Dear You ... The Unfinished Dear John Letter

I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason – and I am greatly appreciative of what you contributed to my life. I look back and do nothing but smile at all the great things that our short “spark of interest” took place. I was once a small seed, hung in the window waiting to be planted and you’ve planted this lonely seed and it .. I spurted life and for that alone … I say thank you.

But my dear friend this pains me to write these words to you … love is a very complex thing and it effects each of us different, but what I am trying to say is that falling in love was easy – falling out isn’t so much.  My sweet you, the first one to take me expose me to the world I thank you. But like a baby bird talking flight for the very first time I must fly away. I spread my wings with the knowing that I have been taught well.

Love is like a rose, the soft delicate petals held up by a long stem but protected by thorns – so the hands of society will be careful when reaching for it. but you reached for it and the thrones careful arranged for my defense where pruned  - and my rose bud blossomed and I became defenseless but I knew that I would be ok for you were holding me … I loved you for not allowing me to fall, not allowing me to wilt , not allowing me to be a captive soul.

Though the more I grew, the more we talked and exchanged love notes writing in-between false hope and wants …I happen to see the reflection of my self-bounded by questions and for that I have to break free only to find myself to understand the things that I want, the direction that I want to go. I need to figure out who, what I am and where I am willing to go. I want to make sure that no matter what I am doing that I can commit to the feelings that I have. I want to make sure that everything is lined up. That my house is in order.

I hope you understand for this young heart still has a lot to deal with, a lot to overcome, and a lot to understand and though it might sound like feet hitting concrete I want to make sure.  I want to know that who I am giving my attention wants me, not for my body but for my mind to know that I am more than good looks and inexperience. I want to awaken to text messages of GOOD MORNING; I want random midday thinking about you’s.  I want the same effort that I put in to you to but put in to me.  I want to be loved, because I sew in love and reaping what you sow’d is where my heart is at …

To the person I love,
I’m not going to say I’m sorry because as much as I am, I also am not. The things I said were not meant to be insulting. They were only insecure concerns, my own battle I dragged you into. Intentions of gold were laced between the words I spilled onto your collarbone between sheets. I love you and that scares me. You were hurt under all those layers of confidence and compliments and… Something I would try to fix with no success. My forgiveness and recurring visits to your bed only a reflection on my own desperate self. Stupidity and love, more the same than I ever thought. No warnings or judgement could ever make me doubt you, and there I was making lies because all those warnings from judgemental friends had struck a core with me. Shaking all the things I thought to be true. Making me hate myself more than I ever could you. We were running out of time. It slipped out from underneath us as ten months turned to six, turned to three, turned to one. And soon we were left with only a few weeks filled with conflicting scheduled lives and I miss yous. Wasting our time when we could have been wasting it together. And just like that some insignificant stupid words I nervously mumbled were enough to push you over the edge. Take it out on me boy. My fault? I guess. Regrets? I have them but I’m glad I do. If it wasn’t for me saying those words I would have never realized how childish and conceited you could be. Taking my personal fears as an insult to yourself. Cutting me off without closure. All I wanted was a simple goodbye. You’ll call me again, I’m sure. You always do. You love me right? Expectations to disappointment. I miss you, I miss you, I miss you, I don’t. 

- b.f.
hello all!

Hi my name is Jess, and I am a student at Lafayette College.

I had a great idea. I’m going to start a book.

It’s a compilation of letters and picture. You provide the letters; I’ll provide the pictures. I want letters from exes: happy, sad, regretful, hopeful, long, short, etc., I want them all.  Please send them to me, typed up or submitted, with or without a name, preferably with a date.  Let people know!!! I want this to work!

It’s wrong of me I know, but some night when I’m on the phone with him, I remember you. I never mean to, but there’s just something so familiar about it all; getting into bed and waiting for the phone to ring- the sound of his voice cutting through the darkness- sometimes it sounds like yours. I’m just really missing you; it’s been a while since I’ve heard from you dear.
—  N.L.D. 
These 9 Break Up Letters Are So Bad (Or Good?) That You'll Be Happy You're Not Going Through One.

These 9 Break Up Letters Are So Bad (Or Good?) That You’ll Be Happy You’re Not Going Through One.

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Relationships are a wonderful part of life. But, because of that, it also means that sometimes break-ups are going to be a part of life, too. Being separated from the person you were with (whether it was your idea or not) is always hard. However, these 9 people found an awesome way to initiate a break-up. (Although, I doubt the people receiving these letters were too pleased.)

1.) Well, that was…

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Hardest thing about breakups...

…yung tipong ginawa mo na talaga ang lahat para lang magwork-out ung relationship niyo, pero kahit pilitin mo man sarili mo walang-wala na talaga…

…tapos ang sasabihin lang sayo ng boyfriend mo…

“Ano ako basahan? Na pag nagsawa ka na itatapon mo lang sa tabi?”

- galing sa isang lalakeng pinagpalit mo sa taong nagmamahal sayo…

“Ang tanging magandang bagay lang naman na ginawa mo sinagot mo ko”

- galing sa isang lalakeng natutunan mo na ring mahalin

…ang gulo ng mundo diba? Kahit binastos at sinira ka ng mga taong minahal mo… naghahanap ka pa rin ng taong tatanggap sayo…

Dear her new love,

She’s simpler than she seems. I promise. She loves music, if you don’t know that by now you shouldn’t be with her. Her clarinet is bae. If you try to put yourself higher on the list than her clarinet, you will lose her. If you try to keep her from practicing you will make her mad. Trust me, she will stop talking to you if she’s feels you are interfering. Let her get mad and grunt and yell. It helps her work it out. If you know how to help and she yells at you when you do, its okay. She’s not mad at you she just get frustrated. She is very passionate about the things she loves. Play your cards right and she will show you that passion. Watch her when she plays her clarinet. That look on her face is my favorite and I hope its yours too.

Keep plenty of food around. She gets hungry at the most random times and she gets grumpy when she doesn’t eat. If you make her a sandwich, make sure you cut it into triangles. If you make her a sandwich on wheat bread make sure you cut off the crusts. She doesn’t like crust. Also be prepared to either eat or throw away a lot of pizza crust. Make bacon every morning. She will love you more. Chips and popcorn are a must. If you buy her chocolates, buy the good stuff. None of that crappy Rite Aide stuff.

        Don’t you dare ever try to control her. Don’t try to keep her from progressing. Whether it’s with music or mental health or just life in general. If she’s not in the mood don’t push her. If she just wants to sit and watch the Simpsons just let her. She needs her own time, sometimes it’s without you. She’s very independent. If you’re in the relationship so that you can have every second of every day with her, you’ll be sorely disappointed. She’s not that kind. She likes to be alone and she doesn’t wanna be smothered. She doesn’t like PDA so don’t even try it.

         Last thing, I will always love her. She will always be super important to me and I will always do anything for her. If you hurt her or try to force her to do something she doesn’t wanna do, I will find you. She is a beautiful girl who deserves to be treasured. Even though she isn’t mine anymore I will protect her from jerks who try to hurt her. If you are good to her, keep it that way. She deserves the best, someone better than me. Cherish every moment with her. She’s more than worth it.

Her first love.


Charlie and I are no longer together.

I’ve been unhappy with our relationship for a good couple of months. Charlie wouldn’t make any effort to talk to me and would always cancel last minute whenever we would plan to meet. It got to the stage where I felt as though no matter how many times I told him how I felt, he wouldn’t change. I had to finish.
I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has supported us during the relationship and if you want to keep up to date with my life you can follow my personal tumblr step-into-my-head as I’ll probably delete this blog.

Lara x

Dear you,
I admit, it was hard to get over you but it didn’t take as long as how I thought it would. I finally deleted our very last texts, and  manage to have normal conversations with you without breaking or feeling anything.. because you were and are my past, not my present.. nor my future… I’m glad to say I’m moving on…my hurting is fading and its became memories and experiences, nothing more..nothing else..
Glad I got to meet you.


An Open Letter to the Christian Church.

It’s been almost a year since we “broke up”. I feel like I have finally healed enough to address this with you. 

This went like a lot of other separations. It started with justifications on why I was still with you, to spending less time together, to we’re done. I did return a few times, asking for forgiveness, and begging you to take me back. We all know how that ends up. 

I fought using the cliche “it’s not you, it’s me”  because I didn’t want to blame anyone, but after a lot of thought, and consideration, it really was you.

You see most people do not know they were in an abusive relationship until they leave. I was hiding everything I did outside of church, and church groups, in fear of the repercussions. I may have not suffered anything physical, but spiritually you were very intrusive, and damaging. 

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve learned some valuable lessons while being with you. Such as being careful with who you let in. It is a shame that who had to be you

I can honestly say the church has caused more damage than any non-believer, Muslim, LGBTQA+, or someone one that has had an abortion. People YOU consider to be the enemy, are some of the people I love the most. 

“You have Muslim friends, you know they want to kill everyone who is not Muslim right? You must really hate America”

“You support gay marriage. That is so unnatural, and gross. It is a man and woman for a reason, God hates fags. You have Transgender friends? Ew. How could you do that”

“You have atheist friends? Be careful, they will disrupt your walk”

“ Abortion is murder, baby killers, they are all going to hell”

^^^All things that have been said to me^^^. 

Where is this unconditional love that you claimed to have. That is what really attracted me to you in the first place. But after awhile I saw through you, and you were filled with nothing but hate and anger. You were nothing like the Man you claimed to follow. 

So thank you for teaching me to move on from those who cause me to “stumble in my walk” or I wouldn’t have been able to walk away from you. 

I am still very spiritual, and consider myself a Christian, but letting something go that has caused so much turmoil to myself, and those around me has been liberating. I am no longer suffocating. 

Maybe one day we can makeup and be friends. For now I will settle for avoidance, and the awkward hello if, and when we cross paths.