If I wrote a story about myself, would people care to read it? If I wrote a story about you, would people care to read about it? Would strangers care about the way you ripped my heart to shreds? Would strangers care to hear your voice and how you chose Her over me? Would they read about it and cry or would they read it and say I was a fool to fall in love with you in the first place ? But I LOVE you. Will they, the ones who read it, ease my pain? Or will they tell me to move on? I thought He was my being to living. Now that he’s gone… I am left with the voices in my head.

as a lesbian who was in a 5 year relationship that ended a couple of months ago, my advice to fellow gays is to BREAK UP YOUR OWN WAY. when my ex and me broke up, we didn’t know how to navigate it because the model of heterosexual breakups was all that was available - the damage, spitefulness, ignoring each other, moving out straight away and fighting over household objects/pets, talking shit about each other etc. I really pushed for us to do what felt natural to us. after all, the reason we were both sad about breaking up was losing the FRIENDSHIP part of our relationship - so why couldn’t we keep it? it was such a healthy breakup. we only argued once when we were drunk and insecure. we still live together (along with my cousin/housemate). we still catch up on our fav tv shows and order take out. we don’t talk shit about each other. my family and her still chat and we still attend family events together. she still physios for my brothers footy team. we just fell out of love and our relationship turned into a friendship. you don’t HAVE to lose that. do your break ups your own way, gays. don’t look to het relationships to guide you. they suck.

Things that the love of your life ISN’T going to do to you:

  • Leave you when you need them most
  • Do the opposite of what they promised you
  • Set you up to look bad in front of others
  • Purposely try to hurt you
  • Cheat/lie
  • Punish you when you don’t meet their needs
  • Pressure you into anything
  • Withhold affection, intimacy or attention
  • Control you/the situation
  • Make you feel as if you will never be good enough

Take out the trash. You have so much real love to look forward to!