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Chuck and Penelope like to play a lot of fun bitey games with each other! This is a good time for them, but it can be startling to a silly human like myself. How does one tell between fun bitey game time and actual aggression between dogs?

I’m not an expert aaaaaat aaaall – but some big clues that it’s play vs. something more intense: 

  • loose, floppy body language (which is possible even when it’s rough and there’s bared teeth and growling, giving kind of a “HAHA AM MEAN DOG IS JOKE ONLY” feeling to the whole thing)
  • taking turns initiating
  • taking breaks, backing off in response to each other’s calming signals
  • taking turns in different roles (e.g. chaser vs. the one being chased, being pinned vs. doing the pinning)

Some good videos on the spectrum of appropriate dog play:

I think it’s easier to see the difference once you’ve seen examples of play going over the line. This channel has good examples to learn from:

The Facebook group Observation Skills for Training Dogs is a great place to learn too!

The Institute has never been a home for Alec.

He’s been born into it, the cold cathedral walls of order and humility, the black and white reality. His childhood has been a soldier’s stance, his mother’s sharp tongue and discipline still ingrained into him to this very day. Between the blue-tinted corridors and occasional trips to Idris, his whole life has played out without his input, because the eldest child wears the heavy crown of responsibility.

His life has been endless hours of studies and twice as much time spent training, until breathing burned his lungs and his knuckles turned into a kaleidoscope of bruises beneath the shattered light in the colors of the stained glass windows. His childhood was never truly his own, instead it belonged to his parents, stern-faced and cutting cold, because ‘mistake’ was not a word he was allowed to speak.

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cass only worried about them breaking stuff in dean’s kitchen and not caring about lucifer beating up crowley.

You Made a List?

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 705

Warnings: just pure fluff

Summary: Bucky finds a list you made.

A/N: I saw this post last night and thought how cute would be if Bucky found this list you made and it made my heart all fluttery.

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So like, this isn’t a sexy post but as some of you may (most likely not) know I made this blog more for body positivity, and learning to love myself. This blog has brought me a long way as far as helping me build confidence and feel better about myself. But I’ve also lost 20lbs since creating it so that helps even more. I am No where near where I want to be; but I’m making strides. Tonight I break another barrier and post a full body selfie. I’ve never taken one I was happy with and I’m not exactly happy with these either but I’m being brave and Breaking My Barriers

Little By Little | Pt. 5 [Final]

▷ Jungkook Angst

 “Sometimes friendship takes over the place of love and then love has no place left..”

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 [Sequel]

When you heard the knock on the classroom door, your head snapped up from your phone and your eyes opened widely. ‘He really lost his mind!’ was the only thought you could think of.

You watched how Jungkook bowed to your teacher and smiled nicely at him. “I’m sorry to interrupt your lesson, Mr. Choi, but I have to take Y/N.”

Ducking your head out of embarrassment, you started cursing to Jungkook inwardly. You could already hear the whispers of your classmates.

Your teacher glanced at you for a second and looked back to Jungkook, already getting annoyed because of the interruption. “The break starts in 15 minutes, you can see her then. Please get out.”

“I’m sorry but I can’t wait that long.”

Jungkook walked toward your table and started closing your book and packing your bag. “Hurry up, Y/N, we need to go.”

Not moving, you glared at him and hissed. “Jungkook, what are you doing?!”

Locking his eyes with yours, he whispered back. “We need to go, Y/N. Now.”

“Jungkook, I’m in the middle of class! Are you crazy?!”

Closing his eyes, Jungkook took a deep breath and hissed with his low voice. “If you don’t get up now, I’ll throw you on my back.”


Before you could say the next words, Jungkook reached out for you and threw you on his back, ignoring your punches on his back and your threats along with the whistles of your classmates and the glares of his ex girlfriend.

When you arrived at the front yard of your school, Jungkook placed you down and handed you your bag. The minute you were on your feet, your started punching his body. “You’re crazy! You’ve really lost your mind! That was so embarrassing!”

Grabbing your wrist, Jungkook stopped you before you could hurt yourself. “Shh, calm down. Let’s sit down and talk.”

Yanking your hands out of his grip, you crossed your arms in front of your chest. “I don’t want to sit down. Say what you want to say and let me go.”

“Y/N, please stop being so cold to me. It’s already hard for me to talk to you about this.”

“Jungkook, I’m not forcing you to do anything and I really don’t want to talk right now.”

“Okay, then you can listen.”

“I don’t want to listen to you either, Jungkook.” Turning around, you started walking away from as fast as you could.

Jungkoon, on the other hand, grabbed your arm immediately and turned you back to his body, anger already floating around in his whole system. “Look, I feel strange things because of you, okay?! I don’t know if those feelings are love or not! But I don’t want to lose you, Y/N!”

Shoving him away from you, you started shouting too. “You’re doing the same thing again, Jungkook! You’re only thinking about yourself! Can you please once think about my feelings too? I told you that I needed some time!”

“I gave you time, Y/N! But the only thing you did was ignoring me!”

“Jungkook you’re still carrying her necklace with you! How am I supposed to believe you?!”

You watched how Jungkook reached for his pocket and took the necklace out. “Is this the only problem, Y/N? Here!”

When you saw that Jungkook threw the necklace away, your eyes opened widely. “J-Jungkook, why did you do that?!”

Slowly, Jungkook reached out for your face and leaned his forehead against yours. “Y/N, I mean it when I say that I like you. The necklace had no meaning for me. The only thing I want is you..”

Hesitantly, you placed your hands on top of his hands. “Jungkook, you’re not in love with me..”

“Then make me fall in love with you, Y/N. Little by little..”

“Little by little..”

The 4th Episode: A Complete Johnlock Fix-It

The screen is black.  A woman’s voice cuts through.  It’s Molly’s voice.

“Forward? Or Backward?”

A blinding white light floods the darkness.  A pulsating heartbeat. 

“Backward,” sighs Sherlock.

White noise stings as scenes are replayed backward. Sherlock and John running backward.  John’s fist recoiling from Sherlock in the morgue.  The christening, backward. The birth, backward.  The plane glides into the air, tail first. Magnussen’s limp body jolts into standing position, Sherlock puts the gun back in John’s pocket. The flashdrive jumps from the fire, into John’s hand.  The gun drops, the coin falls back into Mary’s fingers. Sherlock raises from Magnussen’s floor, the blood-stained shirt turns freshly white. Mary stands across from Sherlock, gun drawn.

Roll Title Credits.

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[all] quirks my muse habitually has.

Writers, bold all of your character’s regular truths.

1. Smoking: the action or habit of inhaling and exhaling the smoke of tobacco or a drug.
2. Binge drinking: the consumption of an excessive amount of alcohol in a short period of time.
3. Drug abuse: the habitual taking of illegal drugs.
4. Nail biting: a common body language sign of anxiety/tension.
5. Lip biting: a common body language sign of anxiety/tension.
6. Night Owl: a person who is habitually active or wakeful at night.
7. Early bird: a person who rises, arrives, or acts before the usual or expected time.
8. Negative attitudes: a philosophy of approaching life with criticism and pessimism.
9. Positive attitudes: a philosophy of approaching life with optimism and confidence.
10. Swearing: the use of offensive language.
11. Superstitious: an irrational belief that an object, action, or circumstance not logically related to a course of events influences its outcome.
12. Inspecting fingernails: a common body language sign of boredom.
13. Scratching your neck: a common body language sign of uncertainty.
14. Foot and finger tapping: a common body language sign of stress/impatience.
15. Nose touch: a subtle body language sign of deceit.
16. Flipping hair: a common body language sign of craving attention.
17. Twirling hair: a common body language sign of flirtation.
18. Cracking knuckles: a common body language sign of readiness.
19. Hands behind back: a common body language sign of confidence.
20. Finger pointing: a common body language sign of authority.
21. Hands on hips: a common body language sign of readiness.
22: Hands in pockets: a common body language sign of mistrust/reluctance.
23. Frequent touch: a common body language sign of warmth/familiarity.
24. Throat-clearing: a common body language sign of rejection/doubt.
25: Jaw-clenching: a common body language sign of hostility.
26: Eye-rolling: a common body language sign of irritation.
27: Head-tilt: a common body language sign of interest.
28. Whistling: to emit high-pitched sound by forcing breath through a small hole between one’s lips or teeth; usually to a tune.
29. Humming: make a low, steady continuous sound like that of a bee; usually to a tune.
30. Perfectionism: refusal to accept any standard short of perfection.
31. Photographic memory: the ability to remember information or visual images in great detail.
32. Paranoia: a mental condition characterized by delusions of persecution, unwarranted jealousy, or exaggerated self-importance, typically worked into an organized system.
33. Exaggeration: a statement that represents something as better or worse than it really is.
34: Intuitive: using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning; instinctive.
35: Quick-witted: showing or characterized by an ability to think or respond quickly and effectively.
36: Interrupting: breaking the continuity of a conversation with one’s own statements.
37: Doodling: to scribble or make rough drawings, absent-mindedly.
38: Irritable: having or showing a tendency to be easily annoyed.
39: Gambling: to play games of chance for money; bet.
40: Travel-sick: suffering from nausea caused by the motion of a moving vehicle, boat, or aircraft.
41: Sensitive: having or displaying a quick and delicate appreciation of others’ feelings.
42: Melancholy: a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause.
43: Chewing gum: the exercise of chewing flavoured gum which is not intended for swallowing.
44: Fidgeting: to make small movements, especially of the hands and feet, through nervousness or impatience.
45: Sceptical: not easily convinced; having doubts or reservations.
46: Neat-freak: compulsively obsessed with cleanliness.
47: Gossiping: divulging personal information about others.
48: Prim: feeling or showing disapproval of anything regarded as improper; stiffly correct.
49: Abbreviating: Giving others nicknames/shortening names/giving pet names.
50: Having a catchphrase: having a sentence or phrase typically associated with a specific person.

Writing is Hard, Part 3: Phone Sex

Summary: You and Dean try something in order to write about it.

Read Part 1 Part 2

Warning: Smut, dirty talk

Word Count: 3000ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. Hope you enjoy! XOXO

“How many are we up to now?”

The phone rests warm between your ear and shoulder as you glance down at the screen. “Almost four hundred followers,” you tell him. “Not exactly famous yet.”

Dean pauses, and you picture him sprawled out on a motel bed very much like yours, just two states over, glass in hand and flannel shirt crumpled at the foot of the bed, undershirt clinging tight to his chest.

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you owe me a dinner

requested: please can you do imagine where y/n is on tour with shawn and he proposed to her and then before the Q&A it’s cute and fluffy and shawn goes to Q&A and fans ask about y/n so she goes to shawn and fans see ring and ask about it and shawn is talking about it and y/n says something like “you told it first. you owe me a dinner cute ass” bc they made a deal about who spills the tea about proposal 😊 also sorry for my English bc I’m from Poland 😊


also teen mendes helped me out again 😂😂😂 what would i do without her


“y/n!” shawn burst through the doors of the tour bus. you were laying across the small couch, not really having much to do while shawn was at sound check before his q&a. “come with me m'lady.”

he stretched his hand out to help you off the couch as you giggled at his cheesiness.

“where are you taking me?” you asked, following him out of the now empty tour bus. he led you away from the venue he was due to perform at in 2 hours, and into a small park area.

“let’s take a walk or something, i feel bad i have to perform on your birthday.” he apologized, again. you knew deciding to join him on tour would mean he would be performing on your birthday, and you were okay with it.

“shawn, its fine honestly. as long as i get to see you, i’m fine with it.”

he shook is head, “well i’m not fine with it. it’s your birthday y/n, it only comes around once a year! we’re gonna take a walk.”

you just nodded, interlocking your hands and letting shawn pull you along. thankfully it was a nice day here in new york, the sun was shining as you walked along the deserted pathway.

you loved that even with his busy schedule, shawn always tried to take some time in the day to spend with you. no matter what he was doing.

“i love you,” you sighed, thinking out loud.

he chuckled, “that was random but i love you too,” he kissed your temple.

you admired the scenery around you, the trees were decorated with little fairy lights for when it got dark and there were many gardens full of flowers as you walked along the path. you decided that this place must be busier at night.

in the distance, there was a lady walking her dog coming your way. even from afar, you could tell the dog wasn’t on a leash. shawn noticed too, hoping the dog wouldn’t run to him or else his allergies would act up.

“shawn! that dog is adorable!” you exclaimed, “i so hope it comes here.”

as if on cue, the dog runs towards you barking happily.

“hi!” you crouched down, meeting the small dog. it jumped on you multiple times, excited to see someone new. “aren’t you a cutie?”

the owner of the dog soon caught up to her runway dog, “i’m so sorry, she likes to escape sometimes. there’s usually nobody here at this time so i bring her without the leash.”

you were too busy playing with the puppy to answer, but shawn was quick to answer the elderly woman.

“oh no worries, as you can tell my girlfriend loves dogs. we don’t mind.” he said, smiling down at you and the dog.

“oh it’s very clear, she’s adorable. so what brings you to this path at this time of day? it’s normally empty.” the lady tried making small talk with shawn while you were pre occupied. he told the lady why he brought you here, speaking in a low voice so you wouldn’t hear him.

“okay girl, its time to go.” the woman called to the dog. “this cute couple needs some alone time.” she picked the dog up from your hands as it whimpered, not wanting to leave. you didn’t want it to leave either.

“bye! thanks for letting me play with your adorable dog.” you said as the lady continued in the opposite direction of the two of you.

as you walked along the path, shawn shoved his free hand in his pack pocked. sighing in relief seconds after.

“everything okay?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.

“oh what? yeah,” he said. “i was just checking to make sure i had my phone.”

you nodded, knowing fully well his phone was on the bus still, but you said nothing of it. it was probably nothing.

shawn released his grip on your hand, suddenly stopping a few feet behind you. you hadn’t noticed at first, you were to engrossed in the scenery around you.

“y/n,” he called, you barely heard him his voice was so soft. you turned around, greeted with shawn on one knew in front of you. you covered your mouth with your right hand, tears already welling up in your eyes. he grabbed your free hand quickly before beginning to talk.

“i was gonna do this tonight on stage but i couldn’t wait another minute. y/n when i first saw you at geoff’s birthday party i was left speechless because you were beyond gorgeous. i asked you out that night and lucky for me you said yes and i will never forget that. you gave me a chance and showed me beautiful things i never would’ve seen without you, when i fell in love with you it felt like magic and i want to make you feel the same now will you give me another chance but to let me show you unimaginable things this time and marry me?”

you simply nodded, not being able to form proper words or sentences right now. you held your left hand out for him to slip the beautiful ring on, as he did. both your smiles were probably the widest they have ever been.

“i love you,” you finally managed to get out, smashing your lips onto his. once you pulled away, he pulled you into him, kissing the top of your head multiple times. you stayed in his embrace for what seemed like hours until your phone started ringing.

sighing, you pulled away from shawn to check the caller ID. it was andrew, most likely looking for shawn. you put it on speaker before it connected.


“y/n where is shawn?” andrew asked, “he needs to be at the q and a in 30 minutes!”

shawn’s eyes widened, completely forgetting about the q&a.

“sorry andrew, we’ll be there. we just took a walk for a bit.”

andrew sighed, saying goodbye and hanging up the phone. you stuffed your phone into your back pocket and reconnected your hand with shawn’s.

as you walked, you admired the ring that now had a permanent place on your left hand. it was stunning, it was exactly what you wanted.

“do you like it?” shawn asked, noticing you admiring it. “if you don’t we can change it.”

“no,” you smiled, shaking your head. “it’s perfect. i love it, it’s exactly how i pictured it to be. i’m glad you didn’t wait until later to do this.”

“me too,” he smiled. “but are we gonna announce it right away?”

“well everyone on the team is going to see it, but maybe we could have a little fun with announcing it.” you smirked.

“oh yeah? like what?”

“well,” you grinned, a plan was already forming. “whoever spills about the engagement first before announcing it, owes the other person a dinner.”

“oh you’re on!” shawn exclaimed.

you arrived at the venue quicker than expected, the two of you entering through the back and finding your way to shawn’s dressing room.

“sorry i’m late!” shawn said as the two of you burst through the doors. “we got a little distracted.”

you blushed, smiling at the ground.

“i’ll say,” geoff interrupted. “y/n is that new?” he motioned to the ring shawn had placed on your finger only minutes ago.

shawn nodded, “i couldn’t wait until later, she was playing with this dog and i just had to do it.

“congrats man!”

the crew in the dressing room congratulated the two of you multiple times. you told them you weren’t announcing it right away when they tried to take videos of you for instagram and snapchat.

“i hate to break this up,” andrew interrupted. “but shawn you have to go to the q&a.”

he nodded, quickly kissing you before exiting the room with the rest of his team leaving you alone in the dressing room.

not even 10 minutes later, geoff appeared at the door, letting you know shawn wanted you to come out there. apparently the fans had asked about you.

you followed him to the small room where the q&a was being held, the room erupted in screams once you walked in.

you shyly waved, unfortunately you already forgot about the ring and you waved with your left hand.

“hey, a few of them wanted to say happy birthday.” shawn said, wrapping his arm around you as you stood next to the table where he sat.

“thank you.” you blushed, not enjoying having this much attention plus almost 100 cameras on you.

shawn picked a girl near the front to ask a question.

“this one is actually for y/n,” she said. “is that an engagement ring on your finger?”

you looked at shawn, hoping he would answer. mostly because you didn’t like to talk in front of so many people, but you also wanted a free dinner.

“it actually is,” he beamed as the crowed erupted in cheers yet again. you listened as he told them the details of what happened, so much for keeping it a secret.

“also shawn,” you butted in once he finished the story. “you told first.”

his eyes widened, “oh shit, so much for that.”

“tough luck,” you patted his chest. “you owe me a dinner babe.”

5sos aren’t dead they’re on a break (the interruption of something that is continuous, in this case touring. for those of u who don’t know. which is a lot of people apparently.) and they’re literally in the studio. making music. they have songs and stuff. they’re there. doing their job. they’re not “dead” or a “joke” and they’re definitely not partying so much that they don’t even have time to make music. they’re grown boys. they have a work/social life balance and it’s not fucking up to u to determine what they can and can’t do. shut the fuck up.

Rain (Thomas x Reader)

AN: Another late fic of questionable quality!

Tag Crew: @huffleheyguys @artisticgamer @theoverlordofeverything @hmltntrsh51 @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit2 @hamilton4starwars @megabooklover18 @jantales

Request: Anonymous- 11, can’t help but think of Jefferson XD

11. “I love you.”  “You have excellent taste.”

Warnings: gets a lil sexy 

Word Count: 1,305


The fire was crackling, indie music was playing softly, you had a mug of earl grey tea, and you had a collection of classic poetry that you’d read at least a thousand times spread open across your lap- the best way to enjoy rain. It had started storming around three in the morning and you’d been up since then.

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Bun in the Oven / Jeff Atkins

Words: 1219

Your giggles fill the air as you try to avoid Jeff’s hands, “Stop,” you groan, your lips tugged up into an amused smile.

“Make me,” he laughs, clutching at your sides again to tickle you.

“I-can’t-breathe,” you tell him, your laughter practically muffling your words.

When he stopped, he was straddling you-a leg on either side of your body, as he pinned your arms above your head and hovered his face over yours. “Better?”

You half-heartedly shrug, “The view’s pretty good,” you smirk, pushing your head towards his to meet his lips in a kiss.

Jeff hums a response and loosens his grip on your hands, moving to stroke your cheek softly with his fingers, “I could say the same thing.” His fingers trail along your jaw and down your neck, until they reached your midriff, “Are you happy?” he asks, letting his palm slide under your shirt and rest on your bare skin.

Your expression softens, “Of course I’m happy.”

“I mean,” he sighs, “about-” cutting himself off, his eyes fall to your stomach. “Everything.”

You lift your hand to rest it on the side of his face, “I’m so exceptionally happy,” you insist, trying to communicate your sincerity.


“Jeff,” you smile, interrupting him once again, “I’m happy,” you state firmly. “Yes, this is all happening really quickly…I never expected to get pregnant in high school,” you laugh, “but it is what it is.”

Your boyfriend changed positions so he was lying on his side and facing you with his hand still resting on your abdomen. “I’ve always known you were it for me,” he says softly, letting his gaze settle on you.

“What do you mean?” you ask, your brow furrowing. 

“I never could see myself with anyone but you. My future is you-us. Together. Just now with a new addition.”

“Jeff…” you whisper, turning your head so your gaze was locked with his. Your eyes were rimmed with tears and Jeff moved his face closer to yours, kissing the skin just below your eyes. 

“I had hoped we’d have more time before we start a family,” he smiles, “but thinking about it now…it doesn’t really matter, it doesn’t change anything in the slightest-we’re just a little bit ahead of schedule.”

Jeff’s fingers continue to trace circles on your skin, sending tingles down your spine. You rest your hand over his, halting his movements. “What could I possibly have done to deserve someone like you?” you ask quietly, not expecting an answer. “You know that I love you right?”

Jeff’s grin widens, “And I love you,” he replies.

The both of you lie on the bed in silence until you had a thought, “I think I want to tell the others.”


You roll over so you were lying on your side like him and prop your head up on your elbow, “I want to tell our friends,” you declare. “They should know. Besides, I think they’ll be happy for us.”

Jeff thinks to himself for a moment before nodding, “Okay, if it’s really what you want.”

“It is,” you grin. 

You were most definitely nervous…but your excitement seemed to outweigh the fear. You were confident that Hannah and Clay would be surprised, but you knew them both well enough to think they will share your joy.

Jeff entwined your fingers with his as he led you to the cafeteria. Hannah and Clay were waiting for the two of you to arrive, they greet you with smiles as you sit down opposite them.

“Hey,” you announce.

“Hi!” Hannah chirps back. 

“How you doing, man?” Jeff asks, direction his question to Clay who just shrugs.

“I’m doing fine.”

You tighten your grip on your boyfriend’s hand, suddenly hit with a wave of distress which surprises you and causes him to send you a reassuring smile.

Hannah catches on to your change in mood instantly, her nose screwing up in confusion, “What’s going on?”

The pair opposite you were growing concerned, Jeff’s expression-while calming-had no effect on them. You chuckle nervously and move your other hand to clutch Jeff’s so you were trapping it in your hold. 

“We have something to tell you,” you admit. 

Hannah’s face drops, “Please don’t tell me you guys are breaking up and you’re trying to let us down easy with the news? I can’t have you two breaking up!” she insists. “You and Jeff-”

“Are not breaking up,” you interrupt quickly, cutting off her rambling.

“In a way,” Jeff continues, “what we have to tell you is kind of the opposite actually.”

“You’re getting married?” Clay blurts, raising an eyebrow.

You snort and shake your head, “Not anytime soon,” you laugh. 

“Then what is it?” Hannah demands, desperate to know. “You’ve really worried me now.”

You lock eyes with Jeff and he squeezes your hand, “I-” you weren’t sure how you were going to approach this, you were suddenly regretful that you hadn’t made a plan. “I’m pregnant,” you tell them.

Hannah and Clay were both silent, taking time to comprehend what you had just announced. 

Out of no where, a girlish shriek erupts form your friend, “Oh my God!” she squeals. “This is actually kind of amazing!”

“You think?” you ask, a small smile forming on your face.

“Of course! I had imagined this wouldn’t happen until college at least, but still! I’m so happy for you guys!”

“Thanks,” Jeff tells her sincerely. “It was a huge surprise,” he admits, “but we’ll make it work.”

“Of course you will,” Hannah scoffs, moving out of her seat to walk around the table. She pulls you into a tight hug which makes you laugh and release your hold on Jeff.

“I guess congratulations is in order,” Clay comments. “Have you told anyone else yet?”

Jeff shakes his head, smiling fondly at you and your friend who still had you trapped in her embrace. “Not yet. We’re thinking of telling our parents tonight. (Y/N) wanted Hannah to be the first to know.”

The dark haired girl released a sound of approval as she finally released you. “I can’t wait to see a mini-(Y/N) or mini-Jeff running around. How far along are you?”

“Almost two months,” you say.

Hannah moves back to sit beside Clay who had a curious expression on his face, “Do you have a preference of what you want?” he questions.

A broad grin spreads across Jeff’s face, “I’m holding out for a boy but (Y/N)’s not fussed. Not to say I wouldn’t be happy with a girl.”

He wraps an arm around your shoulders and pulls you to him. You happily mould yourself into his side, “I don’t really know what to expect these next few months…” you trail off. “But it means a lot that we have both of you with us.”

Clay offers you a smile and Hannah rolls her eyes, “Of course! If you need anything, you knew where to find us.”

As conversation picks up, you feel yourself become more relaxed and at ease. Jeff caught your gaze as you peered up at him and sent you a dazzling smile. He kisses your temple before resting his chin on the top of your head, “We’ll be okay,” he insists quietly. 

“I know,” you reply. 

anonymous asked:

I don't believe the construction of minimum wage was meant to provide funds for fun stuff. Also, in a way, a low minimum wage is helping fight male and female stereotypes. With a low minimum wage, it means it's more likely that both adults in a household need to work, fighting the idea that the man is the moneymaker and the woman is a housewife. In regards to your personal salary, think of what you are actually doing. With the rise of online shopping, do we need retail store workers anymore?

Let’s break this down, because each sentence is its own brand of asinine, and I can’t just tackle it all in one go.

  • “I don’t believe the construction of minimum wage was meant to provide funds for fun stuff.” In 1938, the night before FDR signed the law establishing the federal minimum wage, he said, “Do not let any calamity-howling executive with an income of $1,000 a day…tell you…that a wage of $11 a week is going to have a disastrous effect on all American industry.” The cost of living back then was significantly lower, even when adjusting for inflation. When a movie ticket cost twenty-five cents ($4.20 in today’s dollars), I doubt anyone was making a huge deal out of someone going to catch a movie, unlike today, when a movie costs an average of $8.17 (and here in NYC, is at least $12.50). And if someone did complain, and the person decided to go to Harvard and get a degree in the hopes of making more, they’d just have to raise $420 a year ($7,047 a year in 2015 dollars) to go. Back then, the money just went farther. And there were fewer bills to pay–cell phones and the internet didn’t exist, the only things contributing to light bills were literally lights, and so on. If you could pay for your basic needs on a minimum wage and have an extra twenty-five cents a week to see a movie or grab a beer, I doubt anyone would care. Aside from that, the inherent cruelty in seeing low wage workers as labor drones who don’t deserve happiness is p disgusting honestly.
  • “Also, in a way, a low minimum wage is helping fight male and female stereotypes. With a low minimum wage, it means it’s more likely that both adults in a household need to work, fighting the idea that the man is the moneymaker and the woman is a housewife.” This is peak heteronormative white capitalist feminism. “If it takes two people to make the income of one person, then we can destroy the patriarchy by all being exploited equally!” I’m actually impressed by how goddamn stupid this concept is.
  • “In regards to your personal salary, think of what you are actually doing.” What I was doing (the post made it abundantly clear it was a former job) was spending nine hours a day (we had an hour break which had to interrupt our eight hour shift rather than being factored in) plus three hours daily commute (an hour and a half each way) on a job wherein I was required to run (literally, because if a customer complained about it taking too long for me to get back from the stock room, I could have my hours cut or be suspended or fired) between five stock rooms across three floors making up 36,000 square feet. I had to memorize the locations of items on the floor I worked on and the ones I didn’t, the list of color codes, different folds for many different items, prices for at least the most popular fifty to a hundred items, and so on. I had to keep 15,000 feet of displays and shelves and tables fully stocked and perfectly folded and sized while people were shopping, and if I was standing around while something was unfolded across the store, I could have my hours cut or get suspended or fired. I had to do all of this with a smile on my face, because if a customer complained about my attitude, even if it was just for frowning, I could get my hours cut or get suspended or get fired. If the store did less than $250k a day in business, people’s hours were getting cut. I’ve done much higher-paying jobs since and they’ve been much easier.
  • “With the rise of online shopping, do we need retail store workers anymore?” Yes, obviously. Online shopping is for when you’re casually shopping but don’t feel like going to the store, or if there’s something non-vital you want a better price on. If you need something for an event tomorrow, you’re going to the store for it. If you don’t know your size and want to try it on without waiting a week, sending it back, waiting another week for it to get to them and have them ship it back out, and another week before you get the other size, which may or may not be right, you’re going to the store. If you want to touch the garments and see how they feel, or try them on in front of a mirror to make sure the cut and colors look good on you, or get a second opinion from a (more or less) neutral party. If you want to wander around from shop to shop and see what you can find. If you want to go to a thrift store. Plus, if we branch out of retail, fast food isn’t going away because of the internet, nor are servers or bartenders or housekeepers or custodians or grocery store cashiers or deli workers or anyone else who does a service that people use but are underpaid for their labor.

At the end of the day, there will always be workers in positions that are currently underpaid. If every McDonalds worker decided tomorrow to get a STEM degree and were given the means to do so, there would still be only a certain number of STEM jobs and a need for fry cooks. And those fry cooks deserve to be able to meet their basic needs just as much as anyone else.