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imnotacommittee  asked:

Happy New Year! Thank you for offering doodles! How about the Tenth Doctor's New Year's enthusiasm juxtaposed with Alec Hardy's complete lack of it?

…Happy New Year?

Imagine Connor and Troye riding at the back of the rented car while Alfie and Louis were at the front. And after many hours of driving and more to come, Connor starts to get sleepy and he tries resting his head on the window, but the rattling would cause him to hit his head quite often. So he scooted closer to Troye and rested his head on Troye’s shoulder after making sure it was okay with him first to which Troye said that it was totally cool and so Connor falls asleep on Troye’s shoulder and Troye notices Alfie staring at them and makes him swear to never speak of what he saw anywhere, and told Louis that he couldn’t include him and Connor in his vlog cause he didn’t want him and Connor end up like Troyler so the two men agree and Troye finds himself tracing small patterns on Connor’s hand that happened to be resting on Troye’s thigh. Hours later, Alfie and Connor are both asleep and the only awake ones are Louis and Troye, but Troye is verging in and out of sleep and all Louis heard in the pause between his music he was hearing through his headphones was:

“Nobody’s going to know about us yet, babe. Not until you’re ready.”