ok one of the fucking funniest childhood memories i have is this one time when i was around 7

me and my friend would collect webkinz and some of them dated each other. my pink pony, lollipop was dating her lil’kinz penguin, michael

a few months later, people were playing american idol karaoke at some guys birthday party (for wii i think?) and thats where i heard rihanna’s unfaithful for the first time. i was literally so entranced and inspired that when i got home that night i listened to it again on youtube and read every lyric carefully

i got so inspired that i had the sudden idea to make my pony write a break-up letter to michael, but the words were going to be the lyrics to unfaithful with some pronouns changed. the letter was literally like

Dear Michael,

Story of my life
Searching for the right
But it keeps avoiding me
Sorrow in my soul
Cause it seems that wrong
Really loves my company

He’s more than a man
And this is more than love
The reason that the sky is blue
The clouds are rolling in
Because I’m gone again
And to you I just can’t be true

And I know that you know I’m unfaithful
And it kills you inside
To know that I am happy with some other guy
I can see you dying

I don’t wanna do this anymore
I don’t wanna be the reason why
Every time I walk out the door
I see you die a little more inside
I don’t wanna hurt you anymore
I don’t wanna take away your life
I don’t wanna be
A murderer


i actually thought i was so poetic?? anyway the next day, my friend comes over as usual, and i say in the saddest and most sentimental voice, “um.. lollipop wanted me to give michael this letter… she couldn’t do it herself..” like i was really into this

so she opens the letter and after reading maybe 2 lines she just looks me dead in the eyes and says “these are the lyrics to unfaithful by rihanna” and i can still remember the blood draining from my face

Spanish Writing Prompts

I have found that writing down a small passage/page in Spanish everyday really helps practice the language. It is hard to think up topics everyday though, so here’s a list of some prompts. I will keep updating it regularly (hopefully). I hope this is helpful! 

  • Introduce yourself (You can talk about your name, age, where you live, your job/studies, your likes/dislikes, etc)
  • My room (Describe your room, the objects in it, the furniture, etc.)
  • Why are you studying Spanish?
  • Describe everything you did yesterday (Helps practice verbs, especially past tense)
  • Talk about a book you like and why 
  • A regular day/Your daily schedule 
  • What you do in your free time 
  • Talk about your city and why you like/dislike it 
  • You are spending your holidays at your friend’s house in a different city/country. Write a letter/post card to your family. 
  • Describe your best friend 
  • You have an appartment/room that you would like to rent out. Write an advertisement for it. (You can mention things like the specifics of the room, its location, price, etc.)
  • Talk about your family 
  • Write a dialogue between a waiter and a customer ordering food in a restaurant. 
  • Write down your favourite recipe in Spanish. 
  • Write a dialogue between a guide and a tourist asking for information at a tourism office. (You can ask about monuments nearby, visiting hours, tickets, etc.)
  • Talk about the meals you eat in a day (Breakfast, lunch ,dinner) 
  • Describe your neighbourhood/locality 
  • Talk about the methods of transport in your city.
  • Talk about a trip you took. (You can talk about where you went, with whom, for how long, where you stayed,the things you did, etc) 
  • Talk about things you would like to do in the future. (This can be in terms of career goals, or what you would like to study, or just things you would like to accomplish this year)
  • Write a dialogue where you are asking for directions to a place.
  • Talk about your feelings (Like what makes you happy, what you hate, when you feel afraid, etc. This helps practice that kind of vocabulary.) 
  • Write a dialogue between friends trying to make a plan (They can be deciding where to eat, or to meet up at a park, or watch a movie, etc)
  • Write a job application (For example, applying for the job of an english teacher. Remember to mention your qualifications, past experience, and why you want this job).
  • Describe your country (You can talk about its geography, culture, music, food, people, languages, etc.)
  • Write down a funny/interesting instance that you remember 
  • Write a letter confessing your love to someone 
  • Write a letter breaking up with someone 
  • Create an advertisement for a new cafe that has opened up in your town 
  • Write a dialogue between you and your friend cancelling a plan (Mention the original plan, why you are cancelling it and the possibility of postponing it) 
  • Write a letter to a student in another country asking to be their penpal
  • You are sick and have taken an appointment with the doctor. Write down the conversation that takes place between you two. (Describe the problem/sickness, the symptoms, the doctor’s advice, etc) 
  • Describe a dream that you had recently or that you remember vividly. 
  • Write down what you are going to do today. (Helps practice ir+a form and future tense) 
  • Talk about the seasons in your country (What they are, when they take place, what the weather’s like, which one is your favourite, etc) 
  • Create an advertisement for a travel agency talking a its tours to different places.
Break-up letter~

Dear Nick, 

Before you came into my life I saw myself as ultimately unlovable. I felt like if anyone knew me well enough, they would become so disenchanted by my flaws that they would leave me high and dry. I thought it’d be years before anyone really took notice of me, I didn’t think I was the kind of girl guys wanted. At least, not young guys. And I thought that love was a very hard, heart-wrenching task that was more commitment and stubbornness than affection. 

And you changed my world. You showed me that I could be loved, even treasured, even after you knew all my nasty, snobby, self-centered flaws. Even after you’d seen me in a vindictive mood for no justifiable reason, even after I’d hurt you when you were already down, even after you’d seen me snoring, with no makeup, in saggy pajamas, after tears and sleepless nights, after nights, after nights. 

Not only that, you made love fun. You showed me it wasn’t a stressful chore. You showed me it didn’t require blind determination just for the sake of it - you made me love love. You made it so much easier to forgive. I loved our petty fights, honestly, because I’ve grown up with such huge fights, about religion and direction and love and hate, and when we got in fights they were always so normal and simple. Hurt feelings or small selfishness or jealousy. Honestly, even while we were fighting and I was pissed at you, I was still loving it. I loved knowing that in 30 minutes you and I would have forgiven each other, wiped each other’s tears, and would be in the middle of a whirlwind of I’m sorries and I love yous. 

I loved seeing things work. I loved the fact that when I supported you, you were a stronger person, and when you cuddled me, I was a softer person. I loved knowing that you were on my side. That if I woke you up in the middle of the night, crying, you didn’t have to know why or what had happened before you extended your full attention, affection, and loyalty. Actually, I can’t count the number of times I woke you up in the middle of the night, upset about something or other. And you didn’t EVER complain about being tired, or fall asleep on me, or even give the impression that you felt put-out and WANTED to fall asleep on me. 

I was shocked at how easily we get along. I’ve never in my life known anyone whom I share so many behaviors with - the same instinctive desires. We functioned on so many parallel planes. We were tired by the same things, feel mischievous about the same things, bothered by the same things. We were moody in the same ways. 

I loved being spoiled. No one has ever spoiled me like that, before. No one sent all the love notes or the presents or the cuddles, no one desired my company so often, no one gave me so many smiles or teasing that was always flattering. I always cringed at people’s pet names but whenever you started calling me princess I honestly loved it, because it was exactly how you made me feel, every single day. Because you actually took care of me like I was something precious that was worth looking after. You were always interested in how I was, what I was doing, what my plans were, what you could do to make me feel better. And there wasn’t a time I didn’t just fill up inside with gratefulness that you were in my life. 

I’m going to miss so much. I’m going to miss waking up to you every day and going to sleep with you every night. I’m going to miss having someone to turn to at any moment of any day and I’m going to miss having you turn to me. I’m going to miss the promises of better memories than the ones we’ve already made, the memories that keep me warm when I’m lonely: Your hugs and your cuddles and your silent giggles and the ticklish spot above the backs of your knees and your cheek-kisses. and the frustrated laugh you got in your eyes when you wanted to kiss my lips, not my cheek, but you had to respect my dad. 

You accepted all of the different versions of me. The philosophical one, the missionary saint one, the funny one, the cutesy one, the naughty one, the angsty one, the irrevocably despondent and weepy one, the snobby one, the preachy one, the clingy one. Instead of calling me despondent, you’d say I was tired. Instead of saying I was preachy you’d say I was stressed. Instead of saying I was clingy you’d say I was cute. You always defended me and set me in the best light, even when I gave you my worst for days on end. I remember the 10 days straight I treated you like dirt and nagged you for everything and no matter how much it hurt your feelings or confused you, you defended me, every single day.

You always thank me for saving you and talk like you’re in debt to me without ever acknowledging that you’ve grown me as a person into someone stronger, happier, braver, more secure, kinder and softer and more loving. By being the man in my life, you let me finally learn how to be a girl. By being accepting, you let me finally be honest with myself. You let me explore myself and my personality, test my wings and grow all in your compassionate and steady oversight. 

PS: you always hated your nose, and I was always worried that Skype skewed it and when you got here I’d see it and hate it too, but you got here and I loved your nose to bits. It’s one of the best noses ever. And I always thought if we got married and had kids I hoped they would all have your nose.

PPS: But I’m serious about hating your posture omg stand up STRAIGHT. Don’t walk like a twerp! If you want people to believe you’re 5'9" try standing at 5'9" every now and then!

————— Posting this because I want the whole world to see that we WERE good for each other, and being together was NOT a mistake, and so everyone knows how much I love youuuu. 
Break Me (5/?)

Summary: Y/N has been noticing a shift in her relationship with Bucky. A confrontation sets off a chain reaction nobody could see coming.

Relationship/Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Angst & Heartbreak. Slow burn!!

A/N: This is for @sexylibrarian1.  So in the interest of jumping ahead in the story and where I actually had in mind that this direction would go, this chapter might be a little shorter than I expected. This chapter kicked my ass so I’m sorry if it’s crap >.<

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Chapter 5

Wanda found Bucky in the compound’s garage, tearing apart the motorcycle Y/N had given him for his birthday, and assembling it back together again. 

“Hill is with the two agents that were with Y/N in Dubai, reinterviewing them.”

Bucky acknowledged Wanda’s presence as he dropped the wrench in his hand and nodded at her, muttering his response. “Alright.” 

“Steve thought you’d want to be there.” 

“He thought wrong.”

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Jags, I wanna say I’m sorry. And I want you to know that I love you and I always will. You gave me a life again when I wasn’t living and a forever in a span of a week. I’m not letting go because I want too, my god, I wish I would never have to let you go, but because I have to.
It’s not right for you to be with me. You deserve so much more then skype calls and secret dates, you deserve to be shown off to the world and I can’t give you that. I feel like I’m slowing draining you of your light and I can’t do that to you, I won’t.
You need to live your life without me weighing you down. Maybe one day we will be right for each other but for now you need to live without an attachment to the other side of the world. I love you so much that it hurts, but this isn’t the right love for you.
Maybe you’ll find someone else there and he’ll be able to do all the things I wish I could do for you. Maybe our paths will cross again. But know that I love you and I always will.

Thank you for giving me enough love to last a lifetime,

—  this is where you ripped my heart out.

Moving on is so much more difficult now than it was back then. I had gotten almost completely over you (though I’m probably fooling myself when I say that), and then I let you back into my life. A part of me wanted to let you back in anyway, though. My heart left my emotional well-being with reckless abandonment. What disgusts me is that I’m afraid I will let you back in if you ever come back to me again. But you wouldn’t come back, not this time.

You treated me like shit with such conviction that I was starting to believe it myself—that I was shit. That I somehow deserved your neglect. I am nothing more than dirt on your USMC-issued boots. I deserved to be ignored or otherwise written off as crazy and complicated. I deserved to be second choice—either because you knew I would always be here while you pursued other ‘priority’ conquests, or because I am second-rate by nature to you and simply not good enough. I deserve having no response from you, and I deserve no explanation; no, those kinds of things only go to people who evoke your pity and guilty conscience, and you had no sympathy for me. “She can take care of herself, she’s a strong girl. She will be happier without me,” you told yourself, absolving yourself of any responsibility or humanity towards me. Yet other times, I was something to fear, something to apprehend, something to be left alone, something to keep your distance from. Instead of really figuring me out, you assumed things and stuck to those assumptions, solidifying them when I proved them right in the slightest. And so, I deserved to deal with shit on my own. I deserved to be denied your attention and love and vulnerability. I deserved to be disrespected and lied to, because let’s face it, I wasn’t someone you fell in love with; I was an obstacle, a roadblock, a diversion, a difficulty, a test. I could only get the minimum–if even that–from you, and I thought that was the best I was ever going to get from you. Better than nothing, I told myself. You were all I ever wanted. I was going to take anything I could get….

I am learning things I thought I already knew. I am dissolving the boundaries of definitions I had previously cemented; I am dissecting everything I ever thought I knew about love and games and selfishness and manipulation and self-respect and self-worth and maturity and pride and communication and assumptions and what it means to 'deserve’ something. So, no, this wasn’t all for nothing; I did learn something. I learned about willpower; I learned that when I want something badly enough, I can make it happen, but I cannot make you love me. I learned that if you had really loved me and you really wanted me, you would have been with me. I learned that I should be allowed to get upset at things without having to fear you abandoning me out of finding me too “difficult” or “complicated” or “emotional” (yeah, sorry I went mad when I found out you were cheating on me. How dare I have reactions and question your honesty, that’s crazy!). I learned that if I was really worth it to you, you would have demonstrated it by trying. I learned that actions do speak so much louder than words. I learned that sometimes, you can lie to yourself so much that you just may start believing your own bullshit because you could be that afraid of facing the truth—that you have become the person you hate, that you could be so terrible as to use and mistreat people the way you did me, that you could be so low. You can say all you want that you hate yourself, but if you are okay with the way you are, then you do not hate yourself. You are content. I learned that, sometimes, people really don’t want to improve themselves; a life of being content with familiar mediocrity is appealing to some people, just like how a life of competitive drive and constant improvement and making the most out of what I have appeals to others such as myself.

My confidence was shaken. How could you not want me? I thought I was everything you didn’t even know you were looking for; you certainly were, for me. I wanted to understand and know you, I wanted to treat you right and take care of you and support you through your difficult times and encourage you through your pursuit of your wildest dreams, I wanted to build a relationship and a life with you. I wanted you to know that I was there for you unconditionally, no matter how angry or sad or annoyed you may have made me. We still always laughed with each other, we had incredibly passionate and electrifying sex, we had a great time simply doing nothing, our bodies fit perfectly, and we loved each other… or at least, I loved you. I thought you were my soulmate. Whenever we were together, I wanted to melt my body into yours. I felt 'complete.’ I could never leave your presence. But I was not enough for you. I was not what you were looking for, and I was never in your plans. And so, I was just as easily discarded from your life as I was first picked up. 

I was not the first choice. I should respect that. I will respect you the way you never respected me. I just loved you and wanted to see you happy. If you are happy, then I am happy. If you are happier without me, then as painstaking and bittersweet as it is, I will let you go. No, I will not fight for you, not anymore; I don’t get anything out of it, I never win, and you don’t even acknowledge nor appreciate nor even like it. I think I drive you away when I do that, anyway–perhaps it is a part of your self-loathing. You think of yourself as such an unworthy person that you think anybody who wants you must be crazy, and you get scared that somebody could love you despite all of your flaws. Did you think I didn’t know you were a shitty person? Did you think I didn’t know that you were a hypocritical, indecisive, cowardly, emotionally-confused boy who is afraid to be alone? I knew. I’ve known for a while. I’ve loved you for a while, too.

This has been almost completely a one-sided relationship. It is not needy of me to ask you to reciprocate my efforts even just a little… I would praise you and appreciate you, but of course, you’ve hardly ever seen that, because you’ve hardly ever done anything. It is not clingy of me to ask you to respond within the same day when I talk to you. It is not high-maintenance of me to beseech your reassurance, considering what we had been through in the past. It is not “playing games” on my part when I ask you to be the one to fight for me for a change. It is just the manifestation of the basic human need to feel loved and appreciated and worthy. It is just me wanting to know that I am worth the risk, the fear, the exhilaration. 

But that comes from myself. I am worthy. I know my worth; you don’t, and you probably never will, and it is both of our losses.

I just want to know that the time I spent with you was the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. Just laying there and holding you and mindmelting. I know we will never be together. I think I probably just came at you too strong, needing too much and giving too much and asking too much. I don’t know what the hell happened still. I think I was really nervous. It was just something about you, your vibe, your eyes, your downness. You were so down. We could have done so much more. I’m over it. If you want to tell me what happened I would like that. But I don’t expect it, and I don’t expect to ever see you or talk to you again.

But there are a thousand things I wish I could have told you that I will never get to. It’s weird when I think about you. I feel like I lost something really important. I needed you and that was my problem and that was the lesson I learned. Never need anyone besides yourself. It’s too risky and too demanding and unfair to the other person. But I don’t need you anymore. I picture you and it’s like you’re from a dream. I don’t let myself remember how I felt around you because I know it’s not real anymore, it’s just a memory of how it was. Like Mol in inception.

But for the books, I really did love you, and I would have done anything for you, and I tried to say every combination of words that might fix things and I wanted you so badly. And if I thought shutting the fuck up would have worked, then I would have done that. And I hope you go to school and I hope you like it, and I hope you’re happy. I hope one day you can talk to me like it’s a clean slate, and just tell me what you’re thinking, and that we can be friends, and that goodbye didn’t happen yet. I hope you find love, and I hope I do someday too. I hope you either know or realize how beautiful you are and go and be young and dumb and have crazy fun in the city and at school to know what it’s like. I hope you can figure out why you’re so nervous so you don’t have to take pills for it. I hope you know that our third date at the hotel pool was the best date I’ve ever gone on and one of the best nights of my life, and i felt like anything was possible and i felt free and i felt love for everything within and around me, and i hope i can get back to that place forever some day (not the hotel pool.) But I don’t know where it is so I hope I just stumble upon it and remember how i got there. Sorry I didn’t make this funny or anything. And sorry for whatever I did, and that you were so important to me, and I hope you can tell me what happened someday. I still care and I probably will forever. Take care.

My Farewell Letter to my Ex.

I wrote this a long time ago. I can’t remember when. I just want to share it.

Dearest Elly,

I hope this letter finds you well. I really don’t know where to start so, I’ll be honest with you. I need to tell you this so you’ll be fine.

I remember the past few weeks, I feel like you have a lot of things in your mind. You stare at nothing and barely talk to me, the fact that we use to talk everyday. You are always at my side but you barely speak a word. I can’t even look you in the face, because every time I’ll look at you and smile, I’ll see a tear roll down to your cheeks. I asked you what happened and what’s wrong. You said “Nothing, I’m just happy for both of us”. It left me confused for days as the way you act like that but I just trust you that everything is alright even though I know it isn’t.  And then all of a sudden, you talked to me about our relationship. You told me that your parents wants us to break up because you need to prioritize your studies and you need to be on the right track. And I know you remembered my face on that day. I smile the fact that you told me you want to break up.

Why did I smile on that day? Because I want you to feel that there’s nothing to worry about. I want you to know that everything is fine. I want you to be strong in the situation we are heading to. I want to lift up the pain you got from this. Even though how much it crushed me in the inside, No matter how devastating it is to me for us to break up. I still smiled at you and said its okay.

Now, we are still not talking to each other for 3 days. I am worried. So, I write you this letter so you know what are the things what I want to say to you. Elly, Let’s break up. This will help you to clear your mind and be at peace with your parents. You know what, they are right. You need to focus on your studies, you need to be on your path, you need to achieve whatever you want to be in life and for that, you need to focus. That’s what I want for you as well.

And don’t worry if I’m mad or anything. I am writing this letter with mixed feelings of joy and sadness. Truly a Bitter-sweet moment. I’m Happy because I know this will end the guilt and pain you’re having right now. I’m Happy because finally you could be at peace. I’m Happy because you will finally be at good terms with your parents. I’m Happy for you so much. On the other hand, I’m sad because I’ll be leaving the happy chapters of my life, that I’ll won’t have my Elly on my side. I have accepted the facts and I hope you do as well.

I can’t even remember if we ever had a fight when we are still together. Haha. That is so weird. Haha.

Now that you know whatever that goes in to my mind, I hope it gives you the peace you are looking for. Just smile for me so I know that everything is alright. Remember what I told you in the first day we become officially together? Whatever makes you happy, I’ll do it even though it will hurt me. As long as you are happy, I’m happy as well. That’s because I Love You.

You don’t know how blessed and lucky I am to meet you and for you to come in to my life. I didn’t expect this would happen, but yet I’m thankful that I met you. I’ve learned a lot from you and if I didn’t met you, I wouldn’t become the person I am today. You’ll be my sweet little Elly forever.

So, please. Just smile to me tomorrow before the class starts. So that I know we are in good terms and I can finally breathe at ease. If you don’t smile, your forehead will get bigger and bigger and I’ll write my next letter there. Haha.

Hug and a Huge Kiss to your forehead,
Your Ex-Boyfriend,

PS: You bruise my shoulder with those bite marks last last week. Lucky you we are now just friends. Because if we are still together. Imma bite harder and left you a mark for weeks + You owe me an Ice Cream. You told me that you’ll bought me one, it should be today, but we break up though, so I’ll giving you 2 days to give me my Ice Cream.  ._.
I Love You. 

And then the Next Day, We talked like nothing happened. But at that moment, We’re only friends. But there’s no major change that happened, except the fact that we don’t have any commitment to each other. Haha. All she gives me is a big hug and a last kiss.

Up to now, Elly and I are still good friends. She has a boyfriend though and I must admit, they look better together. Haha.


The 1960s Spider-Man cartoon is not Peter Parker’s finest hour. Moving at nearly a frame per second, this series showcased Spider-Man at his most consistently inept. If you’ve never read the first few issues of The Amazing Spider-Man, just know that Spider-Man didn’t become good at anything until about one hundred months in. He’s constantly getting sucker punched by the villains standing right in front of him, and then getting framed by those villains because Spider-Man is too stupid to realize that he probably shouldn’t be closely examining stolen diamonds by himself when the cops arrive.

If there is one thing in the world that should stay exactly where it is, it’s the 1960s Spider-Man show. But Jim Krieg, who would later to go to write for shows like Spider-Man: The Animated Series and the underrated Batman: The Brave And The Bold, thought otherwise. Most people laugh in the face of the abyss, but Krieg rolled up his sleeves and punched the abyss square in its black-hole jaw. Krieg wrestled the abyss, made passionate love to the abyss, and wrote a tearful break-up letter to the abyss. If you didn’t gather from my description of what he literally did, he made a live-action version of the 1960s Spider-Man cartoon.

Not just a general Spider-Man adaptation, but an adaptation specifically designed to resemble the 1960s show in pacing, plot, characters and sense of humor. And not a parody either, though, if you’ve never watched the show, it would be pretty easy to assume that this whole thing was taking a big, billowing fart on the idea of a “spider man.” But no, Krieg’s short film perfectly captures the helplessness that you feel whenever you watch the 1960s Spider-Man series. I understand why my father told me to go play outside so often. He was trying to save me.

5 Fan Edits That Blur The Line Between Insane And Genius

Masterlist - updated 30/11/16

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Bucky x Reader- Prompt drabbles

Bucky + knives + dirty talk (SMUT)

Under the table at black tie gala (SMUT")

“It’s Christmas, don’t be mad at me.”

“Welcome to fatherhood”

"Stop being so cute”

“How is my wife more badass than me?”

“I’m not buying IKEA furniture again.”

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You met me at the wrong time, as the wrong version of myself. I remember you telling me I was beautiful, although I had bags under my eyes and only eight hours of sleep in the past three days. I know now that my walls were up, covered in briars and thorns. I said, “Come in, make yourself comfortable.”

But we both knew you were never getting through the gates. They were sealed shut – the bolts rusted. You said you were in love with me, in a desperate attempt to get the key to me, to let you see the darkest parts of myself. To no avail. Love opens doors and you never made it past the sidewalk.

I’m a puzzle to you; an enigma, a labyrinth. Without the briars and the thorns and the rust, there’s no appeal. The skin you used to dream about touching and the voice you used to listen to over the stream of a telephone wire are not mouth-watering if not encased in steel.

—  The Break-Up Letter I Never Got to Write

anonymous asked:

But everything about Kinloch and Laurens screams trash 2000s songs tbh, so I feel it's not you who should be called out, it's them. Laurens with his passive-aggressive melodramatic angry af break up letter complete with a certain Miss Manning, and Kinloch being his fuckboi self with no relationship skills whatsoever that is still somehow very charismatic and charming, making it easy to go fuck you but also I'm crying but mostly you're dead to me PS I'm drunk texting you right now.

Thank you for agreeing with me my inebriated anonymous friend.  See, @ciceroprofacto, I have people that appreciate my song choices.

butherlipsarenotmoving  asked:

Hi, I'm new in LS's universe (I read everything related last year) and I've found your blog really interesting, you're doing a great job. So, here's my question: What do you think the typewriter means in the triptych? For a long time I thought it was a metaphor about Lemony, that it implied that he was kind of responsible of her death. But now I've realized that if the painter was Lemony's friend, he wouldn't have ever done that, because it would cause Lemony a lot of pain. What do you think?

 Good evening to you, @butherlipsarenotmoving!

If you have walked into a museum recently- whether you did so to attend an art exhibition in to escape from the police-you may have noticed a type of painting known as a triptych. A triptych has three panels, with something different painted on each of the panels. For instance, my friend Professor Reed made a trip-tych for me, and he painted fire on one panel, a typewriter on another, and the face of a beautiful, intelligent woman on the third. The triptych is entitled What Happened to Beatrice and I cannot look upon it without weeping.
I am a writer, and not a painter, but if I were to try and paint a triptych entitled The Baudelaire Orphans’ Miserable Experiences at Prufrock Prep, I would paint Mr. Remora on one panel, Mrs. Bass on another, and a box of staples on the third, and the results would make me so sad that between the Beatrice triptych and the Baudelaire triptych I would scarcely stop weeping all day.

[The Austere Academy, Chapter Four]

The arrangement of this triptych seems deliberately arcane so we can only presume of its symbolism. Several questions to consider:

  • Is this the fire which consumed the Baudelaire mansion? Or another place?
  • Is the typewriter meant to allude to Beatrice’s 200-pages break-up letter to Lemony, as mentioned in Chapter Two of “The Miserable Mill”? Or is this Lemony’s typewriter, with which he wrote the infamous review of Olaf’s play that caused so much trouble to their relationship and later his magnum opus about her children?
  • Is the woman Beatrice, her daughter Violet, or even Beatrice Jr (Lemony’s niece)?

Traditionally, triptychs were originally supposed to be read from left to right and from right to middle (with a bigger painting in the middle), and Brett Helquist seems to have followed this convention. According to the text, the box of staples is the third and final painting:

So the most straightforward answer I could come up with is that the triptych answers the question “What happened to Beatrice?” in reverse chronological order: we start from the Baudelaire fire, then move on to Beatrice’s break-up letters and Lemony’s scathing review of Olaf’s play, and finally to the beauty which drove Lemony and Bertrand to their feet.

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Wasn't expecting to get any promo pics this early so that was a nice surprise! The pics themselves not really groundbreaking considering they're basically a "Previously on Game of Thrones" sort of thing. Though it looks like Jaime gets WW early, so maybe he found Tommen's crown too?

Hi, anon.

Yes, nice surprise indeed!

Yup, basically it’s really a “Previously on Game of Thrones in case you forgot where people were heading to by the end of season 6″, mingled with costume updates (or the lack thereof).

Yeah, Jaime getting Widow’s Wail that early came as a surprise to me as well. Earlier on, before we got any spoilers whatsoever, I thought he may take it for himself towards the end of the season once we get the equivalent of break-up with Cersei and letter-burning, as a sort of last resistance, if you will.

So that raises a lot of questions.

Does he take it himself or is it given to him?

If he takes it, I guess it would be more for sentimental reasons at first. After he tried to be there for Tommen and act more fatherly towards him, I bet it will be shattering for him to see that the last kid he’s had with Cersei is now dead as well, and that, yet again, any effort to protect the children was rendered futile.

It may also be that Cersei gives it to him. This in turn would perhaps be her sort of strategical *reassurance* to further back up her claim that she had nothing to do with the Sept - in then sense of: Cersei gives him that sword and says in a teary voice “that was all that remained of him, our poor baby boy *insert fake sobbing*” - cue for Jaime to find the crown, if Cersei on the show finally shows more of book!Cersei’s inability to follow through with any plan whatsoever, and thus leave that piece of evidence somewhere within Jaime’s reach to find once plot demands it.

I don’t think he will find both (crown and sword) at once in episode 1 onward, since I assume that those promo shots are part of episode ½. My best guess at this point is that they will have an unravel-narrative for Jaime to conclude his breaking away from Cersei towards the end of the season (so basically covering those parts of his AFfC arc that we didn’t yet see) wiht him having learned about Cersei’s true colors and her actual involvement in the HS affair more generally (see Margaery’s, Loras’, and her own imprisonment), and of course the Sept Kaboom she will most likely blame on the Sand Snatches + Ellaria. But yeah, we will have to see if the thing with the crown will be played up or if they aren’t just going to have someone break it to him (someone like Olenna perhaps).

Similarly, it would be epically ironic if Cersei gave the *twin blade* to Oathkeeper to Jaime, whereas Brienne strolls through the North with that other sword of Valyrian steel *belonging to* Widow’s Wail. This would perhaps be a nice first allusion to book!Cersei’s straight-up denial that Jaime may have ridden off with Brienne towards the end of ADwD and that he would *never* abandon her for someone the likes of Brienne.

It’d be ever the more hilarious once we bear in mind how she’s been calling out Brienne on her feelings for Jaime back during the Purple Wedding.

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I mean, just imagine her being so cocksure of Jaime’s alliance and giving him that sword, thinking nothing of it (because she has no clue that Brienne has Oathkeeper after he gave it to her back during that teary scene - the good old times).

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Because NEVER would Jaime return those feelings because he has *her*, hmmmm.

*plot-twist incoming*

Only to then eventually conclude that part of the arc with Jaime taking his leave. And she gave him the fuckin’ sword on tops to now carry to the North.

I would find that all kinds of epic irony that I ain’t even mad.


Thanks for the question!

fall out boy album aesthetics
  • take this to your grave: cars crashed into trees, starting fires, bruised knuckles, flickering streetlights, fights in alleys, cheap cigarettes, angst-filled letters to no one in particular, ink bleeding through journals thrown into rivers, tears of anger and despair.
  • from under the cork tree: break-up letters, sneaking extra painkillers in the hospital, holding hands with someone you aren't in love with, b-list celebrity parties, cold coffee, exchanges of secrets in the psych ward, fake smiles, sitting to the side during high school dances.
  • infinity on high: summer romance, sneaking out with a lover at night, whimsical memories, teenage vows in a gas station parking lot, sleepovers with best friends, a winged sheep, taxi cabs, not caring, freedom, love letters, kissing shadows on walls, sleeping with the sweater of a lover.
  • folie a deux: expensive tastes, doing lines of dust and sweat on a stage, problematic figures of society, one night stands, narcissism and pessimism being mistaken for the "real world", sugar daddies and gold-digging, wild parties, chain smoking, cheating, shitty drugs.
  • save rock and roll: favorite bands, going against the accepted norm, nights you don't remember, smashing instruments, taking a bullet for someone, angels with clipped wings, white picket fences stained red with blood, bonfires, the igniting of a lighter, burning old memories, comebacks, best friends, warpaint, reinventing yourself.
  • american beauty/american psycho: chaotic lovers, bright lights in big cities, synthesizers, vinyl collection, boarded-up hotels, fireworks, summers of the past, narcotics, skeletons, a best friend, nostalgia, warmth, music boxes, toxic relationships, pills, contemplating life after death, rain checks, situations that could've happened, never knowing, no closure, a ballerina in a gang war, music shops.