break it down barney style

anonymous asked:

It's amazing how you can support war and "warrior culture" and then make a post about how too many veterans take their own lives. You don't seem to understand the reason they commit suicide is because they killed people or had to witness people dying

First off,

I can without hesitation or hypocrisy support Warrior Culture, AND War, while simultaneously morning my brothers and sisters in arms. The concept of higher thought and multitasking may be beyond you my dear, sweet, and butt hurt anon but they are facets of my every day life. 

As for supporting War AND Warrior Culture, yes

And I understand veteran suicide better than most, I would be a statistic myself if it hadn’t been for some timely, and somewhat divinely inspired intervention. Let me break it down for you barney style since cognitive and rational discourse do not seem to be your style my greyfaced friend. 

Myself and most veterans are proud of our service and all of the family that we made within the fraternity of arms, each and every service member who dies is a brother and sister and I morn for them. War and the Modern Warrior Culture of the UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS gave me purpose, and in understanding Ancient Warrior Culture history we avoid repeating the negative portions.

People like you do not understand, you do not listen, you do not even pretend to, you do not care about us. If you did you’d be doing something about suicide awareness instead of attacking veterans for doing something about suicide awareness. So I wont be going into greater depth, it would be wasted on you, besides

For all those veterans who are in need