break both of her legs lmao

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*zooming in* So I've had this theory that Andy Lincoln has perfected a delicious sex move that I'll call the Lincoln Leg Sweep: lay down partner, extend arm, grab delighted partner's leg, sweep leg up around waist to align crotches. He did it during the couch scene, and he did it in a random movie clip I saw. And now he does it in the dark sneak peek (you can see his arm/her leg). Do you think they teach this in acting school? Or *squee* is he an LLS maestro in real life? *zooming out*

You mean this swift little move right here?

Nah, he’s too good at that shit for it to be a learned method. That first time, especially, how he gets Danai on her back without breaking their stride even a little bit? (She might not have even known it happened, lmao.) That is raw, natural talent, and I salute him for it.