break a hip

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Chocomom why are the old men always fighting each other?

The old fight for dominance to show the young that they are still spry and should not be messed with.

Does not usually help when they break hip–

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Finish the story babe x

J opened his mouth, immediately feeling D’s tongue meet his own. He groaned hungrily into the kiss, opening his mouth more, enjoying the feel of his boyfriend’s soft, plush lips enveloping his own. He pressed his bare torso closer to D, but not finding the degree of closeness he was looking for, he swiftly swung one leg over the other boy’s hips, breaking the kiss for a brief moment.
Now straddling the other boy, he bent forward again, immediately finding D’s lower lip and sucking it into his mouth, biting gently, while simultaneously rocking his hips back, creating friction with the boy beneath him.
D chuckled softly into the kiss, “someone’s suddenly eager…” He teased, running his hands up and down J’s bare sides, before letting them rest on his hips, gently guiding and encouraging J’s movements.
J responded only by continuing to deepen their kiss, then slowly and seductively tracing his tongue along the line of D’s soft lower lip.
D groaned, sliding his hands from J’s hips, over the soft frabic of J’s undies and firmly grasped his soft, full, bum….

….and I’m gonna stop there cause I’m not gonna write full on smut. Haha. 😏
What’s really causing the prescription drug crisis?
There are two quite different stories about why there is a prescription drug crisis in the United States, and why opioid-related deaths have quadrupled since 1999. At some level, you are probably aware of both. Earlier this year, I interviewed people in the New Hampshire towns worst affected by this crisis — from imprisoned addicts to grieving families. Even the people who were living through it would alternate between these stories, without seeing that, in fact, they clash, and imply the need for different solutions. Thousands of lives depend on which of these tales is correct.
By Johann Hari

God bless Johann Hari, everything he writes is the most erudite and prudent commentary on the so-called “opioid crisis”, and this one is another good one.

“This is a coherent story, put forward by serious and thoughtful people. But there are some key facts that don’t fit. Here’s one: Doctors in many parts of the world — including Canada and some European countries — prescribe far more powerful opiates than their peers in the United States. There, if you get hit by a car and you break your hip, you’ll likely be given diamorphine (the medical name for heroin) to manage your pain. Some people take it for long periods. If what we’ve been told is right, they should become addicted in huge numbers.But this doesn’t occur. the Canadian Journal of Medicine summarized the best evidence, explaining, “there was no significant risk of addiction, a finding common to all studies.”“


HIP-HOP the four elements

Dj / Mc’s / Graffiti / Break Dance

“A lot of times, when people say Hip-Hop, they don’t know what they’re talking about. They just think of the rappers. When you talk about hip-hop, you’re talking about the whole culture and movement. You have to take the whole culture for what it is.” Afrika Bambaataa

some random headcanons no one asked for

- noya is a really good dancer and hes good at several kinds of dance including break dancing, hip hop, ballroom and ballet

- noya is also very bisexual and he came out first to saeko on accident. it was early in his first year of high school, she was bleaching his hair for him bc he needed “a new, cooler look for high school”. he was talking about his new volleyball team mates when he absentmindedly let it slip that he thought his senpai azumane asahi was “really hot”

noya is like a little brother to saeko so she kept this conversation secret until he was ready to properly come out

- ushijima listens to and owns every taylor swift album

- oikawas alarm sound on his phone is the “Sy-fi” one

- iwaizumis is the original stock alarm bc he doesnt see why he should change it

- maki and matsun know eachothers phone passcodes so they constantly go back and forth setting terrible selfies as the others home screen

- they also know oikawas passcode and every so often they make new shortcuts for certain words, one time they made “practice” change to “fuck” knowing full well who he would ask to practice the most. that was their favorite.

- kageyama is very emotionally invested in neko atsume bc he likes that the cats arent afraid of him like real ones are, his favorite cat is socks and he changed sunnys name to hinata

- bokuto doesnt know when to stop, with anything, which is why he always ends up getting stuck holding the door for literally e v e r y o n e

- kuroo plays every video game kenma does so he can talk to him about it, bc he likes how kenma smiles softly when talking about his favorite games