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Mutsuki, Gratuity, and Violence

Mutsuki’s behavior is shocking to say the least. There’s been a lot of speculation made of exactly why his character made the turn it did from introduction to this point. I’m going to attempt to give my own personal interpretation, on putting together an arc for Mutsuki, and what point Ishida intends thematically by bringing out Mutsuki’s violent side the way he did. Note, this meta is almost entirely about violence, so besides spare mentions of torso the sexual aspect of Mutsuki’s character are not going to be explored. I’ll do that in a later post.

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[First image: a stylized graphic of black hands breaking free from chains. Second image: a black and white photo of a large crowd of black Americans in their Sunday best celebrating Juneteenth.]

Happy Juneteenth! This holiday marks the end of the official institution of slavery in the United States, and was historically widely celebrated by black Americans. The photo above is of a 1905 celebration in Richmond, Virginia. 

On this day in 1865, enslaved people in Texas were informed of their freedom, two years following the Emancipation Proclamation. Also on this day, the Civil Rights Act of 1963 was passed, after an 83 day filibuster in the US Senate. 

Aquarius Full Moon - August 7th 2017 ✨🌕🦋♒️

Opening your heart to new beginnings *******************************

This Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius during Leo season is calling us and reminding us to transcend the mind and ego, to seek new perspectives and change, to awaken the light in our souls, and most importantly, it is calling us to open our heart and to set ourselves free.
Not only is tonight’s moon a Full Moon, but it is also a Lunar Eclipse. A Lunar Eclipse is when the moon appears darkened as it passes into the Earth’s shadow. Eclipses are very powerful for times of new beginnings and endings,and for birthing new life. Eclipses are known for bringing great changes to our lives, as it ultimately shifts the Earths energies moving forward for months ahead.
The sun, set in 15 degrees Leo, is opposing  the Moon, set in 15 degrees Aquarius, while both happen to be set in the degree of 15, which is also something to look at and consider. Number 15 is a blend of the vibrations of the number 1 and number 5. Number 1 correlates to new beginnings, assertiveness, activity and achievement. Number 5 resonates more or so with making important decisions/changes, motivation, idealism and doing things your way. Combing the two numbers into 15 makes this a number of independence, creativity, originality as it breathes the energy of love. Seeing the number 15 is a message from the Divine, calling us to make some much needed change in our lives.The Number 15 is also a message to keep your thoughts and actions focused on your goals and aspirations in order to manifest them into your life.
Is there something that is holding you back? Something that is keeping you unhappy? This Full Moon is the perfect time to break free from those chains of restraint in order to change your life for the better, to turn it around and create a new path for yourself. Have no fear about making these major changes, as in the long-run they will prove to be of great benefit to you, to others, and to your life. With the Sun in warm and positive Leo, the sign of the heart itself, make sure you are using positive affirmations and outlooks in order to keep your outlook on these dreams bright and receptive. With the Full Moon in Aquarius, the sign of the higher mind and future, you will have the ability to find the inner wisdom to set your heart on the right path and to achieve all that you strive for.The time has come to end old patterns that we repeat that do not serve us any growth in life. These can be any kinds of restraints that are holding you back, whether it be of thought, speech and/or action, these things are ultimately holding you back and not allowing you to move forward with Aquarius, the sign of the future and new beginnings. Once we let go of these patterns and old ways of doing, we are opening our souls to a myriad of paths that waiting to be walked down.
With the Sun in Leo accompanying and being conjunct with Mars throughout the month of August, also being opposed to the Moon, comes extra intensity to not only the energies in the sky, but to our hearts feelings, as well. With Mars, the celestial body of anger and aggression, opposing the Moon, the celestial body of our souls and emotions, comes surges of all kinds of emotion rising to the surface, which is more than important during an Aquarius Full Moon, often a sign known for closing off emotions. Because of these emotions arising so intensely, this is the Full Moon telling us that we need to end the inner battles we have with ourselves, especially when it comes to being vulnerable. The time has come to honor and embrace our emotions and to let our guard down, especially in the area of life/house this Full Moon Eclipse is happening in your Natal Chart transits. With the Sun in Leo, the sign of the heart, it will accompany and help the Moon in Aquarius, working together to open your heart to the world around you ―after all, the sign of Aquarius represents universal love, while lovely Leo represents self love. The two will work together in opening your heart to the beauty of love itself.
With Mars accompanying the Sun, this is also a sign to put your more aggressive and angry emotions into positive, creative outlets. Showing your anger and emotion is an important part of life, as long as we’re putting those energies into non aggressive means, which is something we often forget to do. But with the help of this Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius, and the beautiful Sun in Leo, we can expect inner callings to direct those feelings into positive outlets. We as humans are Divine Creators and using those emotions as our drives is more important than we know.
No matter what area you are working on in life, or where you find yourself during this Full Moon, the main calling of this Full Moon is to follow your hearts desire and to make sure you’re taking time to make the decisions necessary to change your life for the better. Stay focused on your goals and aspirations in life and set them in motion instead of restraining yourself in fear. Aquarius is the sign of new ideas and innovations, and with the passionate and confident energies of Leo accompanying you this month, with the intuitive callings of the divine, everything will be set into motion, as long you are helping yourself and making those changes for the better. Set yourself on the path that your soul is being called to and follow your heart because nobody is going to do so for you. With the help from the divine Mother Moon, the Wise Water Bearer, the Golden Rays of the sun, the Lovely Lion and Mighty Mars himself, and most importantly, help from your decisions, you’re on the path of opening your heart to new beginnings and setting your soul absolutely free.

The Full Moon in Aquarius is good for:
*Banishing old patterns
*Making changes for new beginnings
*Acceptance/self love
*Setting goals and new ideas into motion
*Charging/cleansing crystals, stones and items

Crystals for the Aquarius Full Moon/Aquarius in general:
Amethyst, Selenite Lapis Lazuli, Fluorite,Garnet, Aquamarine, Amber, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Labradorite, Opal ✨✨✨

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius to everyone celebrating! May today bring you all of your manifestations, Divine energies and all of the love and freedom you deserve ✨🌕🦋

moonmoon-theshipper  asked:

Fic prompt: lance gets hypnotized by lotor to attack the paladins and when he's no longer hypnotized he wakes up as a prisoner in the castle of lions with no memory of being hypnotized, he tries telling the others but they think it's a trap so they go out to find a new blue paladin. (Also your voice is 👌🏻)

Oooo okay!! Thank you for stabbing me in the heart as well. Hope you enjoy!
“Come on team, I think he’s this way.” Shiro whispered to his team. The team were on a Galra ship, searching. It has happened so fast, they didn’t have any time to respond. The alarms of the castle went off, and in a matter of seconds, the team here the screams of Lance. They ran toward the screams and barely had enough time to see Hagar knock Lance unconscious and steal him away. Now they were here. If had been a couple of days since then; finding the location of the Galra ship had been harder then expected. The team created forward, coming to a large open area that was separated from the main entryways of the ship. “Guys, look!” Hunk pointed to a hunched figure in the center of the room. “It’s Lance!” Sure enough, it was him. He was still wearing the same clothes, but they were wrinkled and slightly torn. “Okay, let’s get him and get out of here.” Keith walked up to Lance’s crouched form and place a hand on his shoulder. Lance immediately reacted. He grabbed Keith’s wrist, twisting it with a sickening SNAP!! Keith shrieked, falling to the ground. “Lance, what the fuck!! It’s me!!” Lance stared at him, letting a small creep across his face. “Who’s Lance?” The team gasped and Shiro charged forward. Lance grinned at him, running towards him. Shiro through a punch, but Lance easily dodged it, and landed a hit on Shiro’s jaw. Shiro staggered back. “Team, we’ve got to work together. Don’t be afraid to hurt them.” Shiro’s eyes darkened. “That isn’t Lance.” The team grimly nodded and charged all at once. Lance continued to fight against them, but it was useless. When Pidge used her bayard and shocked him, he fell to the ground, temporally paralyzed. Shiro pinned him and mumbled a soft “I’m sorry Lance,” before punching him, rendering Lance unconscious.
Lance slowly woke up, blinking away the blurriness. He was disoriented. *Why does everything hurt? And why am I chained?!* Lance tried to break free from the shackles. He was in the training room of the castle, so he knew he was at least safe. “Guys? GUYS?! Shiro? Keith? Pidge? Hunk? ANYONE?!” Lance waited, listening carefully. Then, he heard multiple footsteps coming toward him. He help breath, but sighed in relief when he saw who entered. “Shiro, Allura!! You don’t know how happy I am to see you guys! But uh, can you explain why I’m chained up?” The two ignored him, just studying him. Shiro crouched down. “Lance is that you?” Lance gave him a baffled look. “Of course it’s me! Who else would it be?” Shiro’s brow furrowed and turned his gaze toward Allura. She sighed and shook her head. “We won’t be able to tell until Coran can test him. And those systems that run the tests have been down for years, so until he fixes them, we’ll have to wait.” Shiro gave her a stiff nod. “What about Voltron?” Allura turned toward Lance, whose eyes were wide. “Start a search for a temporary. Blue Paladin. One we can fully trust.” Shiro looked at Lance sadly. “Yes, Princess.” Lance stared at them with wide eyes, mouth hanging open in disbelief. He watched as they began to walk away. “W-wait, I new Blue Paladin! B-but I’m right here you guys!! I can fly Blue!” They ignored him, walking out of the room. Tears filled Lance’s eyes and trailed down his cheeks. “What did I do?! Please tell me!!” Lance screamed, throat becoming raw. “Please come back!! Just tell me what I did and I’ll change I promise!! Please don’t leave me!” Lance thrashed wildly again the chains, choking on sobs and his ragged breaths. “Why don’t you want me anymore?!”

(P5 spoilers ahead dudes, p3 spoilers a bit later in the post)

Man like I’m too old and gay to be blabbering about shit on the internet but while I loved persona 5 a FUCKIN lot I really feel like Akechi’s death was handled terribly. Well, not his actual death, but what came after.

Like the player - the player is given full opportunity to be nice to him, to genuinely respond to him as if they care about him even to the bitter end. You CAN be an ass to him, but you can also react favorably to him, every time. It’s implied/stated that Akechi seemed to truly want to be friends with the team, and with Joker, and Joker was allowed by the dialogue to be friendly in kind. Why would he just be forgotten after? They basically say “well that was sad and pretty much sucked” and move on.

No one asks the protag if he’s feeling ok about it. (Except maybe June in a short text after? I can’t remember - but certainly nothing remotely substantial) No one mentions that it’s fucked up how he lived and died. There’s no funeral, there’s no commotion from his place of work (the only mention at all is Sae basically goes “well he’s still missing I guess” - they didn’t even have the decency to tell Sae how her former friend died? Wtf?) - he’s just up and forgotten.

I know the p5 kids seem to have some major issues talking to each other about things (which I usually see as a trait that can garner character development in them I guess) but they tend to at least somewhat supportive and try to make sure each other is ok. They ask if any of the others are ok every time something about their fucked up life comes up, but like.. never ask the protag “hey, you seemed to really want to be Akechi’s friend even after what he did to you, you clearly liked him to some degree, are you going to be ok?” Like this dude was a social link! A fully maxed one! And he doesn’t even get a damn funeral, or any sort of attempt to damage control his disappearance/death. He was a celebrity to people, and they just never even mention him again? Barely mention that he exists? There are some anons on the website who mention him and there are some random thought bubbles but none even mention he’s missing or anything.

Mind you - I think I may just be upset about this because Persona 3 is one of my favorite games. And when one of the characters dies in that game - he gets a funeral. His friends mourn him. His death is legitimately important to the character development of another character, and his spirit returns to give the player a final well wishing when battling the final boss. The tone of 3 is different, yes - but I would have liked the protag of 5 to at least be able to -act- like Akechi’s death had any impact on his personality or his character. Or for any of the others to have had any change because of it.

I just felt it was really weird. The death was emotional, I cried a lot. But ultimately it had a very weak impact on the plot other than to stop Akechi from being a villain - which could have been achieved by adding him back to the team, having him disappear and promise to turn himself in, or for him to lose his memory or really anything. The fact the player -can’t- save him just feels strange to me, strange to the theme of the game - that shitty adults have been hurting children and the world, and that these children hurt each other as a result of their abuse, but when they form a support group they can rise above that and change the world.

The fact that the Phantom Thieves failed to help this suffering, angry, jaded person - someone who acted like a child and threw a tantrum out of jealousy and anger and as response to the way he’d been used - he became a victim without retribution. That he existed as a pawn of Yaldabaoth and yet the Trickster could not break him free from his chains and take him to battle the force which had enslaved them both made the ending feel a bit empty. The Trickster’s fate was to defy the biased game he’d been forced into; clearly Akechi and Akira were meant to kill each other, one to be the victor, as part of the Game, and he failed to defy that fate. Something about that just feels wrong to me.

Akechi is surely not innocent; but he is not mercilessly evil. He is ill and he’s suffered abuse, and he has been manipulated. He cannot take back the things he had done, but what better change of heart than to transform a killer born from a twisted, abused person who exacted fear onto the masses into a teenager who had a circle of those who could support him and help him face himself and the fate he’d been so unfairly sewn? What better heart to steal and change than that of a perpetrator of terrible crimes into someone seeking to fight that fate so that no one else ever has to suffer the same way?

Had he done this and died at the end to assist in the toppling of fate - or after it was all over turn himself in - or in some other way accept punishment for his actions in the end - that would have made more sense and felt more natural. “He was a twisted person whose heart changed and who was able to die to help alter the fate of humanity and to protect those he once had damned and hunted” would have been way better than “he was a twisted person whose heart changed too late and who was killed before his changed heart could battle against the fate it had been dealt”.

Hypotheticals, I suppose. Nothing which ever will change; what’s done is done. And perhaps I simply like him too much, perhaps I shouldn’t sympathize with him. But I do; I cannot ignore those characters who do terrible things and suffer as a result of emotional pain, mental illness, manipulation, and misguided action, because I like to think some part of everyone can be redeemed even if they’ve done terrible things. Perhaps because I can relate to that desire to redeem oneself, or the guilt and suffering characters like this endure.

I guess ultimately: Goro Akechi deserved better. At the very least, he deserved a better end. He was built up and built up - only for him to be forgotten once his time came and went. And while perhaps one could argue he got his just desserts in the way he died - I feel his character, and the writing surrounding how he affected the plot and the theme of the game - fell short. Persona 5 is still an excellent game and I love it dearly. I just wish Akechi could have had some redemption, or at least… a funeral, or some final recognition of what he’d meant to the protagonist or the story. I wish his death had meant more than the way it felt like it was just the removal of a villain from the conflict at hand.

But I guess I’ll just have to fight the chains of fate myself and keep him alive and help him heal in my heart.

totallyevillisa  asked:

what is the hidden lore of HORSE

A HORSE is a mythical creature that often shows up in works of high fantasy. Magic’s Horses are probably based on those from The Lord of the Rings, but they appear in a lot of popular fantasy, like Nintendo’s recent Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The best way I can think of to describe a horse is that it is a motorcycle but with legs. They stretch the imagination a bit to think they could run so fast with such skinny legs, but I enjoy them quite a bit. Usually they’re depicted with a rider, like a knight or soldier carrying weapons and armor. Frequently they appear in the art but aren’t represented in the card types. Every once in a while one will break free from the chains of human servitude and get its own creature card.

Catalyst : Unbroken // Yoongi

Hunter!Yoongi x Angel!Reader. 2.8k words. Mild angst.

Series collaboration with @lovelyoongis and @optosomnio

Description. Hoseok || Yoongi || Taehyung || Jimin || Seokjin || Jungkook

In a world where demons and angels are hunted for the price of their wings by humans, will there ever be a chance for a hopeless love ─precisely between the hunter and the hunted?


They ─the believers call you. There’s hilarity in the sickening irony of the noun; a twist of syllables on tongue that drips with a sense of unrestricted conviction. They worship what they grow up knowing are virtuous and they curse the demons, shuddering at the mere thought. Defiled creatures, they hiss spitefully as if the words alone are toxic in their mouth.

Naivety runs along the line of blind loyalty and apparent scorn.

Don’t they know that the worst kind of evil is the one they can’t see?

For those who see beyond the pale of faultless masks masqueraded by the angels, they are the ones that truly transcend the limit of human capabilities. Loaded on guns, sheathed daggers strapped on legs, they are set for the hunt. Values are discarded for the high of the chase, poaching for the intricacies of angels’ wings. They call themselves ─hunters.

Min Yoongi, he’s one of them; an angel hunter.

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Horoscopes by Gil Hizon - Week of May 7-13, 2017

Nancy Drew Presents: The Case of the Spilled T

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

We rely on yo ass to be our rock and foundation and you’ve gotten used to that role. This week, it’s gonna be difficult for you to maintain a strong facade as you deal with shit from your past. Listen, queen. We are thankful for you for being our stalwart protector, but we are doing fine this week. Feel free to lean on us for a change!

GEMINI (May 21 – June 21)

So, your old ways of doing things ain’t gonna cut it anymore. It’s time for you – and I’ll probably regret saying this – to try on a different persona! Time’s a changin’, queen, and there were things in your life that didn’t seem crucial before, but now they iz. And don’t worry if this new identity seems shaky at first. Once you’re comfortable in your new skin, you’ll be sure to kick ass.

CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

As you set out into your new adventure this week, you’re in the mood to try something new by breaking free from the chains of your past a la Carnie, Chynna and Wendy (or Arianna Grande, for you fucking millenials out there). This is quite a bold move for you and something you’ve been needing to do for a while. But here’s the thing. The lessons of your past will always be a part of yo ass. In the end, that’s what matters.

LEO (July 23 – August 22)

You are in social butterfly mode this week… it must be something you ate. Regardless, just because you’re in the mood to get to know as many people as you can doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen the way you want it to. Your brain will only be able to hold so much personal information about the bitches you’ll meet. You bettah pick your best three hos to get to know. The rest will just be your fans.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

The future seems hella appealing to you right now and gurl, I don’t blame you, ‘coz you’ve been through some deep, psychological shit, whether it’s been broughten upon you by your life, your career, or even your pets. But gurl, the future you’re perceiving right now may not be the future you’ll get. You must figure out a way to make the present work for you so whatever the future brings, it won’t fucking matter.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

This is the week where all your shit, all the things you’ve been worrying about, will snap into focus. It’s like all of a sudden, errbody’s moving slow and you can see and hear errvything. This is the time to be taking advantage of this power. Get your shit done – no dilly-dally, queen! – before the world goes back into its normal state.

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

Being pulled in two different directions is only fun when two hotties are the ones doing the pulling. This week, a part of you wants to be in the center of the spotlight, while another part just wants to get away from it all. Is it possible to find a compromise between the two? Well, gurl. If you surround yourself with the right people (be as picky as you want), you can be alone and loved at the same ass time.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

Now that you’ve conquered a major obstacle, you will need to prepare yourself even more, as the shitshows and clusterfucks will get harder and harder from here on out. As you keep going, there will be a part of you who will want to give up. When this happens, you must ask yourself why you were on this path in the first place. Reminding yourself of the prize can only strengthen your resolve to keep going.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

There are things you know, things you don’t know and things you DO NOT NEED to know. The third one is most important as it speaks about timing. Timing can be learned. It’s all about not forcing the script that the universe has given yo ass. The more you allow the powers that be to use your body as a vessel for your true self, the more organic your learning capabilities will be.

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

You are the future queen of America. And as future queen, you get to call all the shots in regards to how the other queens will behave. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility. The giggles you’ll get from being appointed Governor will be short-lived once you’ve figured out the actual duties that come with your power. So be careful, mama.

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

Current personal frictions in your life may be caused by you being a quirky ass bitch. Hey, gurr, that is not something you can help. As long as your intentions are pure and you’re not hurting nobody, then you can be as fucking freaky as you want. And here’s the thing. Certain bitches in your life may not like your methods, but gurl, they can’t take their eyes offa you!

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

When a shitshow slaps you in the face, all that positive, evolved demeanor you’ve been working on during the past few weeks will fall to the wayside. And you know what, gurl? That’s okay. Those attributes are boring anyway. What we like about you is your tenacity and speediness in getting things done. And if the duty of the day is to tell another queen off, then by all means, read her to filth!

(DISCLAIMER for all entries: This is all a shitshow!)

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Last Promise.

Prompt: A Theo imagine where the reader is his gf and she dies in his arms like Allison did in Scott’s. She’s a banshee. – @rochyu

Author’s Note: This prompt originally had more to it, but after talking with @rochyu, she said it was fine if I changed it up a bit since she had already requested it with someone else and they got it written first.

Hope you like what I came up with!

Warning: Death.

Master List.

Last Promise.

(Y/N)’s heart started racing as a sudden massive wave of anxiety washed over her. She hated this. She hated being a banshee. She’d only been one for a few months, but she knew she hated it. She hated getting the feeling that someone was going to die. It didn’t help that Beacon Hills didn’t exactly have a high survival rate thanks to being a literal beacon for supernatural creatures and all. She didn’t understand how Lydia did it.

Lydia’s tried to help her manage it and push some feelings back, but (Y/N) doesn’t think this is something she’ll ever get used to. Don’t get her wrong, there are some instances where she gets the feeling that someone is going to die, and she’s actually able to help save someone. That was one of the most rewarding feelings, being able to save someone. But most of the time, the feeling is excruciating and heart-wrenching.

She stopped in her tracks in the courtyard of the school. Busy students rushed around her as they escaped the confined hallways and raced toward the long, holiday weekend. (Y/N) barely noticed them though as she zoned out. She could feel it. She could feel that someone close to her was going to die soon. It sent her into a panic. Her breathing got labored. Her palms got sweaty, and her vision started to get blurry. She could feel her legs starting to shake as she tried to maintain her balance. She was having a full-blown panic attack.

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Chapter VI

Previously:  I, II III, IV, V

Warning: Slightly nsfw at the start, sorry for all the angst

Kylo woke up to see you in his bed, laughing and twisting in his sheets. His eyes almost bugged out of his skull when he realized you were naked, teasing him by wiggling your cute little butt. You turned around and smiled at him, beckoning to come over with a wave of the hand.

He thought you looked so beautiful like this, relaxing in his bed. Hopefully it’d smell like you afterwards. Kylo smiled back at you before jumping on the mattress, falling on top of you and leaving kisses all over your back. You looked like an angel with the way the sun hit your hair, there was a halo of light around you. It suited you.

You turned over to lay underneath Kylo, running your hands up his bare chest to reach his neck. Kylo sighs against your touch, leaning down to kiss you with his soft, pillowy lips. “My love, you look so beautiful today,” Kylo admonished you.

“And you look so handsome, I want to kiss you again.” You weave your hand in his hair.

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so i decided to join this contest here

The door to demitale where there is no freedom whatsoever!

Demitale is a dark version of undertale where king asgore, after his son died, went on a royal rampage and enslaved everyone in the underground. To do so he made a contract with the demon named Chara and used their dark power to chain everyone to his will and turn them into demons, hence why there are chains on the island. Overall the place is filled with death and sorrow and its your role to make things right and free them all from their suffering, be that by breaking their chain… or their soul…




Gifs not mine.


said: Hi, could I request a fic where the reader is Sherlock’s younger sister, like way younger (19 - 20s) and she gets into trouble on a case and Sherlock finds her just in time to help and both Mycroft finds out and goes protective big brother mode.

A/N: Sorry this took a long time to write. I’ve been busy and then the internet was down but thank you for being patient. xxx

“Help!” You screamed. A warm red trickle ran down your head from where you had been knocked unconscious earlier. Luckily, you had awoken without any severe head injury. Ropes bound your hands as you struggled to break free from the chains that tethered you to the chair. Sherlock had made you do exercises like this before in case this was to ever happen. It was likely as you were a Holmes sibling. Your big brothers were both sociopaths. One was the British Government whereas the other was a consulting detective. You also had a sister, who happened to be a psychopath locked up in Sherrinford. Sherlock had timed you on how quickly you could escape and assessed you on your methods of evacuation. You had narrowed your time down to a minute and forty five seconds. However, when it became a reality, you forgot all of your training. Although you tried your best to hide your emotions, you were more open about your feelings unlike your older siblings.



“No one is here to save you now, princess,” A man spoke up. You recognised the man instantly. He had a thick Welsh accent and had quite a slurred voice. He was the man you suspected was the murderer in the murder investigation. “You are the only one who can see me for who I am. Not even your clever brother. So unfortunately, your pretty little face has to disappear. Shame.”

“Well he’ll find out eventually,” You snapped. “Then you’ll be sorry. Especially if you harm me.”

The man cackled. “Goodbye, darling.” He pulled out a knife. Everything then seemed to go in slow motion. The proximity between the pair of you became smaller with each step he took. Blood and tears cascaded down your face. Then Sherlock came rushing in with what looked like the whole of Scotland Yard and he tackled him to the ground before the killer could slash at your throat. Then everything sped up. Someone had freed you, then Sherlock was beside you, and finally you were sat outside the building with a shock blanket around you. Sherlock was caring at first but you knew that eventually you would be yelled at.



“How could you be so careless?” Sherlock asked. He was pacing up and down the living room while you sat on the sofa.

“I knew it was him,” You replied. “I was trying to get information on him because you wouldn’t listen to me.”

“So it’s my fault now?”

“No! Yes! I don’t know…”

Just then, Mycroft stormed into the flat. “Y/N! What were you thinking?”

You put your head in your hands. “Leave me alone.”

“Sherlock you’re supposed to be looking after her!” Mycroft yelled at Sherlock.

“She ran off on her own!” Sherlock snapped. “And she is an adult. Although I am certainly not happy with her.”

“Y/N! Go to your room!” Mycroft yelled.

“My room?” You roared. “You are not my father and I am not a child.” You stormed out of the flat and went for a walk to calm you down. Sherlock and Mycroft gave each other a look.

“Leave her to cool off,” Sherlock told him. “We’ve done enough interfering.”


It takes guts to be weird.
It’s when you finally accepted
who you are
The real you!
No pretension, no reservation.
Just you,
Doing what you really want,
Not thinking what others think.
It’s when you finally break free,
Free from the chains that bind you.
Unfold your wings,
‘Cause you are meant to fly.

Oneshot #36 :) We got this

“So you and Albus aren’t dating?” Scorpius asked for the hundredth time.

Delphi rolled her eyes, giving a death glare. “How many times do I have to say no before it clicks?” She flicked his head.

Scorpius didn’t have an expiration date. “I just figure with each new day, you and Albus can become official.” He looked away.

“Albus and I aren’t anything. Stop asking the same repetitive question.” She wanted to Obliviate his memories.

“I am sorry. I care about this one thing.” Scorpius kept antagonizing her.

She had her hands on her hips with head down, shaking her head. “And every time you will hear the same answer.” Delphi once again told him as if once wasn’t enough.

Scorpius decided to drop the topic. “I won’t do it again.” He reassured her.

“What’s it to you anyway?” She showed an interest in his excuses.

“I am just trying to see who will get a girlfriend first. That’s all.” Scorpius hoped she would fall for it.

Delphi wasn’t buying it. “Are you sure that’s the reason? You didn’t sound convinced yourself.” She paid attention to everything.

Scorpius gave her a thumbs up. “Yes I am sure.” He responded, with a smile to trick her.

“You are lying.” She called him out on his BS.

“Maybe but you wouldn’t know.” Scorpius challenged Delphi.

Delphi had to break him somehow. “So that time Albus and I were talking and you looked jealous was just a coincidence, huh?” She reminded him about what happened.

“We will go with that. Yes.” Scorpius agreed.

She looked at him in the eyes. “If you say so.” A part of her wasn’t in the mood to go back and forth.

Delphi wrote an owl to Albus. She had to do what needed to be done.

The owl arrived to the Potter’s house. Albus received it.

“A letter from Delphi? Oh this cannot be good.” He opened it.

“Albus, I am holding Scorpius hostage. If you want to see him again, you must come to the forbidden forest. If you come late, he will cease to exist.”

With much respect,


Fearing the worst, Albus immediately left his house tracking them down on the madauder’s map.

He traced the exact location meeting Delphi and Scorpius.

“Why do you want to kill Scorpius?” Albus was shook. Right now their ban did not matter.

Delphi faced Albus, making eye contact. “You are here. Splendid.” She tapped her fingers together.

Albus looked at Scorpius, terrified. He was at the brink of losing his best friend.

“What is going on? Can you please let him go?” Albus begged her.

She laughed. “There are conditions that need to be met and if failed, Scorpius is history.” Delphi played fire with fire.

Albus wanted to cry. “Which conditions? I’ll do them.” He offered.

“Scorpius has to comply. It’s not a one way street.” She warned.

Scorpius was chained to a tree branch. “I’ll do it too.” He volunteered.

“Brilliant. We are off to a great start.” She looked at Scorpius followed by Albus.

Albus wanted to move along. “What do I have to do?” He shrugged, arms crossed.

“Ask me to be your girlfriend.” That was the first task.

Albus’s eyes went wide. “I am sorry. What?” He was lost.

“You heard me.” She waited for Albus to do as she said.

Albus gulped. “Delphi, will you be my girlfriend?” He wanted the nightmare to end.

“Why of course. Why wouldn’t I?” She giggled.

Scorpius wasn’t keen on the idea. “How about no?” He tried to break free from the chains.

“We are official. Scorpius will stop asking me if you and I are dating.” The end meant now.

Albus replayed those words in his head. “Is this a ploy you are doing?” He asked, unhappily.

She nodded. “Wait for it.”

“Wait for what?” Albus hadn’t got a slightest clue.

“We can seal our relationship with a kiss.” Delphi pushed her limits.

Scorpius was getting angry by the seconds. “NOOOOO!!!!!” He shouted.

Albus wanted to puke. “We shouldn’t.”

“You don’t have a choice. Do it.” She persuaded him.

Just as Albus was leaning in to kiss her and vice versa, Scorpius broke from the chains and damaging the tree branch, pushing Delphi out of the way.

“You will not be his first kiss.” Scorpius pointed his wand at her. “I will.”

To prove his point, Scorpius grabbed Albus by the front of his shirt kissing him fully on the lips.

Scorpius pulled back. “He is mine.”

Delphi clapped. “Bravo, you’ve accomplished the conditions I wanted.”

Albus had yet to react to the kiss. He stood frozen like a statue.

“By kissing Albus?” Scorpius wasn’t sure what those conditions were exactly.

“I couldn’t watch the gayness without making it canon.” Delphi admitted.

Albus began speaking. “I had a dream I was kissed by the guy I like.”

Scorpius smiled. “You can kiss him if you’d like.”

Albus smiled back. “If you insist.” He pushed Scorpius against a tree, kissing him for real.

On the same tree, the initials S.M.+A.P. were written inside a heart.

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what do you think about homosexuality?

Hi God bless you!

Homosexuality, just like murder, lying, gluttony, greed, and anger, is something that keeps us away from God, and feeds the desire of our flesh, which brings spiritual death. God is able to forgive and break any chain, and to free us from this sin, just as any other. God is able.

Love, God bless you more! xx

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There was a fellowship called Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth (TOPY), founded in 1981, that uses Dylan's same exact tri tier cross as their symbol. They call it Thee Psychick Cross. Idk much about TOPY, but apparently people that are attracted to it tend to feel rejected from society's conditioning of normalcy and wish to break free from its chains. It's just interesting how Dylan's cross can be found in so many places. So I'm wondering, have you discovered anything that uses Dylan's cross too?

The Evolution of The Everlasting Contrast Triple-Barred Cross (of Salem)

No, sorry to say, the TOPY Thee Psychick Cross is not like Dylan’s. In fact, it is the exact opposite of the everlasting-contrast triple barred cross as the bars are reversed.

Detail below of Dylan’s shift in focus from the Cross of Lorraine’s two bar design to the Cross of Salem with three bars.  The ‘Cut Here’ is the larger slash across the middle representing himself in ‘Me’.

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So now that Jmo has announced her departure and she will only be in a single episode of 7, how do you feel? Does this fit any of your theories

Well, as usual, it’s still PR and they do want us to worry about Emma not making it. Considering current story, it’d make more sense for Emma to stick around a little more than that, but if reality gives them no choice, there are always workarounds. I think I’ve mentioned that Once Upon a Time in Wonderland was still about Emma and Jennifer Morrison wasn’t in it at all, so they have a lot of creative liberty with their concept. 

They could put Emma under a sleeping curse for all of season 7 and have that single episode she mentions be the last one of the season where she gets woken up, for example. Though unlikely, they could have shot scenes throughout the seasons while Jared was growing up and give us flashbacks with material we’ve never seen before. How I Met Your Mother shot the ending 8 years in advance, for example. 

They’ve mentioned New York a lot, so Emma could run away there and eventually come back. It would fit both Regina and Emma. We could really do with a season of Regina being alone and being okay with that, not chasing love, but really focusing on herself and what she wants from life after breaking free from many of the chains from her past. Meanwhile Emma needs to learn to come back, learn that she does have a home, learning that they’ll still love her if she needs a little time to figure it out. I wouldn’t mind it working out that way while they introduce new characters and shift the focus to them.

I’m just… really curious about what the finale will bring, that’ll give us some clarity. Now there’s so many doors open.