break up hair

Ar lasa mala revas. You are free. 



there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco


i saw a few people in the wentworth tag talking about/looking for this photo set from around the time he did the human stain, so here is what i think is the whole set. i’ve never seen the bottom two in color, so i’m not sure they exist except in black and white. enjoy!


POOR BOY 😩Speedy and safe recovery Ken!

Murata stream update: while he was inking Fubuki and Lily in swimsuits, Murata also showed his sketches for Genos’ newly repaired naked body!


Losing you is a sold-out movie:
No big deal, just kind of a bummer.

Aaron Tveit singing Desert Island Top 5 Breakups at Paramount (x)

They say that if

She dyes her hair after you break up,
Y'all ain’t getting back together.
Ya girl done dyed her hair,
Got a piercing she said she never would,
Got tattooed on a whim,
And even got new silverware for her house.
You’re not even remotely coming back into my life.


OC story prompt: “Who’s just been fired from his job and just got a text from his girlfriend that she’s breaking up with him.. we see him look around as he contemplates his life.”


I’m sure once they know each other properly, they’d hang around more time than anyone would expect!


Desert Island Top 5 Break Ups from High Fidelity at The Paramount (2/25/17)

A quel moment

À quel moment change t-on, au point de ne plus être qu'une parcelle d'éclat de notre âme ? Je ne sais pas si ce sont les épreuves qui nous tuent petit à petit, ou bien cette routine dans nos vies qui brûle notre éclat.
Après tout, un tigre en cage n'est pas moins un félin sauvage, mais son attitude change face aux barreaux qui oppressent sa liberté, et l'horaire de repas qu'on lui donne. Il devient moins vivant.

J'aurais bien beau utiliser toutes les métaphores possible, il n'en reste pas moins que nos échanges au déjeuner sont fades. Que tes caresses ne me font plus rien ressentir. Parfois, je me retiens même de ne pas te repousser. Tu m'aimes tant. Du moins, c'est ce que tu projettes. Avec toi, tout est blanc et calme.
Tu me neutralises. Aucune envie de me battre, aucune envie de fuir. Seulement celle de me laisser mourir. Je me sens inanimée. Pour moi, tu es ces barreaux qui enferme le tigre.

one piece summer camp au scenario #2

shanks starts gathering his employees for a quick meeting in the morning. law is the first one to arrive bc he’s the only one in the camp with good time management (other than sabo) 

“good morning, law.”

“at what cost?”

“okay, i get you hate the children and everything, but could you, for like, one minute, not be such a vibe killer.”


And some Aaron broadway SASS from The Belasco in LA 5/14/17 singing Desert Island Top 5 Breakups

Look for his 🖕🏼🖕🏼 in there near the end