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So today I told my parents that I wanted to double major in ecology and cosmology when I go to college in a couple of years. You know what they did? They laughed. They then told me to choose a career that was best suited for people like me. Like hairdresser, secretary, or waitress. Excuse me? I obviously knew that “people like me” equaled girls. Even though I am not the star student or straight A whiz kid, but don’t you DARE tell me what I can and can’t do in my life. I love science, apparently that’s a crime. A “boy thing”. Not. Even. Close. Girls can be mathmaticians, scientists, lawyers, anything, just as much as a boy can do, possibly even better. So to any of those girls that are facing this kind of prejudice, it’s your life. Don’t listen to whoever’s telling you it’s “for the boys”. Break the fucking norm. Win the Nobel Prize. Be the next Marie Curie. I bet when they see your success, they’ll regret what they said. That means you did it right.


THEORY - Did Blendin Blandin break Stanford’s science project?

So I’m rewatching the episode right?

Most people already noticed “Blendin was here” written on wood

But what I’m not seeing being pointed as much is that when Stanley breaks Stanford’s science project he clearly screws in the ventilation. 

But when Stanford presents it the next day, the ventilation is off again.

It seems as if a certain time traveler is afoot, we know he’s not out of the picture yet because he was around in Gideon Rises (but from his point of view that takes place after Blendin’s Game) 

Everything in this show seems to happen for a reason, maybe apart of the Bill Cipher prophecy? Blendin may have helped Gideon being sent to jail in a way we have yet to see. One thing’s for sure, I do think Blendin sabotaged Stanford’s project and once they find out the truth, it’ll help heal the two brother’s relationship.

Breaking News: NASA Just Announced the Discovery of a ‘Second Earth’

NASA just discovered the first truly Earth-like planet! Meet Kepler 452b…

Today (July 23, 2015), NASA announced the discovery of the first truly Earth-like planet. This find comes thanks to thanks to the Kepler Space Telescope, which was launched in March of 2009 and has been planet hunting for the last 5 years. “It is the first terrestrial planet in the habitable zone around a star very similar to the Sun,” says Douglas Caldwell, an astronomer at the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California.

Kepler 452 is a sun-like star that wanders through the cosmos 1,400 light-years from Earth. It has the same surface temperature as our sun and nearly the exact same energy output. Ultimately, both the sun and Kepler 452 are G type yellow dwarfs. This means that Kepler 452’s habitability zone (the area surrounding a star in which liquid water could theoretically exist) is nearly identical to the sun’s.

And, here’s the interesting bit, in this zone, there is a planet that orbits in a path that is nearly identical to Earth's—it falls in almost the exact same place as Earth does in our own solar system.

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