“ There is always danger
—————————————————————————————- for those who are afraid. 

NAME: Tatum Reynolds
AGE: Twenty-three
OCCUPATION: Waitress at Dolly’s Diner
FACE CLAIM: Cora Keegan

what lies within

Tatum Reynolds was born into a shielded life, one shaped by tragedy and loss and fear. Though blessed with kind and loving parents, the tiny blonde grew up in the shadow of her older sister Cassie, who tragically lost her life in the waters around Colby before Tatum was born. Her parents, in an attempt to raise their newborn daughter in more safety than her lost sister, became overprotective and guarded. No sharp knives when cutting the crusts off her bread, just in case she’d grab it off the counter. No running in the yard and by God, shoes without laces; laces caused tripping and tripping caused bruises and broken bones. And, as if it could be any different, Tatum was not allowed to go to the beach without supervision. As a result, Tatum almost naturally seemed to avoid danger. As the years progressed and she moved well into her teen years, it took her awhile before she realized she actually had a gift; how the chill across her spine and the tingling fingertips weren’t just a part of her spot-on intuition, but were actual manifestations of the gift she carried with her. Tatum can spot danger from a mile away - for herself, that is. She dances and tiptoes across the streets of Colby Harbor as if she has no care in the world, when all the while carrying a gift that is both a blessing and a curse. She is a superhero without a cape and the inability to save anyone but herself.

what lies beneath

Tatum is a kind and approachable individual, trying to make the best out of the situations she finds herself in. She can however be picky and calculative due to her gift, generally avoiding situations that give her the creeps. Throughout the years her gift has been more crippling than it has done her any good, because it has made her anxious and wary. Now that the town is becoming a wasteland of memories and is stained with the bitter emotions from the previous generation, Tatum’s gift is becoming more unreliable. Whereas her warning signs - the tingling fingers, the goosebumps - used to manifest within seconds when confronted with a dangerous situation when she was younger, it now almost feels like it’s suffering from spontaneous delay. She now automatically worries when she feels nothing - is the situation actually safe, or is she simply too late to recognize the peril hidden in the shadows? Her lack of safeguard is freeing to her spontaneity, but in turn makes way for bouts of anxiety and panic when she can’t gauge a situation properly. Both things dangers in itself, Tatum now often finds herself stuck in a constant battle with freedom in life and the fear of being swallowed by an unexpected danger like her sister.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - tatum is taken and is played by aida