break even by the script

Imagine meeting Chris at the Oscars.

A/N: Okay, so this was a request from @joeidevivre I could see something like this when I watched it too, just didn’t think to write one. So thanks for requesting, it definitely pushed me to write it. It also gave me an idea for another series seeing as my other series might be coming to a close soon. 😢 And I know I know, “why is the reader a writer again?” Well- that’s my passion and what I know. (I’m sorry 😐) Anyway, enjoy. I’d love to get some feedback so I know if it’s a series worth pursuing. X

“This way, everybody.” The tour guide called, holding up a hand to make sure you could all see him as he led his group off the bus and towards the Dolby Theater. “Let’s keep it moving, we’re on a tight schedule.” He reminded the group for what felt like the hundredth time.

“The Dolby Theater!” Iris, your best friend who was visiting from the UK and the reason you were on a tour in your city, squealed. “This is where they hold the Oscars,” she nudged your arm with her elbow and you nodded, mocking her with fake excitement. “I’m glad you’re excited,” she teased, trying not to laugh.

Your best friend knew you’d much rather be at home working on your script than on a bus tour with her; a script that was hopefully going to one day take you inside the Dolby Theater as an honored nominee. You’d always been passionate about writing as a child, but it wasn’t until you turned twenty that you decided you wanted to pursue it as a career. For the past three years, you’d been studying film and media with a major in directing and screen writing. You’d recently graduated with an opportunity of a lifetime thanks to your professor who saw great potential in you; she got you a meeting with Paramount Pictures. So yeah, you’d much rather be at home working on a script that was possibly going to make or break your future.

“I have a lot riding on that script, Iris,” you reminded her.

“I know, Y/N,” she looped her arm with yours. “But you’re also stressed beyond recognition. You need a break, you’re going to burn out your brain before you even finish that script. You’ve still got another six months, you can afford one day off.” You sighed, but said nothing because she was right. “Plus- you should really get to know your home ground.”

“I know my home ground, I’ve been living in Los Angeles for as long as I can remember.”

“I meant the Dolby Theater,” she corrected you, smiling. “You’re going to be here a lot once Paramount and Hollywood sees how freaking talented you are.” A smile creeped onto your face when she said that. “C'mon,” she chuckled, pulling you along to get ahead of the rest of the group. “Let’s go get acquainted with the stage.”

Inside the theater, the stars sat quietly in the dark waiting for your arrival. You’d been so lost in your work that you’d completely forgotten that the Oscars were today and you were about to walk into the event thanks to Jimmy Kimmel’s elaborate plan to surprise unsuspecting tourists, and you- a Los Angeles local.

“Why is it so dark in here?” You asked in a whisper.

“I don’t know,” Iris replied in the same hush tone. “Maybe it’s pa-” The lights came on and hundreds of familiar famous faces smiled at all of you. “Oh my God,” her grip tightened on your arm. “Y/N!” Your breath hitched in your throat when you realized where you were. “We’re at the Oscars! We’re at the freaking Oscars!”

“I’m going to buy you all the ice-cream in the world after this,” you told her.

“Hello!” Jimmy Kimmel smiled. “Welcome to the 89th Academy Awards, would you like to come in and meet everyone? C'mon, this way.” He beckoned his head for your group to follow him; you and Iris were third and fourth in line, right behind a lovely couple who told you they were about to get married when you met them earlier. “I’m sure you all know everyone here.”

You felt breathless as you walked past the best actors and actresses in the industry, all the people you hope you’d get to work with one day. You couldn’t believe it, you were actually in front of them and they were smiling at you. You nearly passed out when you saw Octavia Spencer, who was an actress you loved and admired. You felt your heart skip a beat when you saw Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep in the flesh, who were just legends in Hollywood. You got to shake hands with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone and you thought your knees were going to give way. But nothing compared to what happened next, what happened next had you in another dimension.

“Hi there,” Jimmy greeted you, shaking your hand which was undoubtedly clammy. “Are you enjoying yourself?” You nodded, unable to find the words to express your joy as you scanned the vicinity for the actor you wanted to see the most; Chris Evans. “What’s your name?”

“Y/N,” you told him, shifting your gaze back to Jimmy so you didn’t appear rude. “I’m so starstruck right now, thank you so much for this opportunity.” You knew it was because of him as he was the host, but you also knew it was thanks to Iris; it was why you promised her all the ice-cream in the world after this. “This is- it’s amazing,” you chuckled breathlessly.

Chris smiled as he watched you interact with Jimmy, you were the one amongst many that captivated him. He didn’t know what it was about you, you were very pretty but- it was more than that. You had this aura about you that enticed him, that made him want to get to know you. It killed him a little that this was where he was seeing you, because there was no way he’d get to approach you like he would be able to at a coffee shop or a bar.

“It is amazing,” Jimmy nodded, smiling. “But I think I can make it even more amazing, who is your favorite actor?” He asked and you choked on your breath. “I saw you scanning the crowd earlier,” he commented and you blushed deeply; you didn’t know you were being that obvious. “Who were you looking for?”

“Chris Evans,” Iris answered for you and Chris heart leapt into his throat when he realized he was your favorite actor. “She is in-love with Chris Evans, she’s seen all his movies and she runs like a Tu-” She cut herself off and pressed her lips together when she saw you shoot her a warning glare.

“Chris?” Jimmy looked over to where he was sitting, in between Scarlett and his sister, Shanna. “Do you want to come up here and give her a hug?” He asked but Chris was already on his feet. “The girl’s in love with you, for crying out loud. Come up here, man.”

“Oh my God,” you whimpered nervously as you watched Chris make his way through the row of seats towards you. “Iris, am I dreaming?” You asked her, squeezing her arm. “There is no way that Chris-” You stopped talking when he stopped in front of you, looking mighty fine in his blue tux. “Hi,” you breathed.

“Hi Y/N,” he flashed his heart fluttering smile, not that you could focus on it because you were so lost on the fact that he remembered your name. “Are you okay?” He chuckled softly, placing a hand on your arm; another whimper escaped your throat. “You look nervous, don’t be. We’re only human,” he told you.

“You’re Captain America,” you blurted out and immediately wanted to slap yourself, but Chris laughed which made you feel better. “I’m such a huge fan, you are just so talented. I loved your work in ‘Before We Go’, I thought your directing was-” Before you could finish what Chris was dying to hear, Jimmy interrupted.

“Sorry, but we have to keep it moving,” Jimmy felt a little bad though he didn’t show it; he could tell there was something going on between you and Chris from the look the both of you had in your eyes. “One hug, Cap, then you gotta let her go.” He teased Chris and Chris felt slight heat in his cheeks whereas your cheeks burned.

“She’s a writer,” Iris told Chris over your shoulder as he wrapped you into his arms for that one hug. “She’s got a contract with Paramount Pictures,” she informed him and he smiled gratefully; that piece of information would make things easier for him to look for you, and he definitely wanted to look for you once he left tonight.

“It was nice meeting you, Y/N,” Chris told you when he pulled away. “Good luck with your contract, I’m sure you’re going to do really well. Just remember to take a step back and breath when you get stressed or nervous, don’t give up, and whatever you’re scared of- push yourself into it. It’s what I tell myself every time I start a new job.”

“Thank you,” you smiled. “That’s really good advice.”

“Okay, let’s go.” Jimmy ushered you, Iris, and the rest of the group along.

You looked back and smiled at Chris who couldn’t take his eyes off you; he smiled back then winced when he realized he didn’t get your last name or got to tell you that if you ever needed a director, he was available. But he smiled anyway as he made his way back to his seat because he knew what you looked like, he had your first name, and he knew you were a writer who had a contract with Paramount. Those were enough details to find you, and if it weren’t- he could always turn to the internet for help; there was no way his sweet interaction with you wasn’t going to circulate the web after tonight. Either way, he was ready to find you.


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“The Artist and His Wife” he loves her, she decides she doesn’t love him back. That’s all there is. 

Yeah I know what that feels like. 

You lost someone, too? 

Someone I thought I knew. He always said he was a survivor. I thought that meant that he would stick through things no matter what, but really what it meant was that as things got tough, he just took off.

  • Snow: Hey Emma, you OK?
  • Hook: Love?
  • Emma: Yeah, it's nothing.
  • Hook: Nothing as in you spaced out for a moment and everything's fine or nothing as in you're unhealthily repressing some kind of emotional trauma that is almost certainly going to manifest in some kind of dramatic, inconvenient, and possibly life threatening fashion if we don't deal with it now?
  • Emma: Definitely the first one.
  • Hook: That sounds fake but OK.
10 Songs I’ve Been Listening To
  1. Waterparks - “Hawaii (Stay Awake)”
  2. Smoke Or Fire - “Patty Hearst Syndrome”
  3. Microwave - “Neighbors”
  4. Pkew Pkew Pkew - “Glory Days”
  5. Plastic Bertrand - “Ca Plane Pour Moi”
  6. The Script - “Break Even”
  7. Stacked Like Pancakes - “Suburban Superhero”
  8. Green Day - “Outsider” (Ramones cover)
  9. Piebald - “American Hearts”
  10. Bayside - “I’ve Been Dead All Day”

Final Draft of QAF 1x22 - Soul-dead

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trans reid:

1. gender has never felt like Anything to reid. it was never a Part of him. he never felt “like a man”. he Knew, Objectively, that he was a boy (since he had Boy Parts) but, like. it wasn’t like he felt like a boy in any meaningful way.

2. he was 12 when he realized he Wasnt a boy. he just wasnt.

3. gender doesnt really play a big role in his life. he asked jj once how being a woman felt. she was quiet for a long time. 

4. he knows that being a Man is different for morgan and hotch and that being a woman is different for kate and JJ and tara. he knows theres no right way to be a man. but he isn’t one. Objectively speaking.

5. he’s 23 when he first hears the word “agender”. the syllables take root in his heart like a tree. afterwards, he can’t stop thinking about how much sense it makes.

6. he doesnt usually get dysphoric. sometimes he does. (its mostly social. his body isn’t Male. its just His.) he asks jj to call him by they/them pronouns sometimes. he knows she gets it. wont make a big deal out of it. garcia knows too. morgan. emily. but jj Gets it the best, knows how to make him feel safe.

7. at one point, he tried literally every set of pronouns he could think of. ze. hir. none of them felt his. 

8. sometimes he wishes he was a little more androgynous, grows his hair out. realizes that it only makes his face look more bony. more angular. sharper. he cuts it short again and finds a hairstyle that compliments his face. softens his eyes. Dr. Spencer Reid. They. Them. He. Him.

(when he comes out to JJ as bi she comes out right back to him. then he comes out as agender and demisexual. JJ says, “is this a competition?” but there’s a glimmer in her eyes and he knows shes trying not to cry. she hugs him and he wants to cry too. sometimes he feels like he doesn’t deserve her.)

autistic reid:

1. he fucking hates most clothes. finding clothes that are appropriate for work but dont make him want to Die from sensory Issues is Hard. cue weird clothing choices. mostly its scratchy fabrics. he can’t Take them. garcia introduces him to soft cardigans and he isn’t sure how he missed them all his life

2. he’s used to being dismissed when he speaks. it still hurts. statistics have been his special interest for as long as he remembers and Maybe he is a little bit obnoxious sometimes but honestly, its only relevant with what they do. he wishes his team was interested in what he has to say more often.

3. gideon didnt want him on the field, originally. he has a tendency of just Shutting Down when he’s overstimmed. gideon was afraid of that happening in field.

4. he grew out his hair party because long hair is easier to stim with

5. he also stims by swaying

6. he doesnt notice it himself but he’s constantly hugging himself, comforting himself, calming himself down. being shut down and ridiculed and mocked and bullied his whole life taught him to survive.

7. parts of his body are completely numb while other parts are super sensitive. this makes it hard for him to find clothes that feel Okay. this also makes it easy for him to hurt himself accidentally.

8. he carries a weighted blanket and several stim Toys (though he’d never admit that or call them toys) in his bag

9. he will have a meltdown if you take his bag. it’s like his safety blanket. dont take it. it’s happened before. morgan cried for an hour afterwards. it took a long time for reid to trust him again. 

10. sometimes, after a bad case or a long day, reid finds an empty office and sits down underneath the desk, with his legs against his chest and his back against the wall, if possible. sometimes he has to move the desk  to be able to do this. he shuts down the lights and calms down. hotch knows he’s there and tells the cleaning staff not to go in until he knows reid’s left. 

11. there’s a lot of food he just Can’t eat because the texture makes him feel sick. on cases he either doesnt want to test his luck or forgets to eat altogether. cue running on coffee. his mother says its all the coffee and shes not wrong, he guesses, but really, it would help if his body didn’t hate most convenient food items.

12. reid studied human behavior for years and he thinks hes mastered it now. you couldnt tell he learned everything from a book. he doesnt really even get startled any more when someone breaks his script. he’s so good at faking it. he wasn’t always. but this job has really perfected his acting skills. 

13. he’s still thrown off, sometimes, by his team mates joking. he doesn’t get all of it. he doesn’t get pop culture. he reads and he reads and he reads and he reads and he reads and twirls a pencil the whole time or taps on something or bounces his leg and jj sits with him, usually, watches him flip through a book after a book and never get satisfied. it’s an unspoken kind of a relationship. it’s soft. 

14. he gets so angry sometimes. by the way people Like Him are treated. by the way He is still treated. he gets so mad. sometimes he screams out loud. sometimes it embarrasses him. sometimes it doesnt. “good”, he thinks. “be scared of me”.

15. morgan carries an extra blanket with him. he has white noise tracks saved on his phone for reid specifically. he has an extra pair of expensive headphones, the noise cancelling kind. and he always gives his softest, most worn out t-shirts to reid. and reid’s eyes always light up. 

a long walk to a dark house - part twelve

title: a long walk to a dark house

author: @freakintveit

beta: @acciomoondew

artist: @thisisanotherhunter

overall word count: 45k

rating: pg-13

warnings: self harm, abusive relationship, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, attempted suicide, itp (disease), depression, iron deficiency anemia (disease)

summary: dan didn’t plan to run away, but then again, it may have been for the best. he has an abusive girlfriend, a strange disease, and, in his opinion, nothing to live for. but when a stranger with brilliant blue eyes finds him and offers him a place to stay, dan discovers that he does have a reason to live after all. love.

author’s notes: I’ve been working on this for so long and I can’t believe it’s finally done, I’d like to thank my lovely beta, Lisa, and my amazing artist, Dani. Dani’s art can be found here. I’m eternally grateful for both of their hard work on this, and without them, I wouldn’t be posting this today. Enjoy!

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How Steven Soderbergh Meticulously Crafts Knick Scenes
A new digital book chronicles the process by which episodes of the Cinemax show is made.

The Knick is easily one of the most lushly crafted shows on television: beautiful cinematography, smart editing, and just the right balance of suspense and action. That’s not an accident. Director Steven Soderbergh is no slouch and he brought his deft hand to all 10 of the show’s Season 1 episodes.

Now there’s a way for fans to know how he did it: The Knick: Anatomy of a Series, a new (FREE!) digital book breaking down the shows scripts, production notes, and even the 465 hours, 30 minutes, and 50 seconds spent editing the first season of the Cinemax show. It also details Soderbergh’s process of showing edited footage to the Knick production team instead raw-footage “dailies.”

Seventeen Kwangwoon Theatre Fanmeet  Fancam Compilation

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Please do not copy and paste this anywhere, I worked really hard to make this. Yes, the compilation videos have been split to their time stamps for each parody. Yes, this turned out to be a much bigger job than I anticipated haha. 
 [ Focus | Credit ]

Member Moments:
Opening: [Woozi |  푸른달 스물아흐레 ]
Seunghaengseol?: [ S.coups |  Peach Tea ]
Mwo-ra-go?: [Jeonghan | REDSTONE ]
Hug:  [ Seungkwan&S.coups | Merry Go Round ]
“I dreamed of ghost”: [Jeonghan | 푸 니 ]  [Joshua | 푸 니 ]   [Woozi | 푸 니 ]
Boonon/BeoSeungkwan: [Seungkwan&Vernon|  Merry Go Round ]
Vernon’s Height
Runway Walk: [ Hiphop |  민규격봉투 ] [ Mingyu |  Dear, Moment ]
Aegyo: [ Vernon |  민규격봉투 ] [Mingyu |  민규격봉투 ] [Mingyu |  푸른달 스물아흐레 ] [ Mingyu | REDSTONE ] [ Mingyu |  Dear, Moment ] [ S.coups | 푸른달 스물아흐레 ] [S.coups  |백전백승 ][ Woozi  | VernonNet ] [Dino | REDSTONE ]  [Vernon | REDSTONE ]
Gwiyomi: [Seungkwan | Evergreen ]  [ Hoshi | | 권순영닷컴 ] [Hoshi |  Starry Night ]
Sexy:  [Seungkwan | Evergreen ] [DK |  오늘도내일도 ]
Rapping:  [Dino | STOP LINE ]
Martial Arts:  [The8 | VernonNet ] [the8&HOshi&Seungkwan | VernonNet ] [The8 | Splash Rain ]
Yaja time:  [ Dino | So Brilliant ]
Ending: [ OT13 | So Brilliant ]  

Ah Yeah: [ Vernon | The Moment ]  [S.coups  |백전백승 ]
OMG:  [ Woozi |  Lucete ] [ Hoshi | 권순영닷컴 ]  [ Hoshi | ALL of Hoshi ]
No Flex Zone: [ Mingyu |  규장각]  [Mingyu| Dreamingyu]  [Mingyu | Chewing Baby ] [Wonwoo  |백전백승 ]

Mansae Part Switch:
[ Hoshi | ANOTHER LEVEL ] [Mingyu | 규장각] [ Mingyu |  Blue Diamond ] [Woozi | Pink Cake ] [Woozi |  푸른달 스물아흐레 ] [ Dino | So Brilliant ]
Fronting: [ Hoshi | ALL of Hoshi ]  [ Woozi |  Lucete ] [S.coups |  PASSION] [ S.coups | PLEASURE SEEKER ][ Mingyu |  Blue Diamond ]
When I Grow Up: [ Hoshi | ALL of Hoshi ]  [Seungkwan | Evergreen ]
20: [ Vernon  | VernonNet ]
Achoo//Lovelyz: [OT13 | 푸 니 ] [ Woozi |  Lucete ] [ S.coups |  8월8일] [ Seungkwan |  Evergreen ] [Seungkwan |  부른다 ]  [Jeonghan | REDSTONE ] [Woozi |  River Boy ]  [ Hoshi | | 권순영닷컴 ]
B-boy:  [ Vernon  | VernonNet ]  [ Vernon | The Moment ] [Vernon |  Humming Bird ] [ Vernon | Blossom Season ]
Baby Goodnight//Gd&TOP:  [Joshua | REDSTONE ]
Bo Peep Bo Peep//T-ara:  [ Mingyu | 규장각] [Mingyu|  VernonNet ] [ Mingyu |  Blue Diamond ] [Mingyu | Chewing Baby ] [Mingyu | Russian Blue ]  [ Mingyu |  Dear, Moment ] [ Mingyu | 4월에 피는꽃 ] [ Hoshi |  HOSHI Attic ] [Wonwoo |  Eternal Summer ] [Wonwoo| LAONATO ] [Wonwoo | 백전백승 ]
Butterfly//Xia: [Seungkwan | Evergreen ] [ Seungkwan | Boo-Beat ] [Seungkwan | BelieBOO ] [ Seungkwan |  Talent Boo ] [ Seungkwan | B러브드 ] [Seungkwan |  부른다 ] [Suengkwan | Near And Dear ]  [Seungkwan | 푸 니 ]
Break Even //The Script: [ Joshua | REDSTONE ] [Joshua |  VernonNet ] [JOshua | Splash Rain ] [Joshua | 푸 니 ]
Cantallena//Orange Caramel: [Seungkwan || Merry Go Round ][Seungkwan&Hoshi | VernonNet ] [ Hoshi | | 권순영닷컴 ]
Catch You Catch Me//Cardcaptor Sakura:  [S.coups |  PASSION] [S.coups | Breathless Moment ]   [Seungkwan | Evergreen ] [S.coups  |백전백승 ]
Good Morning//Verbal Jint: [ S.coups |  8월8일] [Woozi | PEACH MELLOW][S.coups & Woozi |  VernonNet ] [Woozi&S.coups |  Immortal Wisdom ] {Woozi&S.coups |  Lucete ]
Eyes, Nose, Lips-Taeyang: [ Hoshi |  호시자리 ] [Hoshi | Splash Rain ] [ Hoshi | | 권순영닷컴 ] [Hoshi | 푸 니 ]
Hello//Adele: [ Hoshi | ALL of Hoshi ]   [Seungkwan | Evergreen ] [Seungkwan | 푸 니 ]
It’s Love//Mose: [Jeonghan | VernonNet ]  [Jeonghan | Splash Rain ]
It’s You//Soulman: [ DK | | STOP LINE ]
Lie, Lie, LIe//LeeJuck: [ Jun | 규장각 ]
Nonono//Apink: [Seungkwan | Evergreen ] [ Seungkwan | Merry Go Round ]  
Party Rock Anthem//LMFAO: [ OT13 | | 권순영닷컴 ] [Woozi |  푸른달 스물아흐레 ] [Seungkwan | Evergreen ]
pororo song:  [S.coups & Woozi |  VernonNet ] [S.coups & Woozi | HONEY DELIGHT ] [S.coups & Woozi | Lucete ]
Put my Heart//Full Moon wo Sagashite: [Woozi&Hoshi | STOP LINE ] [Woozi&HOshi | Honey Chips ]
Strawberry Bubblegum//JT:  [HOshi | Splash Rain ] [Hoshi |  Starry Night ]
Zero//ChrisBrown:  [Woozi | Splash Rain ] [Woozi| Fairy Melody ]

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