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How would the US and SF skelebrothers react is their S/O broke up with them, but then later they found out it was because they didn't think they were good enough for them.

For some reason, it seems like the universe is against me today. I had to rewrite this three times because google kept closing itself.

US!Sans: He’s a crying mess when you break up with him. Clinging to you and begging you not to go. He doesn’t understand. What did he do wrong? Why wont you tell him what he did. He can fix it. He knows that he can. You just have to tell him what he did and it’ll all be okay after. When you refuse, and instead leave him there on his own. He doesn’t know how to handle it. So he tries to follow you. He’ll be blowing up your phone for the next few hours because you can’t leave like this.

The next few weeks are hard for him. He’s not good at dealing with emotions this deep. And he’ll be pendling from sadness to anger. The anger is mostly at himself, but a tiny part of him is angry at you for hurting him like this. You weren’t supposed to make him feel like this. And he wants you back at the same time he wants to hate you. Just to make it easier.  

Until he finds out why. And he shows up at your doorstep, trying not to cry as he pulls you in for a hug. He’s so so sorry for making you believe you weren’t good enough. He may be great, but so are you. And this is all his fault for not telling you often enough. The next few days are filled with cuddles and compliments. He can’t ever risk losing you because you thought you weren’t good enough for him.

US!Papyrus: He’s quiet while you break up with him. Lighting a cigarette and looking at you quietly while he finishes it in record time. He listens to your arguments without interrupting, but if you think that he’s going to let you go without a fight you’re very wrong. For every reason to break up with him he’ll counter with one of his own of why you shouldn’t. His voice is calm and on the outside he seems collected, but on the inside he is panicking. It’s not until you’re actually about to up and leave that he reacts. He grabs your arm and tries to pull you back slightly. Please don’t leave him. Please. When you pull your arm free and walks out he’s just standing there, looking after you. He feels the sadness creeping up on him and it’s oddly numbing.

In the next few days the areas under his eyes turn dark from a lack of sleep. And he reeks of cigarette smoke. He’s practically living on the balcony, smoking cigarette after cigarette. He’d do it inside the house. But he knows that if you were to come back you’d never forgive him for it. It’s a small pathetic hope but he’s willing to hold on to it. It’s something.

He hears about why you broke up at him when he’s hanging at Muffet’s a month later. And he’s immidieatly hit with guilt. Because he understands why you would think that. He flirts with everything, it’s part of his personality. And even though he toned it down when you two became a thing, he realizes that he never actually stopped. And instead of getting jealous and telling him to quit it, you quietly let him do it until you decided that you weren’t good enough for him? Stars he messed this up.

He finds you when you’re at work. Sneakily creeping up behind you and teleporting you to his house. He stands in front of you while awkwardly rubbing his neck, avoiding eye contact. He’s not good with apologies, but you deserve one. And he tells you that you are way out of his league, and just way too good for him. And he really doesn’t deserve to get you back. But please. He didn’t realize how much it hurt you.

SF!Sans: He is both angry and sad. But at first he simply refuses. And he’s trying to tell you that you don’t mean what you’re saying. You can’t break up with him. So he’s going to go calm down somewhere and let you get to your senses. But you can’t be a pushover if you’re dating him, so that’s not going to work. He gets more and more desperate. And in the end you’ll have him pleading, begging you to stop this nonsense. He’s telling you to rethink it and that ‘’You don’t mean what you’re saying right now- No Y/N don’t interrupt me, listen to me you’re not thinking straight!’’ Even though he’s as upset as he is, he’s still trying to be diplomatic, borderline manipulative. It’s the only way he knows he can make you stay. But it doesn’t work. And when you’ve truly walked away from him. He sinks down onto his knees and stares after you. One part of him wants to curl up and cry, another part wants to destroy every living thing in a one mile radius of his house. He ends up wrecking the place until it’s unrecogniseble.

He keeps trying to contact you during the following days. And eventually he shows up at wherever it is you’re staying. And he demands that you tell him exactly why you broke up with him. If only so that he can at least move on (He’s lying, he’s not planning on moving on anytime soon). When you finally cave and tel him your reasons, it’s like the annoyance and superiority he’s been faking melts away. And he actually whispers oh. This wasn’t what he had expected. Not even close. He pulls you in harshly for a hug despite your protests, and he prepares himself to swallow his pride. Which is already damaged beyond repair from his little temper tantrum. When he moves back from the hug he actually apologizes. And promises to never let you feel like that again, if you’ll take him back. It’s a promise he intends to keep for the rest of his life.

SF!Papyrus: When you break up with him, it’s like he’s just standing there taking a scolding. He knew that you had been too good to be true. But he didn’t think it’d end like this and it hurts. He doesn’t even bother with trying to keep a cool expression. Tears are dripping down his cheeks as he asks you to stay, begs you. In his quiet voice. He doesn’t expect you to, you looked like you’d made up your mind already. And even though he’s hurt and his natural instincts are telling him to be angry he can’t. Not at you. So when you’re saying your goodbyes he studies your face instead. Trying to memorize it in all it’s tearstained beauty. He holds on to that mental picture. He’s thinking that at least those tears seemed to be for him, and not you. He’s not sure if that’s making him feel better though. It just makes his mind go on a constant loop of why.

He isolates himself after this. Meaning that it takes him literal months to hear why you broke up with him. It’s Sans who spills the beans, after hearing it from Alphys while training. He only told his brother so he’d stop moping around the house and go fix his relationship or whatever.

When Russ finds you, he teleports you to his rooms and locks the door behind him. For a second it looks like he’s going to murder you, you’d forgotten how scary he really is. Especially when he’s got you pushed up against a wall and he’s towering over you.

But then he starts talking, almost too quick for you to hear. Like he’s nervous.     ‘’I know why you broke up with me. And if you really think that I’m the better one in this relationship then I don’t know what the hell to tell you, but you should know better. This whole thing you did was complete bullshit and if you’d just talked to me back then, we wouldn’t have had to go through this for literal months. And I don’t know if you’ve moved on already, I haven’t. But I’m not going to let you carry on without knowing that you are a cute fucking idiot and I am not too good for you, you’re the one who’s way too good for me and I don’t know why you fell for me of all people in the first place’’-

He’s breathless when he finishes his little speak, and as you’re standing there processing it, and he’s catching his bearings again. He suddenly pulls you in close and kisses you. Soft and gentle but still with the same passion he delivered the speech with. You both melt into it and he wraps his arms around you and tangles his fingers in your hair. Good luck telling him that you still want him to be ancient history after that.

I know it’s over.
Look, I know it’s done.
But I can’t stop thinking about that Sunday we drove to pick up your paycheck in Chesnut hill.
You just finished training for your new job but you were in a temporary store and it was closer to me.
You were just running a quick errand but you pulled aside; took me with you.
And I fell out of bed, a fresh face with sleepy eyes running to your car.
And the music was so loud
Because your music is always so loud
And we laughed and we rolled the windows down.
Remember how last October it was 70 degrees all month until exactly Halloween? 
Remember how we were happy all of March until last week?
The Windows were down and the music was loud and we were smiling.
And I don’t remember the song or how the wind felt or if my hair got messy
But God, I remember that smile.
The goofy one with all the teeth showing but closed tight to hold back your laughter.
You always try to hold back your laughter.
My hope for you in life is to laugh without holding back.
May you meet someone one day who loosens your smile and sets your laughter free.
What a beautiful place the world will become then.
I only wish I had been a part of yours a little longer.
I’ll remember you in mine.
—  You were it.

There’s so much dissonance around the boys. They’re portrayed as dicks in the press but everybody who’s met them sing praises and speak well of them. We have the fans that believe everything about them, but somehow don’t believe they’re dicks. We have the fans that question things based in years of bullshit, but are vilified for picking up what the boys put down themselves…

Can we ever get some consistency here? Can that be a thing one day? in less than 20 years preferably?

It’s really hard to move on when I try to talk to someone new and all I think about is you. I wish it was you who was talking to me and going out with me. I want you to think about me and love me. I want you back and there was never a second that I fully meant it when I said I didn’t.
—  I miss you Faded Prince

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louis did not riddle the jho music video with green&blue references, follow the only store in london that sells the rose ring harry was wearing in london a week before he showed it off at a pap walk, and post a picture harry took of him on his instagram with a b&w film camera for people to say.... that they broke up lol. the rose ring thing was literally less than a month ago. remember when steve followed harry first out of the boys and liked his rainbow picture? amazing. louis's ex. i'm sure.

Hahahah, Louis’ ex, yes! I’d never forget, exactly the same attitude of when he followed Danielle TWO weeks later because antis got mad and filled his twitter with screams!!

And you’re right, all those subtle things, I loved them! Very broken up, yes :)

It’s been six months
I still miss you

No matter how hard I try
There you are in the back of my mind
Waiting for me

The memories replay over and over
Leaving this heaviness in my chest

Why couldn’t you have just treated me right?
Why couldn’t you have kept all the promises you made?

Instead of leaving me with
empty promises
And heartache that I’ve never
felt before

It’s been six months
And it still feels like just yesterday that you left

I’m gonna take this heartbreak and tuck it away. I’ll save it for a rainy day.
—  Kenny Chesney “Save it for a Rainy Day”

man i hate reading slash and being like “well this is the straightest bullshit i’ve ever read”

especially when its angst

hiatus !

hey guys im gonna go on a little hiatus bc life is too busy nowadays and i don’t have time to do anything on tumblr anymore :( most of my posts are just queued now, and after doing life things all day everyday im exhaused and don’t have the energy to make original posts/have time for hobbies or fun things that make me happy. i just need a break :’) i’ll probably only be gone for a little under a month?(end of april-ish) idk i just need time to step back

tldr: life is draining, i’ll be gone for a month or so, queue will be running and will probably last until im back

i went to bed thinking about how jaal tells us that his father    vanished from his life.  he went to work one day and didn’t come home.  ‘  and how that might as well be a big blinking sign to the implication that jaal’s father,  somewhere,  was exalted and made into a kett  ——  and i’m sure that jaal doesn’t  linger  on the thought too much;  but i’m sure he thought of it,  and i’m sure he thinks  about  it sometimes  —  that he considers the idea,  somewhere out there,  that he might have killed his own father,  or someone in his family did,  or someone in the resistance did.   i think the thought bothers him more than the actual idea that he  did  kill his father does;   jaal is emotionally open enough that i do think he’s processed the grief of losing his father forever ago  (  he lingers more on the fact that something that happened to him happens  still  to other people than he does on his own grief;  it’s more of a footnote in his explanation of the kett resistance,  a way to emphasize its horrors to ryder  )  but i’m sure that it  bothers  him,  all the same,  on some level  –  and it makes the  HORROR  of the reality of what kett  are  all the more  REAL  to jaal.   but anyway.  good morning.