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Let me fix you | YoonKook

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Pairing: Jungkook x Yoongi

Genre: Angst, Drabble, Jungkook POV

Word count: 504

A/N: Just a little something that crossed my mind and decided to write it down

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BTS Mashup - Dope/Baepsae

hey, guys! i spent spring break experimenting and made a thing. enjoy!!


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BTS reaction when they break up with you but after seeing exgf with another member was comforr you they realize that they miss you and want you back, please? Sorry if it's too long or complicated :(

Don’t be sorry, I’m a long (aka tall XD) and complicated person so I get these stuff easily ~~

here is you request hope you like it and come back again *waves*


*when he knew you are girl Yoongi kept talking about all week* well maybe they fit together….*dissapointed af* 

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*after seeing you together couple of times* hold you shit together Namjoon I know you miss her and the whole break up thing is wrong just hold your shit *internally screaming every time he sees you with Yoongi*

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SUGA -Yoongi-

*talking in shock to Jimin* you are dating Y/N???!!

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*after seeing how much both look like a perfect couple* ahh I wish I never left her *sigh*

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J-HOPE -Hoseok-

*wants to murder Jungkook for talking about you 24/7* 

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*later confessing to Taehyung* Man this is one of the most things I regret in my life…

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V -Taehyung-

*watching you and Namjoon being lovely dovely* I am going to throw up

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I’m getting tired of this *crying in Korean*

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JIN -Seokjin-
*tries to act mature about it* oh you guys a-are dating congrats *fake smile(but fails)*

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*cooks you favorite dinner* I-I was suppose t-to eat it with Y/N

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*sulks whenever Jin mentions you*

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*forever in deep thoughts* why me…?

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*closes his ear whenever Taehyung talks about you* NO I DON’T WANT TO LISTEN

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*complaining to Namjoon* I think he is doing it on purpose Hyung I’m centimeters away from a break down *emo af*

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bts 1st win on a music show
  • jimin : /crying like a bby/ /out of this world staring around/
  • jin : /doesnt really realize they truly won until he starts crying watching the other members/ /holds them close/
  • taehyung : /big no joke smile on his face while tears stream down his cheeks/ /waves and throws hearts constantly to the crowd/
  • hoseok : /a total and complete MESS/ /crying his eyes out with his hands covering his face/ /needs to squat at some point/
  • jungkook : /maknae crying so beautifully like the cutie he is while being unable to hide his smile/ /the one almost everyone holds on to/
  • yoongi : /hot sassy mofo image disappearing as he tries hard no to cry/ /the one who cries the less but still unable to control it very well/ /pats everyone’s shoulder with a gentle smile/
  • namjoon : /leader doing his best to make a thank you speech/ /gets lost while speaking cause unable to put his emotions into words/ /avoids any eye contact with his members bc too scared to break down completely/
yoongi rap compilation
{ hyyh pt3: young forever }
yoongi rap compilation

yoongis tears fueled me to make this

the amount of work and effort he puts in his songs is unbelievable and i hope people realize that, im so proud of you min yoongi

1. fire
2. save me
3. epilogue: young forever
4. love is not over (full length ver)
5. i need u (urban mix)
6. run (ballad mix)