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Hi there, i don't know if you're still doing song prompts for Supercorp or not but if you are can i suggest the song Perfectly Perfect by Simple Plan please?

i am always taking song + AU prompts omg thank you! sorry for the wait btw!

This week’s biggest headline reads “10 Surprising Things You Don’t Know About Kara Danvers,” and if that isn’t the biggest irony in the world Kara doesn’t know what is.

Lena buys the magazine that runs the story like the asshole she is. She has it resting on the mantel when Kara comes home, tumbling in so exhausted she almost misses it altogether.

“Lena,” Kara huffs when she spots it, shoving the offending magazine into her pocket as she makes her way into the living room. “What’s this?”

Lena looks up from the book she’s intently reading, eyes crinkling in amusement. “Your latest interview, duh,” she says. “It’s a pretty good one.”

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Lazy universe

Just a few random thoughts about BBC Sherlock, inspired by my sometimes slightly absurd real life (it got a little long, so please bear with me…)

Last week I took a plane to Dusseldorf, Germany (to attend a meeting for my work). On my way there, it was easy to dose off, but in the beginning, when the stewardess started the routine safety demonstration, I was still alert. And when she got to the oxygen mask, I couldn’t help smiling, thinking about this scene from TFP:

As I’ve tried to say before (and also more eloquently expressed in this meta by @sagestreet), I believe this is us, the audience. It’s difficult to pay attention as long as we’re being deliberately sedated with the usual, heteronormative ’warm paste’ stuff, in an environment short of oxygen…

On my way back, there was – as usual nowadays - a rigorous security control of all the passengers at Dusseldorf’s airport; they carefully x-rayed all the passengers’ belongings and made us step into a machine that scanned our whole bodies. It’s a bit messy perhaps, but I guess we have to be patient, considering how frequent terrorist attacks have become here in Europe and elsewhere. But it wasn’t until later that I remembered this from ASiB:

According to John’s blog, not only the plane, but also his blog crashed after this incident, due to all the comments:

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171022 -Educational Psychology- 13:16

I have a lot of work to do but I can’t get started, the weather is so nice today~
I feel a little bit bad because I’ve been lazy all morning (all weekend actually) but it also feels so good to lay around not doing much. But it’s okay, sometimes a break is necessary because life isn’t about being stressed, right?

Music: Through the night by IU (it is sooo beautiful)

I’m a writer, I whisper to myself as I struggle to add 51 new words to the fic I’ve been whittling together for months like Frankenstein’s decaying prose monster.

tikki and plagg are such tired creatures. they gotta put up with so much crap. shhh, let them sleep

something i doodled before my power inevitably goes out due to hurricane irma. this post was scheduled, so if im absent for about a week besides my queue…you know why. :’D good luck and be safe to everyone in the hurricane’s path!

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