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@housegand: Hopefully it’s James. Most useless character award sure af goes to him.For two seasons in a fucking row.

james: *has helped kara become supergirl, has always believed in her, politely accepted their circumstances for their relationship, has supported all of his friends, has helped others SEVERAL times as james olsen and as the guardian*

gross ass karamel stan: “what a useless character compared to our brave white bread space asshole. look at all the help he’s given by standing around and doing nothing besides lying and manipulating the woman he supposedly loves.”

Swirly avocado toast topped with seeds and lime
1 avocado
Lime juice
Optional: olive oil
Blend these ingredients together until a smooth mayo-like consistency

Dollop on toast (I used spelt and rye bread)
In spaced out blobs and do the same with some plain yoghurt
Swirl about with a chop stick
Sprinkle seeds ( I have a mix of flax, pumpkin and sunflower

Garnish and boom 💥 avocado 🥑 toast for winners

Meant to Be Yours: Mother’s Day

For the anon who asked for MTBY Mother’s Day, and for @stick-to-the-lasagna-lady who gave me the idea.

This is set ahead of where the last chapter left off, and will probably earn a mention in a coming chapter.

Apologies if this is terrible. I wrote this while I was very distracted.

A victorious little grin edges onto Henry’s face as he lays the recipe card down onto the counter, and looks at the ingredients laid out in front of him–and he can hardly contain his excitement, wishing that he could just fast forward to the part of the surprise when he got to wake her up for breakfast.

It was their first Mother’s Day together, and he wanted it to be special.

He’d planned it all out the night before–he’d made a card, drawing a bouquet of flowers on the front and writing “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, MOM” in big red, bubble letters. He’d been so careful to stay in the lines he’d drawn, and when Robin called a few minutes after nine–just as he always did on the nights they weren’t all together–Henry snuck downstairs and snagged a recipe from her box. And then, he woke up before the sun was even up, quietly tip-toeing down to the kitchen–and when he reached the kitchen and turned on the light, and Regina didn’t join him, he’d let out a sigh of relief, glad to not have ruined the surprise.

He took a breath and he reached for the baking dish, and suddenly felt uneasy–he’d never cooked alone.

Well, not successfully, anyway.

Looking between the card and the ingredients for the baked apple French toast he’d decided to make, he wrung his hands together, and wondered if maybe this was a mistake…

He could barely see over the countertop but a grin stretched over his lips as he pushed two fingers down on the lever of the toaster. He smiled and turned away–he couldn’t wait to see Mrs. Termaine’s face. The night before she’d been on one of her tirades, complaining about how thoughtless Louie and the girls were, how they never did anything for her, how they only thought of themselves.

But he was different, and this was going to prove it.

And maybe then, she’d even love him.

Grinning, he opened the back door, deciding that flowers might look nice on the table–and before he could pluck the first one, he could hear the smoke detector screeching. For a moment, he froze–his eyes widening as his heart raced, and then he bolted toward the house.

Throwing open the door, he watched smoke billowing up from the toaster–and then, his eyes shifted to Mrs. Termaine. Her jaw was tight and her eyes were narrow, and he felt his stomach drop. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be.

“Look at what you did!” she yelled–and he flinched. “Look!”

“I-I’m sorry,” he heard himself say in barely audibly voice as tears filled his eyes. “I just wanted to…”

“It doesn’t matter what you wanted! The only thing that matters is what you did!” Henry nodded as his jaw started to tremble–and wanted to apologize, but he couldn’t seem to find his words. “I don’t want to see you!” She spat as she looked away from him and forced the lever on the toaster up, pushing four charred slices of bread, in spaces that were only meant for two. “You over stuffed it,” she sighed as his tears spilled over his eyes and he offered an muffled apology for disappearing to his room…

“Henry!” Regina gasps–and his eyes widen as he lays the last slice of bread into the baking dish. “What are you doing?”

His stomach flutters a bit, and suddenly, he feels so unsure. “I… I wanted to surprise you.” His bottom lip catches between his teeth as her eyes shift from him to the slices of apple in a bowl to his right. “I… I’m making you apple French toast,” she tells her. “For… for Mother’s Day.”

Her eyes widen as she looks back to him, and a slow grin stretches across her lips. “You got up this early to make breakfast for me?” He nods as her smile brightens and she steps into the kitchen, quickly making her way to him. Her hands cup his face and she pull him to her, brushing her nose against his. “You are so thoughtful!”

“I wanted it to be a surprise…”

“Oh,” she murmurs, as she pulls back. “And I woke up and ruined it.”

“Well, no, not exactly…” He shrugs. “This just isn’t how I pictured it.” He grins. “I wanted to set the table and put some flowers in a vase and wake up and…”

“I could… go back upstairs and…”

“No,” he cuts in. “It’s better this way.” His grin brightens and he hands her an egg. “Especially because I can’t actually separate the yolks.” She laughs as she takes the egg from him, once more she leans in, this time pressing a kiss to his forehead. “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom,” he whispers as he wraps his arms around her neck, and pushes himself deeper into her hug.

Sure thing.

So first your gonna want to find some ingredients. But um seeing as space is doesn’t have a lot of… Earth stuff, your going to have to improvise.

You’ll need one bunch of whatever these are (this will be the flour), 7 of the strange packets of dry space goo, space water and 3 spoonfuls of argnas berries (Idk ask coran) and just a pinch of Love to make that tasty loaf.

 From here it’s pretty simple, crush them up and mix them together.

Space bread is harder to cook than regular bread so this is where it can be difficult.

Red will sometimes breath fire on the bread to cook it, but if you don’t have the red lion of voltron I suggest throwing the space bread dough into a nearby sun at a 30 degree angle for about 20 mins.

(Tie a string to pull it out, and leave it to cool for 10 mins)


saturday 25.3, semester six, week ten

My weekend didn’t start well at all. Between the storm, being out of ink to print my papers, our internet provider cutting our line before the end of the contract, more storm – heck. I nearly spent the whole day on this damned presentation on visually impaired people, for my applied linguistics class. Don’t see the link? Me neither. (And I’m still not done.)
(Pro: I had enough time to make one hell of a banana bread while lost in the countryside with no internet.)