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Your parents are not supposed to yell at you, mock you, ect. for crying, and they’re not supposed to FORCE you to tell them whats wrong if they aren’t the reason you’re crying.

Your parents are not supposed to tell you that you’re lying, overreacting, ect. if you bring up that you think you might have a mental illness / physical illness ect.

Your parents are not supposed to yell at you or tell you “I put a roof over your head” or “I feed you” or “oh well” or anything of the like if you bring up something that they do that upsets you

Your parents are not supposed to scream at you and punish you for making mistakes such as breaking dishes, not doing something right, ect. 

Your parents are not supposed to guilt you when you’re having a hard time by saying “I have it worse than you do” “you wont last 30 seconds out in the real world” ect.

Your parents are not supposed to yell at you to shut up for “talking back” when you were only trying to explain / defend yourself.

All of this is abuse. Parents are NEVER supposed to do these things. If you think your parents are abusing you or you think something is wrong, listen to yourself. Look into abuse. You are not overreacting. Your feelings are valid.
If you are being abused, I love you and always remember that you’ll be out of there soon.

OK but like, headcanon that draco gets a shit ton of freckles during the summer but no one except pansy, blaise, crabbe, and goyle know since he always covers them up in the beginning of the school year until they fade. Cut to life after Hogwarts with drarry’s first summer together and draco’s freckles are coming in strong and he’s trying to keep them covered so harry doesn’t see but then one morning in the middle of summer harry gets up early to make breakfast in bed for draco for their six month anniversary and he comes back from the kitchen and promptly drops the tray and stares at his boyfriend and his adorable freckles, said boyfriend having jolted awake at the sound of breaking dishes, and they just stare at each other until harry goes “you’ve got something on your face” and draco, turning red at an alarming rate, goes “shut up Potter” and I don’t really know what happens after that I just really want a freckly Draco Malfoy

Loki Catch-Up

How He Wakes You Up:

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Loki would accidentally wake you up while he practices his magic in another room. He would knock something off a table or accidentally break some dishes as he tries to make breakfast the cheater way. He would always look frustrated because he woke you up while trying to be quiet in order not to wake you.

Date Nights:

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Date nights meant relaxation for the two of you no matter when you had them. You would always stay in and watch movies while eating some takeout. You made it a goal to watch a different movie every time and to always try out new restaurants. The only time movies weren’t new or different would be around Christmas and Halloween because come on you have to stick to traditions which for Christmas also included drinking a cup of hot chocolate filled with marshmallows and topped with whipped cream.

Missions & Babies:

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Loki was going back to Asgard for a week while you stayed on Midgard with your newborn baby. He was visibly upset about having to leave his baby but the second he heard her giggle at him he knew that all would be well. He knew that he could come visit often which greatly helped you in convincing him to actually go back home and do what he had to get done.


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When you finally got Loki to relax and have a staycation you would pull harmless pranks together. You were a big fan of pranks so the two of you would often sneak away and plan tricks to pull on the other avengers in the tower. One time you even pranked Thor by replacing all of his poptarts with slices of plain bread. It was a lame prank but made the two of you smile and laugh anyway.

Stolen Dairy

Word Count: 370

Summary: Bucky doesn’t respect the rules of a communal kitchen.

Warning: Language and a messy kitchen

A/N: This is what happens when @aubzylynn sends me links to help me overcome writer’s block.

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Steve hurried into the kitchen that morning, following the sound of yelling and breaking dishes. He was torn between surprise and resignation at the sight that greeted him.

There was broken glass on the floor, remnants of some poor cup or bowl that had gotten stuck in the crossfire. The blender was tipped on its side, a half-blended smoothie spilling out across the counter and dripping onto the floor. Benny Goodman’s “Sing, Sing, Sing” was blaring from the stereo, adding a decidedly ridiculous air of dramatics to the scene playing out in the kitchen. You were perched on your knees on top of the kitchen island whacking Bucky with a wet dish rag which snapped with a painful sound every time it made contact. Bucky had his metal arm raised defensively in front of his face while he chucked pieces of frozen fruit at you with the other.

“Children. I’m living with children,” Steve sighed, hooking his arm around your waist and dragging you off the counter.

“Steve, put me down! No, listen, he deserves it this time!” you whined, struggling to escape his hold on you or at least to put your feet on the ground.

“I didn’t even do anything! I was just trying to make a smoothie, and she came in and started going psycho!” Bucky protested.

“That son of a bitch stole my yogurt!” you yelled, and Steve was forced to devote both arms to holding you as you continued to try to wiggle free.

“How was I supposed to know it was yours? We share a kitchen! I wasn’t aware your dairy was off limits!”

“Alright,” Steve cut in, tossing you lightly onto the couch as you shrieked in protest. He placed a firm hand on your shoulder to keep you from rising. “Buck, go buy her more yogurt.”


“You know how ridiculous she is about food. You either go buy her more, or she’s just going to keep hitting you,” Steve sighed tiredly

“This is bullshit!”

“What’s bullshit is you used all my yogurt to try to make your freaky smoothie! You can’t put plums in a smoothie, idiot! It doesn’t work!”

“You’re the worst.”

You’re the worst.”

“I hate both of you.”

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How the Joker get's out of being in trouble from Harley

Harley: *bursts into his office with her favorite broken cup* PUDDIN WTH I TOLD YOU TO WASH THE DISHES NOT BREAK THEM

Joker: *sighs turn’s around in chair start’s unbuttoning shirt*

Harley: *watching totally memorized by his chest*

Joker: *take’s shirt off* I’m sorry Harley what were you yelling about

Harley: *looking at his chest* heh n-nothing puddin

anyway  ——  to  kick  my  ass  in  to  gear  tomorrow  LIKE  THIS  FOR  A  LYRIC  BASED  STARTER.

Honestly, God bless the person who chooses to marry me. I’m a hot mess and sure, sometimes my quirks are cute, but it’s gonna get old. It’ll get old when I break yet another dish because I’m so damn clumsy. It’s gonna get old when my scatterbrained self once again loses something important and I tear up the house looking for it. And when I’m so delighted that I’ve found what I’m looking for that I don’t clean up after myself up immediately it’s gonna get old. And it’s gonna get even older when a week has gone by and the house is still a mess because I’ve moved on to my next thing without thinking to clean it. It’s gonna get old that I often don’t do my laundry until I have absolutely nothing to wear because of who I am as a person and I have “more important” things to do. It’s gonna get old when I constantly say I’m gonna get my life together but never last more than three days with a clean room no matter how hard I try. And when I finally go to clean it and I have trouble throwing some of the silliest things away because I’ve had it for three years and I haven’t touched it, but “it’s still good” or “i might need that some day” it might get just a little cluttered, and old. I constantly forget deadlines until the last minute and I love to spend as much time as possible doing nothing. (Unless of course there are adventures to have). It’s gonna get so old that I have almost no control over the words that come out of my mouth and at times my bluntness is so shocking. It’s gonna get old that I’m gonna be up late working on projects that I may never finish and writing poetry at the most ungodly hours. I know it will. I tire myself out just as much as I tire out the people around me, trust me I know. But I know that the person that chooses to marry me, despite all of my tiring flaws, is going to love me so absolutely much. They’re going to have to choose me because I have no idea how to be anything other than unapologetically myself. And whoever that person is, I know they’re going to be worth the wait. And I feel like I’m lucky because I have so little control over myself and who I am, but at least I know that I’m in for a beautiful, loving marriage some day. Because the person that finally finds themselves capable of handling me forever is going to have the purest, most understanding, and most forgiving heart. They’ll have to. And should they ever find themselves willing to procreate with me, send them extra prayers. Because it’s enough to be married to me, but the laborious task of raising our bastard, mini-me children is gonna require extra sanity that only the most pure can obtain.

Why is it when we are heart broken we got staight to music that we know makes us think of the person,the memories and then comes the big cry.
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So these are from both Eren and Mikasa’s interviews : 

Q: did something come to mind?
Eren: My mother’s cooking … though I’ll never taste it again , But I liked the stew he made .

Q: tastes like home.
Eren: when I think about it I want to eat it. I wonder If Mikasa remembers how to make it …

Q: You were raised together so she might have carried on the recipe
: I see …. Next time, I’ll try asking her to make it.

Q: That seems pretty standard.What’s your best dish?
Mikasa: I grew up in the mountains…so a pheasant and vegetables dish. On break days I’ll occasionally cook recipes that mom or aunt Kalura (Carla) taught me, and then eat it with Eren and others.

Q: Eren must love having a taste of home.
Mikasa: Ah…I hope so.


Signs as American laws
  • Aries: It is illegal to drive a camel on the highway. (Nevada)
  • Taurus: It is forbidden to push a moose out of a plane in motion. (Alaska)
  • Gemini: Eating in a place that is on fire is forbidden. (Chicago, Illinois)
  • Cancer: It is illegal to set a mousetrap without a hunting license. (California)
  • Leo: You're not allowed to break more than three dishes a day, or chip the edge off more than four cups and/or saucers. (Florida)
  • Virgo: Everyone must take a bath at least once a year. (Kentucky)
  • Libra: Illegal for a man to give his sweetheart a box of candy weighing less than fifty pounds. (Idaho)
  • Scorpio: A father cannot frighten his daughter's boyfriend with a gun. (Wichita, Kansas)
  • Sagittarius: Rats are forbidden from leaving the ships docked in Tampa Bay. (Florida)
  • Capricorn: It's illegal to mispronounce the name of the state (Arkansas)
  • Aquarius: A dead person cannot be required to serve on a jury. (Oregon)
  • Pisces: It is illegal for anyone to try and stop a child from playfully jumping over puddles of water. (California)

I died for a while because Seeds of Memories got released and I couldn’t tear myself away from the game It’S SO ADDICTING

Did you know that you can marry Gareth now and he is even more of a cutie than I imagined

He’s actually clumsy on top of his social awkwardness, and he’s so good at first aid because he has to fix himself up all the time

Also SoM makes me miss Lost Valley and I want to replay my file (but I’m still so traumatized from spinach not mutating into savory ones…also it’s so ridiculously hard to earn money sob)

sonatine  asked:

pls write your nat/maria hcs i would love you forever

WELL IF YOU INSIST, here are my Natasha/Maria headcanons:

  • On Avenger missions where Hill is their SHIELD support, Natasha and Maria flirt over the comms so incessantly and incandescently that even Tony can’t listen without blushing. They eventually get their own designated Flirt Line after a ribald comment from Maria makes Clint drop his bow off a thirty-story roof in the middle of a firefight.
  • Date night can either be Maria in a gorgeous suit (she and Coulson use the same tailor; all her suits have pockets for half a dozen concealed weapons) and Natasha in one of her thirty million formal dresses going to the ballet, or both of them in pajamas lying diagonally across the couch watching Iron Chef. They always pick opposite contestants to root for; loser has to do the dishes.
  • Natasha breaks into Maria’s apartment approximately once a week to leave her presents and/or eat all her snacks. Maria always knows when Nat’s been there because there will be a tiny exquisite souvenir from whatever country Nat’s been to most recently on her coffee table, and all of her leftover Thai food will have disappeared from her fridge.
  • Natasha also steals Maria’s sweatpants. They’re worn out enough to be super soft, and she likes the way they pool around her feet.
  • They’ve saved each other’s lives so often that they’ve lost count of who’s saved who more. Instead, they have a sparkly pink plastic tiara that Maria found at a dollar store, and whoever saved the other’s life most recently gets to wear the tiara and issue imperious commands, usually revolving around receiving breakfast in bed.
  • Natasha tries on a lot of different personality traits, picking up quirks and shifting her vocal patterns and body language as the mood strikes. Maria always treats her exactly the same. 
  • Sometimes when Maria is delivering lectures to baby SHIELD agents, Natasha will stand in the back of the classroom holding up signs with terrible dad jokes like “HOW MUCH DOES A HIPSTER WEIGH? AN INSTAGRAM.” Maria has to clench her teeth until her jaw creaks to avoid bursting into laughter; the baby SHIELD agents are utterly terrified.

Hey there folks, guess what? I only worked half a day today so I have the whole evening to talk about whatever anybody wants to! So if anybody’s in the mood for a chat this lovely Wednesday, my ask is open!

ALRIGHT. I highly recommend commissioning @dalishwolfhound, because they did a fantasterrific job drawing Darth Serenus (Sith Qui-Gon) from my Frisson AU for me.

I mean, just look at him? He’s perfect. I’m only crying alot. They also did this in only a couple days, so you get great quality with a great turnaround time for a great price. You can’t lose. Just look at him.

Thank you, Dalish!

Reaction when your clumsy and it starts to frustrate you


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When you knocked a picture frame from the table accidentally you didn’t say anything besides give a long sight. Moonbin picked up the frame and placed it the table. He looks at you with a weird face to make you  smile “Don’t be bothered by it, its cute” You laugh at him and nod. 


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You sight as you cleaned the floor after breaking AND spilling a glass of water “Hey don’t worry, being clumsy isn’t that bad” Minhyuk said as he began to help you clean. Making silly jokes while you did so. 


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He stops playing his game when he herd the dishes break “Y/N…..” The moment he heard you complain in annoyance he began to laugh at you “It’s not funny Sanha!” You explain “Uh, yes, it is” 

Hark’s fighting style

In the words of Nick Valentine, “big and loud.”

Harkness is a shoot first, ask questions never kinda guy. He was the first Courser, and while he’s not part of that anymore the programming remains. He’s ruthlessly efficient. He never goes for a disabling shot when dealing with an enemy. It’s headshot or bust, and when his system is working at 100% he has an aiming accuracy of 97.5%. 

Thankfully, he’s not only governed by his programming as a Courser. He has actual experience as a ‘peace-keeping officer’, which is the real role of a security chief. On a ship he can’t just go around shooting every trouble maker or public nuisance (otherwise Butch Deloria would be splattered all over the wall). So he breaks up fights and dishes out concussions like it’s his job, because it is.

So basically, in civilized company, he’ll trade off a rifle for a good old fashioned beat down.

The good thing is, he doesn’t really need to go around killing everything all the time. He’s got a natural authority and presence to him, so half the time a barked warning of “back off” works. Lower level mooks and opportunists aren’t usually looking to die, and a big guy with a resting bitchface and a laser rifle sorta promises death. He’s the embodiment of the ‘pacify’ perk when it comes to human, ghoul, and synth opponents. 

Feral ghouls he doesn’t bother with - he just blasts their heads off. Same with supermutants, though that’s obviously a harder fight.

He prefers laser or plasma weapons. They may require precision accuracy but Hark’s usually got that, and the kick on them is far easier on his shoulder and battered system than any other weapon.