest decision of her life. “But I can’t just sit here while I’m waiting for you to come back.”

The tears began to spill from her eyes. She walked up to where the love of her life was standing, and reached a hand up to touch his cheek lightly.

And then she closed her eyes. “This is how it has to be.. You can’t call me. You can’t text me. You can’t email me, or ask about me, or have anything to do with me. Listen to me, okay? This is what you’re going to do.”

He reached up his thumbs to brush away her tears.

“You’re going to pack the rest of your things. You’re going to get on that plane. You’re going to live your life without me. And you won’t look back. You’re going to be happy.

—  D.N. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #21