What really hurts is when you’re with someone and you get to the point where you think: “Wow this is definitely going to be the person I’ll spend my life with”, but then they leave and you’re left with believing that the only soulmate you’ve ever had is just gone and that the life you were planning on having is all but a dream.
—  T.G. // Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #199

Kick-Ass Chicks: Erika Vianey Jaime 

Smarts, style, and a sense of adventure—we can get on board with that (pun intended.) Youtuber  Erika Jaime has a taste for exploring, a killer Vans collection, and a positive attitude that makes you want to be her B.F.F. We got to know what makes Erika tick—including why Ellen Degeneres is her role model. 

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The guy was going on and on, something about how his television wasn’t working, and that’s why he was outside that night. Dean’s mind started to drift, and his eyes slid to left, just over the witness’s shoulder. 

“What the hell…”

He blinked. You were still there. You were there, like, really there, and Dean’s eyebrows knit together and his heart started to race as he looked at you, your back turned to him, talking to another witness. You were there, right there in front of him. But, how? You were dead. He had seen it, at least, he had seen the explosion.

Like you had felt his eyes on you, you turned and looked over your shoulder, eyes meeting his and sticking. Your mouth opened a little, his name silent on your lips, and Dean pushed the man, still talking, aside and stepped towards you.



Seriously this isn’t as bad as half the shit i’ve done. 

  1. Drank gasoline on a bet
  2. Got windex in my eyes
  3. had the roof of my mouth ripped due to a curtain hanger
  4. stepping on a rusty nail 
  5. shot myself with a nail gun
  6. had 200 lbs of shelving fall on my big toe
  7. slammed my pinkey toe repeatedly into a corner

it doesn’t even make my top 10 stupid shit i’ve done