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Xie Huang Yu, Shanghai

Urban development continues at a record breaking pace here in Shanghai, and many of the old school mom & pop restaurants are closing up shop as their property is getting bought up by hotel and mall developers. Over the last 12 months since we moved here, I’ve seen two of my favorite noodle shops and two of my favorite dumpling makers shut their doors in Xintiandi. All on the same block! So the affordable, and authentic, lunch options near our office are dwindling. But yesterday, my friend Snowing told me about Xie Huang Yu, a local restaurant only a few blocks away that recently renovated and upgraded (and raised their prices) but still offers classic Shanghainese dishes without breaking the bank…

Xie Huang Yu is a cozy space where communal seating is encouraged. You must order at the counter before finding a table though, where a new picture-filled electronic menu board now offers English translations! Pay, take a number and find a seat. Your food arrives in about five minutes…

The deep-fried pork chop is one of the house specialties here and not to be missed…

Cost: 15 rmb or about $2.00 US.

The spicy pork over noodles was excellent…

Cost: 32 rmb or about $4.50 US.

Chinese cabbage fried in vinegar…

Cost: 18 rmb or about $2.50 US.

And one of Xie Huang Yu’s other house specialties, as they’re known for their seafood, crab and crab roe over noodles…

Cost: Their priciest dish at 58 rmb or about $8.50 US.

Sure, it’s not the two buck bowls of noodles we used to get a few months back, but a tasty local lunch for two like this for under twenty dollars I can still deal with.

Xie Huang Yu just became a weekly stop on my lunch circuit!


(Right next to The Brewer)

202 Taicang Road


So for those of us keeping score at home, after Yousef No Chill Acar got the call from his soulmate asking to meet up, he peaced the fuck out MID-FILMING the Hei Briskeby video and, logically also must have
-ran home (could have power-walked but lbr he sprinted)
-slammed the door open to the kitchen and begged his mom to make a romantic carrot-based fast-breaking dish STAT
-changed his entire outfit because he had to look fresh af for his date with the light of his life and future mother of his twelve children Sana Bakkoush

Your parents are not supposed to yell at you, mock you, ect. for crying, and they’re not supposed to FORCE you to tell them whats wrong if they aren’t the reason you’re crying.

Your parents are not supposed to tell you that you’re lying, overreacting, ect. if you bring up that you think you might have a mental illness / physical illness ect.

Your parents are not supposed to yell at you or tell you “I put a roof over your head” or “I feed you” or “oh well” or anything of the like if you bring up something that they do that upsets you

Your parents are not supposed to scream at you and punish you for making mistakes such as breaking dishes, not doing something right, ect. 

Your parents are not supposed to guilt you when you’re having a hard time by saying “I have it worse than you do” “you wont last 30 seconds out in the real world” ect.

Your parents are not supposed to yell at you to shut up for “talking back” when you were only trying to explain / defend yourself.

All of this is abuse. Parents are NEVER supposed to do these things. If you think your parents are abusing you or you think something is wrong, listen to yourself. Look into abuse. You are not overreacting. Your feelings are valid.
If you are being abused, I love you and always remember that you’ll be out of there soon.

exo as types of housemates


• he keeps the apartment clean and tidy

• does a full clean of the apartment once a week

• gets annoyed when his housemates leave dirty dishes in the sink too long

• bought a box to put the dirty dishes in. if they’re not washed and put away within his given time frame…he’ll throw them away

• writes a lot of passive aggressive notes and leaves them everywhere

• early bird. by the time everyone wakes up he would have finished his morning jog, showered, eaten breakfast, fed his cat, washed the dishes, made his bed and is ready to go to work

• always sleeps before 10 pm


• mum. nags a lot but also shows you lots of love 

• bought a whiteboard for the living room. wrote reminders, the weekly chores roster, encouragements, weekly menu and to do lists on it

• wine enthusiast. has an impressive wine collection. drinks a glass every night (borderline addict) 


• loves hosting dinner parties

• loves having wine and board game nights

• avid reader. has multiple full bookcases in the apartment


• kind and gentle

• enjoys growing cute little succulents and cacti on the windowsills and desks 

• has a love hate relationship with a pigeon who lives outside his bedroom window

• can be a bit absent minded sometimes. forgets to put the milk and butter back in the fridge occasionally (apologises profusely)

• decorates the apartment with cozy touches (eg. soft blankets on the couch, hanging fairy lights, buying candles and buying fresh flowers for the coffee/dining table)

• can be a phantom some days. his housemates know he’s still here by his plates and cup being washed and drying in the rack. he’s usually holed up in his room working

• doesn’t mind cleaning after everyone once in a while but he gently reminds them to do it themselves so the apartment isn’t infested with cockroaches and ants


• he always has music blasting from his room

• always starting DIY projects he saw on pinterest, facebook or tv shows. rarely finishes them. incomplete projects everywhere

• handy man. can do minor repairs

• a bit of a klutz. breaks dishes and cups sometimes. replaces them promptly

• has 5 bottles of bug spray distributed around the apartment (he hates bugs and spiders)

• cooks really well! his housemates rarely order in when he’s home (he loves cooking for people so it’s no biggie)

• enjoys creating daily vlogs to document his life


• you can hear youtube gameplay videos blasting from his room (esp. markiplier and jacksepticeye)

• leaves dirty dishes in the sink. when he runs out of dishes and utensils he has disposable plates and utensils in his room

• eats some of his housemate’s food without asking

• never throws out the trash when it’s full. proceeds to push his rubbish down further into the bin to make room

• “borrows” his housemate’s stuff and leaves a note saying he’ll give it back

• walks around naked sometimes

• night owl. watches movies late into the night or plays games until the early morning


• whines a lot over little things

• trolls his housemates a lot (sticky notes their room, wraps the toilet in glad wrap, puts cups of water on the floor of their bedroom etc…)

• always yelling from the toilet saying that he ran out of toilet paper

• bought a karaoke machine

• loves throwing parties for every occasion (birthdays, work promotions, halloween, new years etc…)

• always has a friend over visiting 

• in the end though, he really is a kind and reliable person who respects everyone’s wishes and feelings


• very sensible

• a little bit shy

• goes to culinary school so he is an amazing chef! everyone in the apartment looks forward to dinner when it’s his time to cook

• sings in the shower, when he’s tidying up, doing the dishes and laundry. his housemates always ask him to sing more but he’s shy

• has a big tea collection in the kitchen cupboard

• enjoys watching sitcoms with everyone (Friends, Seinfeld, Modern Family etc…)

• falls asleep on the couch a lot. His housemates tuck him in before they go to sleep


• sweet and fun

• animal lover. he already has 3 dogs but occasionally, random animals are in the apartment because he feels bad for the strays on the street

• tries to cook but his “recipes” are… odd 

• he’s a bit messy but if you ask him to do something he will have no problem in getting it done

• whenever he uses up the toilet paper he forgets to replace it with a new roll

• falls asleep in random areas around the house (against the wall, dinner table, couch, floor etc…)

• he sleeps in such a deep slumber and looks so comfy that his housemates feel bad for waking him up (they do just cover him in a blanket if he’s sleeping somewhere soft)


• pays his part of the bills late

• always leaves the toilet seat up

• he’s that guy who nearly finishes all the milk/juice except for a few mls. he then proceeds to put the carton back in the fridge (why can’t he just use it all and throw it out?!)

• doesn’t do any chores until someone actually asks him or scolds him

•needy. he’ll just enter one of his housemate’s room and lies on their bed while bothering them

• enjoys having movie marathons with his housemates

• interested in fashion. goes clothes shopping twice a week. leaves clothes everywhere. has a huge pile of laundry in his room

BTS Reaction to their s/o being clumsy


He’d find it cute until you actually hurt yourself pretty seriously. After that he’d try his best at staying by you at all times and making sure you stay as far away from sharp objects as possible. The last thing he would want is ever seeing you getting hurt.

Whenever you two are cooking together he’d be extremely careful making sure that both you and him are ok.

“Jagi wait, NO. Put the knife down…I’ll cut the vegetables for today…dont worry…just put the knife down” 


The two of you are a very odd combination. It always seemed like if the two of you were in the same room, at least one of you will get hurt. However Namjoon would start being more careful and would try his best to make sure that you wont get hurt. In the end it’ll just become something he is used to and loves.

“I think this just proves that we are perfect for each other.”


Whenever you trip a little or slip on the floor for no reason he will just chuckle to himself and wont pay it much attention. He’d notice your little slip ups but wont comment on them to not make you feel embarrassed and also because he mostly found it adorable. You wouldn’t get hurt most of the time and he knew you were fine so he couldn’t help but laugh in secret at how cute you are. But at times where he thought you were too adorable he wouldn’t be able to not comment on it.

“I know you slipped and I hope you’re ok, but god that was so funny and cute.”


At first he would get very concerned for you and will worry that you’ll one day manage to actually get hurt quiet seriously. Once time passes and he realises the your clumsiness is mostly harmless he’d worry less and would try his best to be with you when you do anything remotely dangerous. As time goes on he’d also make a habit of always carrying a little first aid bag. To his surprise he actually used it very often. 

“Try to be a little more careful, I don’t want you getting hurt…plus I’m running out of bandaids.”


He wouldn’t be able to hide how adorable he thought you were whenever you’d accidentally slip on the ground and then balance yourself back up with your arms stretched out. Whenever you let out a small yell and he hears a loud crash he’d just roll his eyes knowing that you most likely accidentally dropped something on the ground. After hearing you he’d come from behind and would give you a back hug.

“Stop making breaking our dishes look so adorable.”


He’d tease you all time since he knew that most of your little moments were absolutely harmless. Obviously whenever you actually got hurt he’d make sure you were ok and would take a lot of care of you. But before that happens he’d always love poking fun at your shenanigans, always finding them to be a mixture of funny and cute. When you trip over nothing he’d pat your head and will smile warmly at you.

“You sure you don’t want any help there? Or are you just giving the floor a needed hug?”


He’d be the type to actually worry deeply for you. Getting scared whenever you let out a yelp or when you manage to somehow fall on the spot. He would get frustrated but never angry at you as he knew it wasn’t something you could control, but he’d still worry. When you fall onto the ground he’d immediately crouch over and make sure you’re ok. Once he knows you’re fine he’d cup your face with his hands and sigh.

“You already give me enough heart attacks with how pretty you are, no need to give me any more. So be a little more careful, ok?”


Links to watch it on Tumblr HERE or on Vlive CH+ HERE

  • Jin and Hoseok’s food dance is back
  • Jhope asking Jin to not play with food. Jin telling him “But I am the one who’s eating it” savagery man
  • BTS trying to harmonize the intro and failing like everytime / because Giving the same excuse as usual “It is still the morning”
  • Jimini cute way of drinking (LIKE YOU WILL DIE IT IS SHO CUTE)
  • Jimin asking for cooking tips from Jin and trying to crush rice with his smol hands
  • Jin turning a potato peeler into a knife. Jhope into a razor and JK into a clipper … the amount of EXTRA … While Jimin is singing in the backround
  • Jin then goes to cook in peace in the back a recipe he learned from a chef (That boy knife skills are no joke)
  • We discover that Rapmon minced the bones with the chicken then asks Jin if he can eat them. Jin “Am I a dog?” is pure gold
  • Taetae batteling the lid of a blender for minutes just to give it to jin that opens it in a second (Jin is a hero with no cape in the kitchen I swear)
  • V takes super care of the squirell bowl as he cleans it multiple times it is so cute seing him all focused
  • Rapmon vs the clock who does not wanna stand and that keeps falling (Rapmon the genius just disappears once near a stove)
  • RM found pots when asked to bring serving plates. Then thought of this genius idea of pairing a green pot with Jungkook’s red plate to express traffic lights????? then find streaming dim sum … Hobi became hopeless with that hyung’s ideas …
  • Jin pitying the lonely potato he found on the floor (what a big heart)
  • Jungkook’s magic show featuring the glued potatoes continues
  • Jin was all the time next to Namjoon (Namjin shippers are still making dolphin noises)
  • Jhope, Rapmon and Jungkook deviding the chores perfectly (Team work=BTS)
  • We discover that our golden maknae who is good at everything is good at doing the dishes too as he did them in Busan (Why you so perfect boi)
  • JK tip for clean dishes: Rince with cold water to get ride of the soap residue (If JK said it it must be true)
  • Rapmon singing Cypher while doing the dishes was goals
  • JK thanking Rapmon out of the blue was so cute
  • Surprisingly RM didn’t break any dishes nor cut any finger (Our prayes reached)

By @mimibtsghost

BTS Reaction - You need help a lot with opening things, etc.

Anonymous said: could you make bts reactions to you (S/O) needing help often? such as trouble opening things etc.

Wow okay I am such a shitty person, this has been in my inbox for like 66 years and I am just getting to it. I am so sososososo sorry, here it is!


He’d laugh when he saw you struggling to pry open a jar of pickles, and would stand there until you turned around to call his name. You’d just pout as he popped the top of the lid open with no problem.

“It’s not that hard, see?”


Being his tall ass, he’d see you standing on your tip toes to try and reach some plates that were stacked on the top shelf. Namjoon would just walk over and reach above you to grab the plates easily with one hand. 

“Just ask me next time,” he’d laugh and you’d kiss his cheek in thanks.


Moving was a drag and you didn’t want to take more trips from the house to the car more than you had to. You stacked 3 boxes of kitchen plates and glasses on top of each other and hadn’t realized that the weight would pull you down. Seconds before the boxes crashed down onto the pavement, Taehyung swooped in and grabbed two of the three impending boxes of doom out of your arms.

“You need to be careful! Can’t have the love of my life breaking her back over dishes and plates.” He’d remind you with a boxy grin.


You pulled back in a hurry, quickly pinching your finger and whispering, “ow, ow, ow,” as red emerged from your nail bed. “Are you alright?” Hoseok would ask, coming over to inspect your injured finger. While you went to go tend to your wound, Hobi would take it upon himself to finish nailing the small hook into the wall for the picture frame.

“Be more careful next time, alright babe?” 


You could absolutely not get the damn dishwasher to open. There must have been a plate or something that was sticking out, preventing the washer to open up. Jimin came down as you were messing with it and nudged you to the side. With a quick flick of his hand, the dish rack moved backwards with a clink and slid out. He only smirked at you as he walked away.

“You’re welcome!” He said playfully from the living room.


Something about putting the crib together while he was at work didn’t feel right, and you knew you were correct when you couldn’t even figure out which parts went where. Seokjin came home and sat down next to you as you refused to let him help you, but when you decided you were too hungry for this, he took over and had it finished in 15 minutes.

“It’s okay, you’ll get it next time,” he’d joke.


“ just..get this for me?” You’d ask, desperate for some help opening the plastic lining on a particularly annoying piece of Halloween candy. It was one of those sour things that for some reason you could never open without scissors, and even then you’d end up skimming the top of the candy and ruining it. Jungkook would look over, candy stuck in his own mouth as he took the piece and tore it open with ease.

He’d just wink at you as the two of you continued to cuddle and watch scary movies on the couch.

anonymous asked:

How about Smol Tony tryin to reach things on high shelves and Bucky and tchalla fighting over who can get things for him. They get so distracted fighting that they don't notice Tony just using his armor's boots to hover and get the damn thing himself

Holy shit, I adore you! <3 This is a thing of beauty!!! And so fluffy :D

Just imagine the two of them almost falling over themselves trying to help Tony out. It’s not that they don’t think he can get the sugar on his own, alright, it’s just that nothing ever prepares them for smol Tony, stumbling through the kitchen wearing one of Bucky’s washed out sweaters that slips down on one shoulder and the tinkling anklets T’Challa gave him on their six month anniversary, nothing ever prepares them for the pureness of their boyfriend when he doesn’t feel like putting on a mask.

And it wasn’t supposed to be a contest at first, but then Bucky gives T’Challa a playful shove and T’Challa narrows his eyes and pulls out his feet from under him and suddenly there’s an all-out war going on in the kitchen.

Meanwhile Tony is still standing in front of the shelf, tapping his foot against the ground. He’s given up jumping now, he doesn’t even know why he still bothers to try, and is decidedly unimpressed by his boyfriends’ antics. He gives them another minute, but when the first dish breaks, he decides enough is enough. 

He clicks his heels together–and so what if a certain movie served as an inspiration–activating the boots and slowly floats up to get the damn sugar himself. It’s a bit shakier than when he has the repulsors in his hands for added stabilisation, but he makes it. Takes one look at his grown up boyfriends–who haven’t even noticed–steps around their fighting forms with a derisive sniff and gets to work.

In the background, Peter is filming the entire thing, but he’s laughing so hard the video is too shaky to be of any worth.

If Sicheng (WinWin) was your boyfriend pt. 2

Because an anon asked for part 2 
part 1

So you and Sicheng have been dating for a while and are so comfortable and in love with each other. Sicheng has become so comfortable that he has been slacking on his chores.
“Sicheng, why aren’t the dishes washed still?” You would nag, sometimes 
“What? I can’t hear you!”

The one time he actually does the dishes, he breaks your favorite mug. So he tries to act cute in order not to get in trouble (… it works)

Facetiming each other
(can we have more forehead Sicheng please @ SM)

His smile whenever you visit him at practice

When you catch him staring and he tries to play it off coolly 
(he is one attractive child omigosh)

When Yuta’s flirting goes a little too far
“Yuta hyung!”

But he still loves his bro (omg my Yuwin shipperness is showing)

But you get upset (mostly jealous) of how much time he is spending with Yuta instead of you
(awkward baby mode activated)

So you ask for lots of cuddles bc you’re upset (jealous)
(happy baby mode activated)
“Yes, yes I can do cuddles.”

Adopting not only Renjun but Chenle as well (omg my china babies)

Introducing himself to your parents for the first time (they love him bc he is just so darn cute)

“Hello, I’m (Y/N)’s boyfriend, Dong Sicheng. Nice to meet you.” 

Admitting to the world that he is super in love with you
“I love (Y/N) with all my heart!”

When you packed him lunch and Taeil asked if he could have some

Taeyong whenever he catches Sicheng kissing you
“My son is all grown up.”

Trying to introduce yourself to his parents in Chinese (but failing badly….)
(secondhand embarrassment cringe)

Getting distracted by your beauty when trying to study
“Your beauty is so distracting jagiya.”

Always supporting you and cheering you up when you’re nervous for a test/job interview/performance/etc.
“Jagi fighting!”

Watching him do his morning stretches
(idk this one and i just really wanted to use this gif but in an innocent way. omg he is just a child what am i doing???)

Asking the most random questions at the most random of times
“Sicheng, that’s almost $8000, what do you think?”

Having him practice his Korean with you
“Is this the right answer?”
“Sicheng, you’ve been choosing the same answer for the past 10 questions,no!”

So he tries to copy off of Renjun’s work 
“Renjun, what did you get for question 10?”

His excuse every time he doesn’t listen to you
“Sicheng, it’s been almost 2 years!”

When a strange and creepy guy gets too close to you
(ready to eff some shizz up mode activated)

When you diss him at being bad at head tennis
“I’ll show you who’s bad. Verse me right now”
(he gets competitive)

Taeyong every time Sicheng leaves for a date with you

Taeyong telling him to be safe when he’s out with you 
(omg why am I like this, he is too innocent for this)

How he stares whenever you dress really nice for your dates
(someone take my laptop away for me)

When he knows he wants to spend the rest of his life with you

Sicheng would be the fluffiest and softest boyfriend. He will always be there for you and take care of you, so please please do the same for him. He is just a soft child that also needs a lot of love. Also make sure to remind him of how amazing he is, because he truly is an amazing kid. Please love this kid!

(credits to gif owners/makers)

Cafeteria Food Fight Transcription

HOOCHAHOOCHA *loud splattering* AAAAAAAAHH *vomit sound* RRRAAAAAAAAA *dishes breaking* *kissing sounds* WOOOOHOOOO! *shotgun blast* CHILDREN! BEHAVE! *machine gun firing* *panicked whooping*

Doing Chores・家事する

Things to Wash (Dishes or Laundry) ー 洗い物

Do the dishes - 洗い物をする

Help with the dishes - 洗い物を手伝う

Please help wash the dishes.

Finish doing the dishes - 洗い物をすませる 

Every time she does the dishes she breaks something. (she breaks a dish every time she washes them.)

Garbage, Trash ー ゴミ

Take out the garbage - ゴミを出す

Whose turn is it to take out the trash?

Sort garbage - ゴミを分別する

Dump trash - ゴミを捨てる

Pick up trash - ゴミを拾う

Take trash home - ゴミを持ち帰る

Produce trash - ゴミがたまる

Become trash - ゴミになる

Pick up garbage (collect) - ゴミを集める・収集する

Incinerate garbage - ゴミを焼却する *(We don’t do this in America. In Japan, garbage is incinerated instead of dumped into a landfill permanently.)

Stain ー しみ/シミ

Remove a Stain - シミを取る・シミを抜く

このしみはふいても取れない. このしみはふいてもとれない。
This stain can’t be removed.

Make a stain - しみをつける

A stain comes off - シミが落ちる

このしみはどうしても落ちない. このしみはどうしてもおちない。
This stain won’t come out (off).

Get stained - しみになる

Washing ー 洗濯

Do the laundry - 洗濯をする

母は毎週間洗濯する。 はははまいしゅうかんせんたくする。
My mom does the laundry every week.

Be washable - 洗濯がきく・洗濯できる

Send to the laundry - 洗濯に出す

Hang laundry out to dry - 洗濯物を干す

Bring in the washing - 洗濯物を取る込む

Fold clothes - 洗濯物をたたむ

Fold your clothes.

Laundry piles up - 洗濯物がたまる

Laundry dries - 洗濯物が乾く

Broom ー ほうき

Sweep-  ほうきで掃く・集める

Clean - ほうきで掃除する

She swept (cleaned) the room (with a broom).

Stand a broom up - ほうきを立てかける

Dust ー ほこり

Stir up dust - ほこりを立てる

Dust spreads - ほこりが立つ

Dust accumulates - ほこりがたまる

To dust - ほこりを払う

She dusts off the furniture every day.

Covered in dust - ほこりをかぶる

Remove dust - ほこりを取る

Window ー 窓

Wipe window - 窓を拭く

Clean window - 窓を磨く

Misted /Fogged window - 窓が曇る

There are/no windows - 窓がある・ない

Break a window - 窓を割る

Open/Close a window - 窓を開ける・閉める

She opened the window to let in some air (lit. wind).

Dirt/Stain ー汚れ

Get stained - 汚れがつく

The stain is noticeable - 汚れが目立つ

Remove dirt - 汚れを落とす

You can remove dirt with soap.

Wash off dirt - 汚れを洗い落とす

Stain comes out - 汚れが落ちる

OK but like, headcanon that draco gets a shit ton of freckles during the summer but no one except pansy, blaise, crabbe, and goyle know since he always covers them up in the beginning of the school year until they fade. Cut to life after Hogwarts with drarry’s first summer together and draco’s freckles are coming in strong and he’s trying to keep them covered so harry doesn’t see but then one morning in the middle of summer harry gets up early to make breakfast in bed for draco for their six month anniversary and he comes back from the kitchen and promptly drops the tray and stares at his boyfriend and his adorable freckles, said boyfriend having jolted awake at the sound of breaking dishes, and they just stare at each other until harry goes “you’ve got something on your face” and draco, turning red at an alarming rate, goes “shut up Potter” and I don’t really know what happens after that I just really want a freckly Draco Malfoy

Loki Catch-Up

How He Wakes You Up:

Originally posted by fiercereadsya

Loki would accidentally wake you up while he practices his magic in another room. He would knock something off a table or accidentally break some dishes as he tries to make breakfast the cheater way. He would always look frustrated because he woke you up while trying to be quiet in order not to wake you.

Date Nights:

Originally posted by asgardian-angel

Date nights meant relaxation for the two of you no matter when you had them. You would always stay in and watch movies while eating some takeout. You made it a goal to watch a different movie every time and to always try out new restaurants. The only time movies weren’t new or different would be around Christmas and Halloween because come on you have to stick to traditions which for Christmas also included drinking a cup of hot chocolate filled with marshmallows and topped with whipped cream.

Missions & Babies:

Originally posted by lokihiddlelaufeyson

Loki was going back to Asgard for a week while you stayed on Midgard with your newborn baby. He was visibly upset about having to leave his baby but the second he heard her giggle at him he knew that all would be well. He knew that he could come visit often which greatly helped you in convincing him to actually go back home and do what he had to get done.


Originally posted by leftlovetragedy

When you finally got Loki to relax and have a staycation you would pull harmless pranks together. You were a big fan of pranks so the two of you would often sneak away and plan tricks to pull on the other avengers in the tower. One time you even pranked Thor by replacing all of his poptarts with slices of plain bread. It was a lame prank but made the two of you smile and laugh anyway.

Pentagon Running a Restaurant


  • co-owner but does all the paperwork and even waits tables
  • sometimes helps hongseok in the kitchen
  • he basically does a little bit of everything 


  • owner of the restaurant doesn’t actually do anything 
  • he’s just the owner on paper
  • greets regulars with hugs
  • holds a karaoke night every Friday just so he can sing for the customers aaww 


  • def a cook 
  • makes food in record time
  • constantly scolding wooseok for breaking dishes 


  • works the late night shifts and is always stuck kicking out the crazy drunks 
  • always has the clean up whatever gross stuff is on the ground or table
  • bartender
  • plays his mixtape 


  • cashier but also waits tables
  • his shoulders keep knocking stuff over
  • for some reason the children are scared of him so he gives them some crayons and a coloring sheet in hopes of making them feel better 

Yeo One: 

  • delivery boy 
  • very popular because when he takes his helmet off he runs his hand through his hair and everyone lowkey dies 
  • prob forgot to charge the customer
  • takes forever to make deliveries like what is he doing
  • gets tips just because he’s cute (even if he was late for the delivery)


  • the cute and nice worker that greets you and tells you to sit and wait for a table to open up
  • nobody minds waiting because they get to stare at him 
  • most of the time he’s the greeter but sometimes he’s a waiter 
  • nobody notices he came to wait their table cuz he just kinda stands there and doesn’t say anything 
  • keeps forgetting the orders tho which is why he’s a greeter


  • another delivery boy
  • somehow makes all his deliveries in like 10 minutes
  • gets annoyed when wooseok doesn’t do a good job cleaning up the table so he does it himself 


  • the only full time waiter in this restaurant
  • gives kids a free dessert
  • always smiling
  • even when he messes up an order he smiles and melts the customer’s heart 


  • clumsy bus boy that’s broken 6 plates in the last hour
  • won’t get fired because customers think he’s adorable
  • got caught on several occasions eating food off the plate before it left the kitchen