break that closet

Flip Flappers is a Love Story of a Closeted Gay Girl Trying to Break Free, Under Guise of a Magical Girl Fairy Tale!

This will have spoilers of episode 7, so be forewarned! Flip Flappers is a very outlandish, crazy, seemingly random, show that’s been compared to the likes of FLCL, Kill la Kill and even Mad Max. It’s also a magical girl show, imagine that. However, don’t let it fool you into thinking it’s inconsistent, as it’s probably the best written show of the season, but for reasons that not everyone may have caught. The Yuri themes in this show is not secret and since episode 5, it’s been suggested that this might be a show about a closeted gay girl trying to come to terms with her sexuality and break out the closet that is her mind. “Pure Illusion” is also highly theorized to be the metaphor for her mind and the chaotic state it’s in due to her confusion about herself and her adventures there are her trying to come to terms with it all and Papika is her trigger. So this theory is not my original idea, but after episode 7, I feel that it’s no longer just a theory, but the canon interpretation and this is my analysis as to why. Long post incoming, but I believe worth it.

This episode starts with Cocona and Papika confronting Dr. Salt about why they were doing this and as usual, they don’t get a good answer. They don’t want to continue, but he doesn’t give them a choice. Papika decides to accept it and keep up the work, but Cocona is still strongly opposed. Papika tries to reassure her that she’ll be there for her, so not to be scared and come with her. This sentence above will be quite important later on.

Papika reaches her hand out to Cocona, but she pulls away. She’s too scared or returning to the world of “Pure Illusion”, which again we assume is the metaphor for her confused mind and I’d assume that successfully collecting all the fragments would be the point at which she’d have finally conquered that confusion and freed herself. But let’s get back on topic for now. Cocona pulls away, refusing Papika and to continue her quest to self-acceptance.

After she does this, the science guy looks so disappointed, as though she’s failed her test and is reverting. Further suggesting this is all about her.

She then wakes up in a faux world based on her reality, but is very much out of reality. There’s no one around and it’s clear at this point, she is in “Pure Illusion” a.k.a. her mind, which also serves as her closet. However, Papika, who’s usually always with her, is nowhere to be found. Or so we thought….

Papika is there, however not as she knows her. She meets her “Imouto” Papika, who I feel represents the childish, overbearing side of Papika. Cocona tries to do what she usually does to Papika, reject her playful or overbearing nature, but she finds that it’s harder to do with this version of Papika. However in the end, she doesn’t full accept her personality or her offer to spend the night (suggesting a certain intimacy, platonic or otherwise, that Cocona’s not used to) and so the girl disappears.

Then she meets the “Bad Boy”, who I feel represents the rebellious side of Papika. He encourages Cocona to break the rules a bit and to not be so obedient to societal laws. He is in essence trying to get her to stop being so afraid to do what she wants to do just because others may not approve. Things such as admit that she’s a girl who likes other girls, which is outside the norm and highly disapproved of by her society. He’s the second attempt of Cocona’s mind to pull herself out of the closet after her “Imouto” failed, but once again, she hesitates and refuses to accept him fully and so he disappears as well.

Then she meets the “Creeper” who reminds me in a way of the MC in Watamote, but that’s an aside. Anyway, this girl represents the awkward and strange side of Papika. She startles Cocona, stopping her from opening the drawer, but then proceeds to encourage her to open it. When Cocona hesitates, she says they can do it together. Cocona opens the door and honestly what was inside was probably the most telling part of this episode.

Nail Clippers. Now, I’m not a lesbian, but even I know what nail clippers are meant to represent and what they insinuate. This is a classic trope about lesbians and Flip Flapper went there. Needless to say, I was floored, but in the best way. Cocona didn’t understand, but once they were revealed, the “Creeper” disappeared like the other, this third attempt also a failure.

Then she meets the “Free Spirit”. This likely represents Papika’s carefree and impulsive nature. This persona encourages Cocona to knock down her sand mound, clearly a metaphor for “a wall”. After Cocona does this, the girl asks her if it felt good and Cocona says it did. This i the first real sign that Cocona is making progress towards actually breaking down her walls and setting herself free. Also, if you notice, this girl didn’t disappear, but rather the scene changed. She’s gone, but less abruptly. The 4th attempt was a slight success.

Then she meets the “Delinquent”. This persona represents Papika’s reckless side and her disregard for danger. He encourages her to let her hair down and have some fun, rather than be her usual serious self. He encourages her to become a delinquent too, even if only as pretend. Again, he doesn’t disappear, the scene just changes. The fifth attempt was a slight success as well. She then spends the day with all five of these personas, effectively getting closer to them and therefore being more receptive to their influence.

Immediately after that brief montage, she meets the “Pessimist” Papika, who seems to have a negative view of herself and lacks confidence. This encourages Cocona to support her and try to get her to appreciate her self worth. Important because Cocona herself needs to learn to do this and was likely the purpose of this sixth persona. Again, the scene simply changed rather than her disappearing, which means this was also a slight success.

Then she meets the Seventh persona, the “Pretty Boy”. Now, this is a special persona, which is why it wasn’t grouped with the first six as rather than trying to encourage her for the better, he served to show her what she didn’’t want.

Of all the previous persona’s, this was the first she openly rejected and showed disinterest in. She was still a bit flustered just by way of the fact that it was in some form a part of Papika, but she still didn’t care much for her in this form. This was important because it further suggests that boys are not what she likes, but rather girl’s. Although the some of the other personas were also boys, they were not so unapologetically boyish and it was easier to see Papika behind their appearances. That’s what I interpreted this as anyway.

She then ends up in a love hotel and begins to feel disheartened as she can’t find Papika for real and is tired of all the hassle. She wonders if she should stay in that world. This is the very definition of staying in the closet and her fear of what will happen makes her feel like it’s better there. She’s reverting again and she’s running from change, which clearly terrifies her.

As though to answer her fear, the eighth  and final persona arrives, “The Seductress”. She represents Papika’s sensual side, but like the sixth, isn’t quite the same. She’s a part of Papika perhaps, but is being portrayed as a direct reflection of Cocona’s hidden desires. She desires an outlet for those feelings as well as validation that she is still deserving of love even if she changes. Even if she gives into those desires, she will still be loved by Papika no matter what. She represents the unconditional acceptance that Papika offers her.

However, she’s not sure that she loves this Papika, because it’s not the one she knows. The one who is less provocative and is easier to accept.

An important question because it makes Cocona face the fact that Papika has many sides to her, many she’s yet to fully accept, because doing so would require her to acknowledge the parts of herself she’s yet to accept.

So this persona attempts to pull it out of her once and for all. Does she love her, even though she’s a girl and isn’t the Papika she’s accustomed to.

Of course, Cocona falls back on the assumption that she must mean as a friend because the thought of it meaning anything more is still too taboo and difficult for her to accept as truth for herself.

The persona is genuinely surprised and a bit offended at this as her confession of love was clearly not as simply a friend and the fact that Cocona even has to ask that, shows she’s aware that it may mean something more.

She tries to rationalize it by defining what love is, but she can’t, because she doesn’t actually know. This is in part why she can’t understand what she really feels.

The scene switches to “The Seductress” playing her part and attempting to seduce Cocona. I think that this was Cocona’s mind trying to define what love is. In this case, it might mean physical intimacy, which again is a part of Cocona’s secret desire, but at the same time, isn’t her true desire.

Cocona makes up excuses as to why she can’t stay and has to go, because the truth is she’s not good enough. Cocona desires Papika, but not in such a cheap way. She wants more than that, she wants HER Papika. She understands that being with this persona in that way is not real love as it’s more superficial. True love is that like she has with Papika, which has a degree of purity this persona cannot give her. She successfully rejects this false love.

After this encounter, Cocona again searches for HER Papika, but cannot find her. She starts to miss her and I think this is where she begins to realize just how important Papika is to her, the first step on acknowledging her love. However, as she thinks of her, a massive sinkhole opens up and begins to suck her in. She’s falling and of course she calls out for Papika to save her. Remember that line from the start? Well, just as she promised, Papika was there to catch her when she was falling. She will always be there for her.

She says she found HER lost Cocona. Papika has never hidden the way she feels about Cocona and clearly considers her as much more than simply a friend. She’s not stuck in a closet because she’s fine with who she is, she’s accepted herself as she is. That is why she is the only one who can enter “Pure Illusion” with Cocona and the only one who can free her from it. She is meant to save Cocona from the confines of her mind and pull her out of the closet once and for all. She’s never giving up on her and is determined.

This. Cocona finally realizes that it was her all along. She thought Papika was lost and she had to find her, but in fact Cocona was the lost one. She was lost in her mind, in “Pure Illusion” and needed to be found. However, Papika couldn’t find her until she began to find herself and accept it. Her falling down into that hole was her finally starting to accept herself and therefore rendering the world unstable. She’s very close to accepting the fact that she is gay and that Papika is the girl she loves. She’s almost out of the closet, and they got another fragment as proof of her progress. Soon they will achieve their goal and I believe it’ll be at that point that Cocona will accept her true nature willingly and embrace Papika fully.

The episode ended with them returning to the real world in a field of flowers and they spend some time there, happy to be back with each other. I think you can see a change in Cocona at this point, where she’s almost at ease and at least for the moment, isn’t trying to run from her feelings. She may even at this point have come to accept that she does indeed love Papika and perhaps that is why the fragment started glowing. It’s followed by a brief memory, what it means is yet to be determined but will likely play a part in the next leg of Cocona’s journey. Now that she’s accepted her love for Papika, the final step will be coming out of that closet once and for all. I also expect that more info on the twins and Yayaka will unfold as they clearly have a role in this as well and I wouldn’t be surprised if Yayaka has some hidden feelings for Cocona too.

So yea, this was a long analysis I know, but I couldn’t help myself. This episode was probably my favorite, followed closely by 5, as they both had heavy metaphors on her apparent gayness and the most intelligent writing of any anime this season. This anime as a whole is brilliantly written and directed and I honestly can’t stop raving about it. This is the anime of the season, hands down. I look forward to seeing the rest of what this show has to offer in the coming weeks, as if these first seven were any indication, they are sure to be phenomenal. As I said, I’m not a lesbian, so I could be off base with some of my interpretations, but I love Yuri with a passion. If nothing else, that should at least show just how important this is to me and that I’m in full support. If you’re not already watching, now would be a great time to jump on the hype train.

Day Thirty-Six

-A woman dropped a large bottle of wine directly behind me, resulting in shards of green glass and puddles of strong-smelling Jesus water blocking my only way out of my register. This is a sign. This is where I must now stay.

-I met an elderly woman with a very tall and angled head, hair that stood straight up in what seemed to be a natural beehive, and earrings that hung down to her neck, looking like bolts. Today I met the bride of Frankenstein, and she was beautiful.

-A woman angrily muttered under her breath about frappuccinos before scuttling towards the Starbucks. I wish I had been able to warn the barista. I do not know how this tale ended. 

-I listened intently as a young boy told me all about the toy he was purchasing. His main point was the convenience of the built-in handle on the case. I respect his practical thinking and well-sorted priorities.

-As I took a break in the water closet, I heard two young boys in the next stall, one sent in by their mother to chaperone the younger. The Younger shouted, “Get out of here, you punk!” in a squeaky voice. The Elder did not leave. The Younger announced that they had begun to pee. The Elder, in a tone of only mild concern, advised The Younger to turn around and aim at the toilet. 

-A young boy was utterly mystified by the conveyor belt. This may have had something to do with my controlling it and letting it roll as he touched it, and stopping it when he removed his hand. This child now believes he has the Force and I am glad to have caused this.

-I was lucky enough to be an unwilling third party in an argument between a couple in their sixties over whether or not the husband will be using their new laundry hamper or leaving his clothes on the ground. I am not sure who won, but I am reasonably certain it was not me.

-A woman asked me to double bag her frozen pizzas to keep them frozen for the day before she returns home at night. I do so, but warn her that the thin, open, non-insulated bags will not do much to keep them cold. She turned to me, angrily, and shouted, “What are you, a scientist or something?!” before removing the extra bags and leaving in silence.

-I watched as a small child, at most three years old, waddled around in strange clothes. It turned. I realized what was so off-putting. While definitively a toddler, the young girl had a wrinkled face, sunken eyes, and a pantsuit. I do not know what business matters this young one had to attend to, but I fear they did not go well.

-A young brother and sister duo played a marvelous drum piece together. They had surprising rhythm for their ages and seemed to play together with a shocking amount of harmony and synchronization. I could have listened to this for hours, were it not for the fact that they were banging on my register and my station was at the epicenter of all of the echoes.

To be honest, if I had the ability to stop time, I would probably just go to all my favorite restaurants and eat all my favorite dishes for free. I would also make a trip to the white house and put saran wrap on Trump’s toilet. I have so many plans. So many. I’ve honestly been daydreaming about being able to stop time since I was like 10

>be home
>3 AM
>hear glass shattering
>“oh fuck someone is breaking in”
>run to closet in my boxers
>throw on my sky blue coat
>slip on sky blue pants
>lace up boots
>grab my Adrian helmet
>load up my Berthier Carbine with a five round clip
>holster my Ruby pistol
>ready to party
>blast ‘La Marseillaise’ through the house
>walk out of bedroom
>move through the house
>spot the fuckers
>stealing my TV
>probably Huns
>Yell “Pour la République! Viva la France!”
>the two already confused robbers put the tv down, spotting me
>drop to one knee, taking aim
>blow a hole in the first wannabe thief with a 8mm Lebel round
>other dude freaks the fuck out
>stand up, affix bayonet
>scream like a mad man running through no-man’s land
>other guy is frozen in fear, the French national anthem still playing
>bayonet the fucker
>Napoleon would be proud by these amazing bayonet skills
>finish him off with my Ruby
>walk to kitchen
>eat hardtack breakfast
>reminisce about my girl back home
>I are home
>today was a good day


If nothing else I just wanted Penguin and Ed to be best friends, you know? Obviously they would part ways to pursue their own villainous paths, eventually, but they would still meet up for drinks to prank call batman or exchange ideas to take over Gotham.
Penguin would say “Imagine this, a whole army of actual penguins.”
And Ed would tell him, “That is literally the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard….Do it.”
And when they got old they would be put in the same nursing home together and they would have wheelchair races in the halls and break into the supply closet and steal all the gauze so they could wrap up that one guy they didn’t like down the hall like a mummy.
And they would just terrorize the nurses in general so that one nurse would say “It was that Cobblepot and Nygma guy again” and all the other nurses would groan.

I just wanted them to be best friends OK!!!!!!

  • Finland always sleeps on road trips. Doesn’t matter if he’s the driver or not, if that man feels like he needs to sleep, he sleeps.
  • Spain never understood rickrolling. 
  • Switzerland’s sex noises sound like high pitched yodeling. 
  • Iceland either wakes up at 5 am and commences a long hike in nature or literally turns into a hissing spawn of Lucifer if you attempt to stir him before 12 pm. There is no in-between. 
  • France and Romano: Super Sweet To Lady Tourists Duo. 
  • Sweden looks up romantic advice on Yahoo!Answers. 
  • Lukas cast a spell that caused Romania to sparkle continuously, much to the other’s annoyance. 
  • America has starred in more than a few action movies. He is notorious on set to goof around and end up breaking multiple props. 
  • Sweden is closeted pop music trash. 
  • Denmark is the master at cheering people up, due to his tendency to value other’s feelings over his own. With just a sweet grin and a heartfelt hug, he can pick you up from your worst day and make it a positive memory. 
  • Norway likes aquariums. 

Idk these are pretty bad but still

Not sure if this has been done before but please consider:

HSS characters in their awkward phases growing up

Payton was a horse girl (you know the ones) in elementary school

Ezra and Autumn having a seventh grade emo/scene phase (neither of them speak of it, but Ezra is still a die-hard MCR fan don’t bring up the break up)

Mia was a closet Buffy fan girl and Sarah Michelle Gellar led her to question and explore her sexuality

Wes refuses to accept that he was a Spice Girls fan in middle school

Julian and Nishan just had bad haircut after bad haircut growing up (they both had bowl cuts in third grade)

Sakura and Ace only wore princess gowns for the first five years of their lives

and then there’s Koh who swears she was always bad ass

until they find pictures of her when she was obsessed with Sailor Moon in fourth grade and they’re glorious

Send me a pairing and I’ll tell you...
  • who puts pizza bagels and captain crunch in the shopping cart
  • who forgot the rule about putting foil in the microwave and subsequently caused a small fire
  • who sleeps naked
  • who sleeps under 3 blankets
  • who has a huge crush on Billy Joel
  • who gets drunk and breaks shit
  • who’s a closeted anime fan
  • who initiates sex at inappropriate times/places
  • who’s afraid of Slenderman
  • what their wedding song will be
  • what their biggest fight was about
  • why they work together

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make out session w/ Jyugo pls

Jyugo wasn’t complaining. Was he embarrassed? Yes. But he wasn’t complaining, not when his s/o was straddling his lap and leaving hickies on his neck.

… Speaking of hickies, how was he going to explain them to his cellmates? Oh god, to Hajime. Thinking of the guard only made him feel a fist to his gut so he directed his attention back to their teeth nibbling on the junction of his shoulder. And holy hell did it feel good, he even had to bite back a moan. Especially since they were in the break room closet and anyone could’ve walked in at any given moment.

To be honest the idea of being caught aroused him, but they only had enough time for a quick makeout session. And it was getting harder for him to control himself with the way his s/o sneaked their hands up his open jumper, the only thing he could do was whimper and hold on to their hips as they grinded against him lightly. He let out a whine when they pulled away from his shoulder and smirked down at him. “What’s wrong Jyu? You usually keep your composure.” Jyugo grit his teeth, lacing his fingers into the hair at the base of their neck before pulling them into a heated kiss.

They took control quickly, making sure that Jyugo kept his promise of letting them take the lead and dominate him for the day. Their tongues dance against one another, both letting out needy whines as their hands ran along their bodies.

It wasn’t until the door creaked open where they froze, peeking from the small opening they left for that specific reason. Oh God, it was Yamato.

Now would’ve been a good time to stop and wait for an opening to get out, but his s/o had other ideas. They ran their lips down his jaw and to his neck again, biting and licking the sensitive flesh as he clasped both his hands on his mouth in an attempt to keep quiet. He closed his eyes tightly, trying to imagine Hajime’s face or anything else that might freak him out and have him keep his voice down.

His s/o tweaked his nipples between their fingers and he had to look open his eyes to glare at them, but his flushed face and flustered look only made them grin.

They could hear Yamato talking to himself about his workout routine for the day, slowly inching close enough to hear the sucking sounds his s/o was purposely making as they kissed his ear.

When the alarm sounded, Jyugo let out the air he didn’t even know he was holding in. Though he was a little disappointed their time together was cut short, at least they didn’t get caught.

…. Not by Yamato at least.

Hajime sprinted after him once they made it out of the break room, yelling about how his stomach pains were getting worse because of their shenanigans. Jyugo couldn’t help but let out a nervous laugh as his s/o pulled him down the hallway. “Next time, we’re going on the roof.”

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Did you break in to my closet just to steal my sweater?  Mike could have sworn he hung that up, but it didn’t matter much now. It was on the shorter boy now, and he thought it suited Will better. The sleeves going over the others hands made him just want to hold them even more. “ It’s practically eating you, so I can tell it’s comfy. 

Marco trapped in the closet

In “My New Wand!” episode, As Star struggles to free Marco from the closet, Glossaryck appears. Marco asks him how to break free from the closet, and Glossaryck gives him a vague clue about “finding Star’s secret”. While Marco searches for Star’s “secret” in her belongings, Glossaryck tells Star to open the closet with magic.