break ipod

I honestly unironically love Linkin Park and have been listening to songs from Hybrid Theory, Meteora, and Reanimation on a daily basis for over a decade…and its like…really fucking hard to listen to this shit now ngl. Like its the edgy Genre of music, i know, but i also connected with all of the old music they produced…the pain and helplessness felt rlly genuine and im so sad that it actually was

But I’m over here planning the wedding for them, like:

  • Are we having a fish supper? or a buffet spread of mini grilled cheese nibbles, onion rings and lasagna bites?
  • Are we gonna get all regal with an orchestra? Or is Henry gonna break out his ipod? (no Yazz, Henry)
  • Are we having balloons or flowers or both?
  • Will there be a hot chocolate fountain with little mugs that have cinnamon stick in them?
  • Will there be an open bar for rum and champagne?
  • Are we gonna have a mix of red and gold colouring? Or will they go ocean blue or something?
  • Do they want confetti or rice thrown as they walk out? Or is Snow going to have a chat with the dove she saved in S1 and get his homies to do her a solid?
  • Are the dwarves invited? Are they under a specific set of rules if they attend?
  • Can Archie not perform the ceremony?


Hazel and Piper

Thank you so much to all the people who like and reblogged my last post! There were so many more responses then I could have hoped for and it made me so happy to see you all like it! Thank you! I hope you enjoy this next one also! You’re all the best!

- As a thank you for teaching her to sword fight, Piper takes it upon herself to introduce Hazel to all of the best movies and music.

- This leads to insanely long movie marathons, and an ipod filled with Piper’s favorite music. (And a crash course on how to use the ipod without breaking it.)

- Turns out that Hazel loves all the music Piper does and they have constant jam sessions.

- They have an uncanny talent of having the same songs stuck in their head at the same time.

- Piper is obsessed with Hazel’s artwork.

- One of Piper’s favorite forms of entertainment is watching Hazel beat the crap out of anyone who underestimates her because she’s “so small and innocent”.

- They have so many pictures together. Like, SO MANY. If you let those two girls near a camera, the storage will be full before you can blink.

- They take all types of pictures: artsy, cute, selfies, scenery, funny, and stalkerish pictures of the other people they are with.

- They never say it, but they both know that Hazel loves how easy it is to capture precious memories before they are gone, and Piper loves the proof that her life is okay and she has people who love her in her life.

- Hazel tells Piper about how its always been a dream of hers to see the world (you know, as a tourist, not a warrior going to defeat mother nature) so, Piper gets some money from her dad, and for Hazel’s birthday/Christmas, she surprises her with plans for a two week long trip around America.

- Hazel starts crying when Piper tells her, (Hazel almost never cries) and gives Piper the biggest hug.

- “I know its not the whole world, but its a start right?” “Shut up, it’s so great, thank you!”

- When they get back, (with their 5000 pictures) Hazel makes Piper a scrapbook commemorating the trip. She includes five full color drawings of her favorite places. Piper loves it.

- They both have mutual obsessions with each others hair. They spend hours finding cool new hairstyles and trying them. The rest of the Seven consider holding an intervention.

- Hazel is almost always the first person Piper goes to for advice because she trusts her and hey, being dead for seventy years really makes a person wise.

- Piper makes a resolution to convince Hazel to help her with her pranks, and, to Piper’s immense shock, she immediately agrees and has better ideas then Piper.


- Anyone who met them would assume that they saw each other in person every single day because of how close they are. No one would ever think that they lived across the country from each other.

- To be fair, they do iris message every day. Piper once said, “Its a day wasted if I haven’t talked to Hazel.”

They have both admitted on completely separate occasions that they one hundred percent consider each other family.

Oh no, Camila!
  • Camila: Hey, love, I need your help *Tries to catch Lauren's attention*
  • Lauren: *Ignores her*
  • Camila: LauLau, I'm talking to you.
  • Lauren: *Still ignores her*
  • Camila: Okay *Throw kitchen gloves somewhere in the room*
  • Camila: Sorry for have give away your teddy.
  • Lauren: Wha- *Take off her headphones*
  • Camila: And break your iPod... *Looks down*
  • Lauren: Wait wha-
  • Camila: Wait...You didn't know?
  • Lauren: *Walks away*
  • Camila: Crap!
  • Camila: I was lucky not to mention that crashed car...
  • Lauren from the garage: CAMILAAAAAA!!
18 Things I Learned Before 18

I. If it can’t be solved by books, coffee, chocolate, or sleep- it’s a serious problem.
II. A kiss means much more than a blow job more often than not.
III. Crying will cause you to look like hell, which will just make you cry more.
IV. Phones break. iPods crack. Clothes rip. They’re all replaceable. What isn’t replaceable is the one thing you seem unconcerned with taking care of- yourself. Take care of yourself. Love yourself.
V. People change. Including yourself. Be prepared.
VI. Acting better than other people will do nothing but make you worse than them.
VII. Sleeping 16 hours in one sitting is completely acceptable once in a while.
VIII. No matter how few people you know, you will make friends- whether it be for one night, one week, one semester, or one life is unknown, but you will make friends.
IX. Yes, the mix drinks were fruity. No that does not mean your breath smells fruity. It smells like cheap liquor. Brush your teeth. You’ll thank yourself the next day.
X. Mascara is to be replaced every 6 months. Toothbrushes are to be replaced every 3 months. Contacts are to be replaced very 6 weeks. Bad friends are to be replaced as soon as you realize they’re bad.
XI. Always carry a pair of jumper cables, several water bottles, snacks, and tissues in your car. You never know where you’ll break down or who will start crying.
XII. Offer people rides home. They will owe you money, loyalty, friendship, and their souls.
XIII. Recommend books you liked to everybody. Recommend books you loved to special people. Discuss books you loved with the specialist people.
XIV. It’s okay to go to the store in pajama pants sometimes. Everybody knows where you’re coming from- we’ve all been there.
XV. Your music taste is great. It’s better than anybody else’s because it’s uniquely yours. But don’t insult anybody else’s. They think theirs is better than anybody else’s too. Let them think that, even if you are right.
XVI. Like what you like without shame.
XVII. Express yourself. Whatever it is that helps you express yourself, do it. Do it often and do it until you’re good at it. Do it until you feel comfortable sharing it. Then share it. As long as you’re being honest and pure, you will get feedback that shocks you in the best way.
XVIII. Trust yourself. You are always right. You are not always correct. You will make bad judgments. Your mistakes will be atrocious. You will regret things. But you are always right. Do not doubt yourself. Trust yourself.