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Let's talk Philip's cute af smile

I went back and binged Eyewitness in honor of tonight’s episode and I noticed something; every time Philip smiles, everyone around him smiles too. It took me a few times to notice it, but no matter who he’s with, when he smiles, they smile too. Philip’s smile is literally contagious.

This sweet, precious boy is from the projects of New York City with a hard past that we don’t know everything about. This boy, much like Lukas, is broken and hurting, but it seems that every time he smiles, he heals just a little bit. His smile is real. It’s easy to tell a fake smile from a real smile in such a broken character and when his cute, precious, adorable and real smile crosses his lips, everyone smiles too.

The idea of this broken boy being so genuinely happy that he can’t help but smile and making other people smile makes me smile.

When he tells his mom about Lukas, he has this small smile and his mom lights up.

Philip tells Helen and Gabe he’s gay and Helen asked if he had a boyfriend and he got all shy and bashful with his goofy happy grin, she smiles brightly too.

And when he’s around Lukas…. dear God don’t get me started. There are many times when Lukas smiles because Philip smiles but what made me notice his smile was contagious was the barn scene from last episode. The moment when Lukas says he doesn’t want a girlfriend and Philip’s grin slowly makes its way onto his face, you can see Lukas starting to grin right back. Why that made me think of this and not the others, I don’t know, but it did.

Philip’s smile is so damn cute and real that it makes everyone else smile and it’s the best thing about this show. His smile makes me smile because knowing that this boy is smiling out of genuine happiness and he’s so overwhelmed with joy that he can’t fight the smile is the cutest damn thought I’ve ever had about this show and it’s great and his smile deserves an award.

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