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Why Delphine is Alive

Okay so I realize there’s been quite a bit of negativity surrounding the subject of “Delphine’s death”, but I’m going to Break this down barney style for you and we’ll see if you stick to the same opinion.

Full disclosure:  I’m a die hard Cophine shipper but I love me some Ksenia as Shay, its fucking amazing and I’d love to see more of her!

But there is SOMETHING up with her. No one is exactly who they seem. And there are inconsistencies in her stories. And her name is literally SHAY.D! (anyway the file that Delphine got on her states she has two sisters when she told Cosima that she had brothers).


MOTIFS: You may have noticed that Delphine puts her purse down, just as Beth does before her death. Now many would say this points to her being dead HOWEVER:

Beth Took her heels off

Delphine did not! As a film maker this is a very blatant move! This is telling you “Yes shes in danger, perhaps even on deaths door but not completely dead.” The fact that Delphine doesn’t do exactly what Beth does in the obvious reference to the first episode lends credence to her being alive. You may say “Well she didn’t have time to take off her shoes and coat!” That begs the question then: Why do it at all if not to make the point that shes not dead?

DIALOGUE, PLOT, AND COSIMA’S NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE: The writers laid it on THICK this season that Cosima and Delphine are each other’s “Pit of the soul can’t live without it love”! They invested in this character and the relationship’s portrayal as a complicated love story. It’s not perfect but then; what relationship is? What matters is that they love one another. But Cosima felt adrift this season after she starts questioning if there’s more to death than what science would suggest and she feels this distances her from Delphine. Delphine having her own near death experience would bring them together and give the characters a catalyst for their happily ever after. After all the dialouge and plot they’ve set up this season I HIGHLY doubt that they don’t plan to bring Delphine back as soon as possible. The writers obviously love the character and the journey they seem to have planned for Cosima could be accomplished with the KNOWLEDGE of Delphine’s death, not the fact of.

WRITERS AND PRODUCERS SAYING SHES DEAD: They’ve lied to us before to keep from spoiling the show, Surprise! They do what good writers do! After Helena’s “Death” they told us she’d died but as you can see shes perfectly okay. And Even Tatmas once said they hadn’t done a trans clone, when we all know they had. Which brings me to Helena!

HELENA’S “DEATH”: What she endured is FAR more lethal than Delphine’s shooting. And she got up and walked away. (I wont make the case for Rachel because when I saw that I was under no illusion that she had died from that) The moral of the story is that Duck Tape fixes everything!

she GOT  to a hospital with a collapsed lung and a crap ton of bleeding. REAL LIFE SHE WOULD BE DEAD! But aren’t we happy shes not?

DELPHINE’S SHOOTER: A lot of people have pointed towards Shay Because this was someone she knew who she thought  would also know Cosima’s fate. I don’t think for a second that it was Shay. She was military and I don’t care how bad of a shot you are, American military would not let you get away being that fucking bad at hitting a still target.

They knew where Delphine would be, where she’d park and what she drove. This person had resources and power. They also knew DYAD. There is only one person who fits this description and has also become mysteriously absent.

MARION BOWLES!  Not only did she not have a single problem with Leekie’s death she was ready to kill him! This lady has had her fingers in everyone’s pie and has remained under the radar. She’d be the kind of person to royally screw up a shooting. ON TOP of that she could have neolution connections and her daughter/clone just mysteriously pops up without her. Coincidence? I think not!

DELPHINES WOUND: Totally survivable! The bullet went through and Through which is good because then there’s no question as to whether or not the bullet stuck around in there to do more damage.

Notice the bullet lodged in the trunk. Now you may also notice the copious amounts of blood! Where she was shot was right where the Liver and Gallbladder sit. The Liver is a highly vascular organ hence all the blood!  And You can live without your gallbladder.

It also happens to be the only organ that regrows! So if you’re going to chose a place to take a bullet in the midsection this would be it!

Her Kidney MAY have been hit but not likely. If the bullet made any contact it’d be grazing. The kidneys have a tissue surrounding them for protection called the Renal Fascia, so the bullet grazing may not have done any damage at all if it even came anywhere near there.

lastly, the ribs! IF it hit her ribs, it would’ve hit the costal cartilage, which heals very well!

DAMAGE REPORT: Delphine would need medical attention and surgery but her biggest problems with this injury would be the risk of Infection and Bleeding. She’d bleed out before anything else took her and that’s if she just sat there and let it happen. Totally Survivable!!!!! Not to mention she was awake and breathing when we last saw her.

anonymous asked:

It's amazing how you can support war and "warrior culture" and then make a post about how too many veterans take their own lives. You don't seem to understand the reason they commit suicide is because they killed people or had to witness people dying

First off,

I can without hesitation or hypocrisy support Warrior Culture, AND War, while simultaneously morning my brothers and sisters in arms. The concept of higher thought and multitasking may be beyond you my dear, sweet, and butt hurt anon but they are facets of my every day life. 

As for supporting War AND Warrior Culture, yes

And I understand veteran suicide better than most, I would be a statistic myself if it hadn’t been for some timely, and somewhat divinely inspired intervention. Let me break it down for you barney style since cognitive and rational discourse do not seem to be your style my greyfaced friend. 

Myself and most veterans are proud of our service and all of the family that we made within the fraternity of arms, each and every service member who dies is a brother and sister and I morn for them. War and the Modern Warrior Culture of the UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS gave me purpose, and in understanding Ancient Warrior Culture history we avoid repeating the negative portions.

People like you do not understand, you do not listen, you do not even pretend to, you do not care about us. If you did you’d be doing something about suicide awareness instead of attacking veterans for doing something about suicide awareness. So I wont be going into greater depth, it would be wasted on you, besides

For all those veterans who are in need