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🤗One helluva weekend🤗

The 1,000 calorie “breakfast” estimate was all the snacks in the car on our drive to St. Louis on Friday. The 600 calorie estimate yesterday was for the amaaazing taco place we went to for lunch and the 2,500 calorie estimate for dinner included wine, beer, toasted ravioli (which apparently is a thing in St. Louis?), bread, a creamy chicken and pasta dish, and a pretty decent sized mocha hazelnut frozen custard dessert from a local place.

I’m posting this to 1) show what a treat weekend usually looks like for me since a lot of people ask and 2) show that EATING YUMMY FOOD IS NOTHING YOU SHOULD EVER FEEL GUILTY ABOUT!

My birthday is on Friday, so I’m going to try to stay on track the best I can through this week before another weekend of yumminess 👅 I have wedding dress appointments three nights this week, so hopefully I’ll still have time to run later in the evening on those days.

My username on MFP is fitchriss25 if you want to add me as a friend there.

These Foolish Things (James March X Reader)6

All aboard the tag train: @ahstatejames @langdonsgun @red-wine-mendes @ateliefloresdaprimavera @justanotherfandomjunkie @hoebliss. As always Enjoy!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~“You know you shouldn’t cover it up for a while. So I could get used to it.” you tell James as he gets ready for another day. You leaned towards him and took his cravat off, showing his massive neck gash. “If you insist dear.” he said, buttoning his shirt. “Are you ready for breakfast? I thought I would set up a surprise for you.” “What kind of surprise?” you asked him. “It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you now would it.” he retorted. He grabbed his cane and held out his arm, like always, for you to take as he escorted you to the elevator. “I’ve been talking with Will Drake and Elizabeth about your status here at the hotel. I can tell you get bored lounging about all day, and I wanted to give you something that can occupy your time when I have business of my own to tend too.”

“James where are you going with this?” you asked. The elevator dinged and you both walked out to the lobby. You made a left turn and you found yourself with James in a back hallway. “So, I remember telling me that you went to school for cooking, well the hotel doesn’t have a chef.” he started, he opened a pair of swinging doors, revealing before you a state of the art kitchen. “We just finished renovations of it two days ago. Everything is up to date and brand new. I want you to be the new chef for the hotel. It could help bring in business and give us much needed revenue.”

He stood behind you, his hands on your shoulders and you took in the excitement of having your own kitchen. “Is this really all for me?” you asked. “It is darling, what do you think?” he asked, lowering his head down to your shoulder. “It’s a little paradise for my queen.” You almost got teary eyed from this gesture. “I love this so much James.” you said, “Oh my. I need to get cooking, I have a menu to make up, and you’re going to be my taste tester. Can you even taste food since you’re dead?” “I can dear. Otherwise I would not have bothered with all those dinners.” he tells you, “Newer ghosts on the other hand, they have difficulty trying to adjust. They can’t open themselves back to familiar experiences so their senses are significantly dulled out.”

“Maybe we should get the other ghosts in here too, so they can try out my cooking.” you tell him. “I’ll let them know at once.” James said. “Oh can you get me my purse as well? I keep a recipe journal in there.” you tell him. “Of course my queen. I’ll return shortly.” he said. While he was gone you started to go through the walk in fridge and freezer to take note of what you had to work with.

You needed something easy to do to get you used to the feel of your kitchen, so you opted to make french toast and scrambled eggs. You gathered everything you needed from the fridge and pantry and started cooking. The kitchen was well stocked with everything you needed, but you still were missing something, your knife set. You wanted to go get it, but then it would require for you to go back to your apartment.

You were lost in your thoughts you hadn’t even noticed everyone coming in. “Dearest? Why are you staring at the wall?” you hear James call out. You snap out of your thoughts and looked at him. “Sorry, just thinking.” you explained. You started heating up the griddle top of your stove and started to cook your french toast. “What are you thinking about dear?” Elizabeth asked.

“Well, I really love my kitchen. I really do, but it doesn’t feel right without my knife set.” you tell them. Once the griddle was hot enough you buttered it before putting the egg soaked bread on. “You see my mom was a chef and my dad bought her the best knife set he could afford. She used it constantly, even at home when she was making dinner. When I started to show an interest in cooking, my mom gave me the knife set to use for when I got into culinary school. When they died, it was the only thing I had to remember them by.” you sighed, “The thing is my stupid ass left them back at my apartment and I refuse to go back there alone. He’s probably pawned it already anyways.”

“Well shit, I’ll go with you. I can rough him up if he tries anything.” Iris said. You snickered, as you worked on the french toast. “Maybe I’ll hold you too it.” you said, “I mean I know his work schedule, so I would be able to get into the apartment when he’s out.” “Let’s do it then. Me and you.” Iris said. I looked over to James, I knew he would worry about this kind of thing. “If you know you’ll be safe my dear, I find no issue with it.” he said, lying through his teeth. “Okay. He’s working tomorrow. So we can go there after three to get my things.” you tell her.

I started working on the scrambled eggs, which didn’t take too long, before plating. I gave out food to everyone and we all started eating together around the stainless steel work table that was in front of the kitchen doors. “This is delicious my dear.” James said taking large bites off his plate. “Yes, it really is marvelous.” Elizabeth said.

“Thanks. So I was thinking of changing the menu every day. I don’t like consistency in my cooking or I get bored really fast.” you said. “Do you think you might be able to pull something for tonight?” Will asked you. You nodded, “I can make pasta. When do you want to start dinner service?” “Five p.m. sounds reasonable. I’ll start advertising on my instagram and twitter so we can get you customers.” Will said pulling out his phone.

You pulled out a small notepad from your purse that James brought down for you and started to go through your pasta dishes. You were giddy as you started to plan out in your head what you were going to do. “Come back at noon and you all can try out my dishes.” you tell everyone. When everyone finished their breakfast they walked out, leaving just you and James together.

You were adamant that if he stayed he was going to be your assistant. He just smiled and took his coat off and placed it on the wall rack. He rolled up his sleeves and followed you along when you showed him how to make pasta dough. “I must say dear, I do like making dough with you. It’s rather relaxing.” he said, making his third mound of pasta dough. After you showed him how to use the pasta machine to roll out the dough thin, you started to make your fillings for the different raviolis and meatballs, waiting to do the pasta sauces later. “I’ll teach you how to make gnocchi next sweetheart.” you tell him.

“James, I know you’re not okay with me going back there.” you admitted, “You are really bad at lying to me.” He sighed, still working out the pasta dough. “ I understand the value of wanting back something so dear to you, I deserve to be selfish this time don’t I? I made the mistake of letting your aunt go back to her flat and she died. I’m not letting that mistake happen to you. I can’t risk losing you too.” he said. You stopped what you were doing and wrapped your arms around him. “I’m forever stuck in this heap and you are my only salvation, I’m not losing you.”

His hands cups your face, marking you with flour and dried dough. “I understand your concern, but I’m not going alone. Iris is coming with me, and if it helps make you feel better, I can stop by the post office, I have a box there where I keep a small revolver. I don’t like keeping it on my person, but I know how to shoot it at the least.” you tell him.

You looked up at James who was looking tenderly down at you. “I’ll have protection James. I promise, it’s not going to end up like last time.” you reassured him. You tilted forward and kissed him on the lips. “Even if I have to kill him, I’ll make sure I come back to you James.” He smiled down at you before letting you go.

You walked over to the stove top and started getting pots of water ready to boil. James started to run the pasta through a cutter and getting them portioned off. You shifted your gears to the thin sheets of pasta that James left for you to get the ravioli started. Noon rolled around pretty quickly, but with James helping you, you were getting by with ease. You had just finished plating your last dish when everyone came back. Will pulled out his phone and started to videotape the tasting, you assumed for promotional crap to add to his social media.

“This all smells delicious love. What is all this? Elizabeth asked. You passed around forks and knifes for everyone. “So tonight’s menu I am having spaghetti and meatballs, the meatballs are beef, mac and cheese, and pasta puttanesca. Then we have goat cheese and sage, pumpkin and brown butter, beef, and three cheeses ravioli. Finally for dessert we have jello ramen served in a fruit bowl.” you explained. They all started to dig in and you were met with satisfying grunts and moans. “This shit is amazing.” Sally said. “Thanks guys.” you said. “Y/N. Say something to your audience.” Will said, pointing his phone to you. “Uh….hi. I like to cook, so let me feed you.”

He laughed, “We’ll only be serving this exclusive menu at the Hotel Cortez. It will only be available for today and today only. 5pm to 11pm. See you all there.” He finished the video and walked towards you.

“We can serve everyone at the Blue Parrot Lounge. I’ll be one of your servers to help get along with tonight. I can already see this place getting packed. I’m up 30 likes already and I just posted the video.” Will said. He gave you a side hug, rubbing your arm. “You are the best thing to happen to this hotel Y/N.” You smiled, “Thank you Will.” James pulled you to his side, glaring at Will for a brief moment before turning his focus back to you. “Yes…she really is.”

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2d with a s/o who has different colored eyes? I have one eyes that is a kind of chocolate-brown, and one that is a really dark, blackish-brown. Thanks! :3

ooh ooh coolio u should send me a pic because i love people’s eyes and yours probably be my aesthetic just sayin


  • Stu find it really cool that your eyes are two different colors. It’s like a science experiment! When he asks you how you got them to be like that, he would cock his head in befuddlement. 
  • “So, you mean to tell me that you weren’t concussed multiple times to get your eyes to be like that?”
  • If you ever showed any dislike towards your eyes, he would go bonkers. “Would you rather have pits of death for eyes, or beautiful, one-of-a-kind seeing orbs?” oh my god
  • He likes to get lost in your eyes whenever he can. They tell so much about you.
  • You’re the best thing since sliced bread, honestly. He’d thank your parents for making you oh my gOD.
Reaction: Astro Getting The Girl They Have  A Crush On To Notice Them


MJ: He had liked you for quite a while, and it wasn’t like he hadn’t been dropping hints, but you were just too oblivious to catch any of them. One day, he had had enough, and decided to get you to finally notice him. He walked up to you on White Day, and handed you a single white rose. “MJ,” You took it from him, confused. “I didn’t give you anything,” He cut you off. “You’ve given me more than enough, but there is one thing I would like to request from you.” You nodded, wondering what his intentions were. “Anything, you have my attention.” He smiled. “Well then, that settles that.”

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JinJin: He was careless with his attitude towards you, so you could never tell if he liked you or if he was that way with everyone. As it turned out, he just acted that way with everyone. JinJin had noticed that you had been paying a lot of attention to other guys, and that started to make him realize he had feelings for you. He of course wasn’t ready to confess to you, but he knew that he wouldn’t be able to get close enough to even do so with the distance between you two now. You came into class one day, and walked over to your group of friends. You noticed that they were laughing more than usual and everyone seemed bright and happy without you. That’s when you saw JinJin sitting on a desk, chatting with your friends. He made eye contact with you, smiling. “Hello Y/N,”

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Eunwoo: He was quiet around you, he didn’t know why, but he just knew that he had to get you to see him. He picked up a library book from the opposite side of the book shelf, peeking at you through the space between the books and shelf. You were so oblivious to your surroundings that you even tripped over a cart in the middle of the walkway. Eunwoo laughed to himself, finding you actions cute. The stack of books was getting heavy in your arms, but you were determined to grab the last book you needed for your paper. When you found it, it had to be on a shelf just out of reach. You stretched for the book, but instead, there was a friendly hand that brushed yours, grabbing the book and holding it out to you. “Thank you,” You tried to take the book, but instead, Eunwoo took a few from the stack in your arms. “Let me help you.”

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Moonbin: He walked by the bakery, seeing you at the counter for the fifth time that week. And you were starting to get stuck in his head. You were a new employee, and an aspiring baker. Moonbin hadn’t had time to step foot into his favorite bakery in a while, but he checked the time and realized that he had a few minutes to spare between practice. He slipped through the door, going unnoticed. You were restocking pastries, humming to yourself. “I like that song.” You jumped, dropping a few breads on the floor. Moonbin was surprised by your reaction, but quickly dropped to help you pick up the bread. “I’m sorry, I didn’t meant to scare you.” You shook your head, surprised that his voice was so sweet. “No, it’s, it’s okay.” He smiled, and you felt your heart skip a beat. “I’ll pay for these,” You shook your head. “No, really, it’s fine.” You both got up at the same time, your hands brushing as he handed you the spoiled bread. “Let me give you something for your trouble,” You rushed to the back and grabbed a cupcake you had made earlier that day. “Here,” You gave it to him shyly. “I hope you come back to tell me how it tasted.” He nodded. “I’ll tell you tomorrow.”

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Rocky: He wanted to show off to you. So he knew he had to dance. It was what he was best at, and it would be the thing that captured your heart. You walked by the practice room as you always did at that time, you were precise and he liked that about you. You were confused by the blasting music. It wasn’t common that early in the morning. You took a few steps backward, looking through the window of the door. You had seen him around the company, but he wasn’t really someone you took notice of. But the way he was dancing, and the passion behind each fluid movement, it was beautiful to you. He glanced up, flashing you a smile. He had caught you.

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Sanha: He was nervous as he set up his sound system. He wasn’t sure if you would show up. Thursday was your day to perform in the plaza, and Sanha had purposely stolen your spot. He was entranced by the music you played, but you seemed to disappear immediately after every concert you performed. He had been watching your performances for a little over the month before he got the idea, and here he was. He began to play, his nerves slipping away. He looked up from his guitar about halfway through the second song, to see you standing at the edge of the crowd. You gave him a soft half smile, and nodding in appreciation for his talent. You walked away, Sanha’s voice stuck in your head. He had gotten you to notice him, but he would have to come back next week to completely capture you.

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Can you do a scenario on Hoshi crying? And you try to comfort him?

i hope u enjoy :^) 

Soonyoung runs over the dance moves, watching himself carefully in the mirror for the 35th time that night, frowning mid-way. 

No, that wasn’t it. 

He pauses, rummaging his hair in frustration as he repeats the same dance moves only in a different order. He stops short halfway, his jaw clenching before kicking the stereo a few feet away, the backfeed ringing through the empty practice room as he walked over to turn off the music that was beginning to irritate his ears. 

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Waiting For You


“You will not believe what just happened,” Felicity began, cutting off Tommy’s greeting. “Remember how I told you last week that I was going to just bite the bullet and give that guy from online a try? Well, I did. And it was awful Tommy. Awful. I can’t even think of a worse date. And that is including the guy from last summer that literally threw up in my lap during the movie. Worse than that Merlyn, so much worse than that.”


“Don’t even start. I know you have this thing about being there whenever I meet someone from a dating site, but nothing bad has happened yet. Which, actually, that’s probably what every girl says right before something bad does happen after a date. I could be a Lifetime movie. Who do you think would play me? I wonder if I can add a clause to my will to specify who I want to play me in a movie, or that I want it to definitely include an awesome musical number. Can you ask Laurel if I can do that?”


“Right. Bad date. We were supposed to meet at 6, but he never showed up. So the waiter was really nice and pretty cute actually. He’s probably here trying to make it as an actor, he definitely had that television good look stereotype thing going on for him. Anyway, he felt bad for me, so I got out of the having to buy food to justify the amount of free bread sticks I ate. Which I should probably feel guiltier about, because there was a lot of bread sticks. Maybe we could hit the gym tomorrow?”


“Perfect. 10? I’ll swing by and pick you up. Anyway, I haven’t even gotten to the best part of the night. I’m just gathering up my stuff, getting ready to head out the door when this guy walks over. And it’s him. The online date guy. And Tommy, oh God I can’t believe I’m telling you this, it was Mr. Hoffman. Like fourth grade science teacher Mr. Hoffman.”

Felicity stared down the street, her eyebrows drawing closer together at the silence from Tommy. “Oh-kay then. Don’t laugh. I figured this would be blackmail material for at least six months. Can you come pick me up? I’m at 6th and Main. I took the bus out here, don’t make me take the bus ride of shame home.”

Felicity glanced down at her phone to make sure the phone was still connected as Tommy remained silent. “I didn’t think an accidental date with an old teacher was going to be the end of our friendship. You do remember how you passed English our senior year right?” Still no answer. “Tommy, what the hell is going on?”

“This isn’t Tommy.”

Felicity pushed off the wall, glancing down at the phone again triple-checking to make sure that she had dialed Tommy’s numbers. She brushed a piece of stray hair from her face as she put the phone back up to her ear. “Well, I called Tommy’ phone. So who the hell are you and why are you answering his phone?”

“You called like five times in the last hour, Tommy talks about you a lot. I was worried that maybe something bad had happened. Tommy ran down to the store for… something, and I just figured if it was an emergency I could at least try to be useful.”

“And who are you?”

“Oh.” The guy’s voice sounded surprised, as if he figured she should know exactly who he was. “I’m Oliver. Oliver Queen. Tommy’s friend—“

“From New York. Right. I didn’t… he mentioned you were moving out here and staying with him for a couple days. I just, I zoned it. Sorry.”

“Yeah, not a big deal. Sorry about your date. Tommy is going to love hearing about it though.”

“Right. God. That is…. This is just embarrassing. You could have tried to stop me from continuing on.”

“I did. At least three times. You sort of just talked right over me. Tommy mentioned that you do that, but actually witnessing it is something else.”

Felicity groaned. “Well, this has been a thoroughly awkward way of meeting you Oliver Queen. I sort of need to go find a bus schedule though. So, I’m sure I’ll see you around.”

“Or, I could come get you. Tommy left his keys. It sounds like you only had bread sticks, and I’m sort of starving. We could get food?”

“I, uh,” Felicity paused, biting her bottom lip as she considered Oliver’s offer. Tommy had been spending his summers in New York since they were 7. He came back every fall with stories of all the fun times and trouble that he and Oliver managed to get into during those three months. She didn’t like to admit that she had been a little jealous of him when she was younger, but losing your best friend to somebody else for a fourth of the year every year was hard. But Tommy always seemed to think that they would hit it off. In fact, she had been dodging Tommy’s offer to take them out to dinner next week for the last two weeks. “Sure. You know how to get here?”

“There’s this crazy map app on my phone. I hear it’s just a push of a button and it’ll give me directions to the distressed blonde on 6th and Main.”

Felicity laughed, closing her eyes. “Okay then. I guess I’ll see you soon.”

She slid the phone back in her purse, leaning back against the building. She tilted her head back, trying to focus on anything other than the guy coming to pick her up. He was charming, and Felicity knew from pictures that he wasn’t awful to look at. Unfortunately, she also knew the inner-workings of some of his scandalous teenage behavior. Tommy had spent hours over their friendship describing in detail the awful playboy shenanigans he and Oliver had managed to get into. She knew his type. You don’t stay best friends with someone like Tommy Merlyn without running into a few privileged boys who think the size of their trust fund means your panties should drop without any other reason.

That knowledge didn’t seem to stop her stomach from flipping over when she saw Tommy’s car pull up in front of her. The window rolled down as she started moving forward and she glanced up just in time to see Oliver smile as he said her name, his blue eyes lighting up slightly. She paused briefly, closing her eyes. She was so screwed.

Last night I went to the wrap party for the show I was working on at ShadowMachine and everyone cheered for the short I worked on, which was so awesome! People were coming up and telling me it was the best looking short this season…. Anyway I’m proud of all that, but what I’m NOT proud of is having 8 drinks and waking up this morning still a little bit drunk, stumbling into the kitchen and grabbing a bollilo bread roll and taking it back to bed with me, hugging it and periodically waking up to eat it.

i can’t seem to muster up words today that would accurately describe my feelings about this world, but i recently wrote a song that attempted to do just that. so here we go. 


Our wallets are on fire in a trash bin of desires
„pay me!“ says my letter head
but I don’t write to anyone these days
I hear whistling from the second floor
I sharpen knives behind the bedroom door
half my friends who watch the news
say they won’t talk to men no more
and fireworks are such a waste
but words leave a rotten aftertaste
like dog whistles you might not have heard
the things that have been said
someone’s been tickling the neighborhood
looking for questionable brotherhoods
the basements have been shaking
oozing glop and gunk and pus and goo
I use the elevator in emergencies
life’s an accelerator for uncertainties
I need a bank account for surgeon’s fees
because I’m an incubator for baby feet
breaking bread by the ocean’s shore
throwing it in like it’s cereal
eating it up with my tiny spork
while they come after me with flaming pitchforks
not sure what’s up or down or what is what
been questioning things between hiccups
and when my favorite shows are buffering
I make a little time for suffering I woke up once sweating pumpkin soup
I lost all comfort and all comfort food
I do my best to sound trivial
but we have done things that are unforgivable.
they’re backpedaling on history
i see an upcoming whiplash injury
got shiny streamers on my bicycle
I’d like to think I’m still excitable
things are raging in the underground
you can see them on our annual ultrasounds
happy new year, unhappy dears
the old one can go die between trauma shears.
it was a wild ride and I’m still throwing up
someone says I’m just gonna have to live with that
heard those old men’s jokes from our own fathers
you can have a greeting card playing canned laughter
someone stabbed someone with a pencil
sometimes the news seem strangely existential
they survived but they’re still in ICU
got a novel written on their scar tissue:
“our wallets are on fire in a trash bin of desires
„pay me!“ says my letter head
but I don’t write to anyone these days.”

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Hi, me again. Another problem with the Disney fandom: the worshiping of Lottie from PatF. She's okay nad everything but people think she's the best thing since sliced bread and say she would have been a better princess than Tiana. Am I the only one who finds this racist that fans would rather have ANOTHER white princess?

You know its not that farfetched that they would want yet another white princess (how often has the Frozen fandom acted like that was the first movie to ever show sisters being amazing to each other and completely not remember Lilo & Stitch?)  Like there was a post months ago about how much white girls fawn over Lottie. And like I really need to find it because I actually had the experience of watching PaTF with two of my friends who are white and like… They would not shut up about Lottie. I felt like I was in the twilight zone or something because they never came to the conclusion (that I had) that Lottie should have offered Tiana a loan for her restaurant. But all I saw were people and posts talking about how Lottie was soooo sweet for not getting mad about the lost beignets. Its really not subtle this exaggerated focus on the white friend is more than just erasure. Because how many times have you seen a film/show where the white woman’s friend happens to be a woman of color and yet that friend doesn’t get the same treatment that Lottie does. Because people expect the token WoC to be supportive of her white friend, but that expectation isn’t there for Lottie. They think that whatever attention and niceness Lottie is directing Tiana is magnanimity and extraordinary, not just you know being a decent friend.  But like if you notice in other fandoms they jump at the opportunity to tear apart the woc friend to the white girl protagonist (I’m thinking here of Tara from True Blood, sorry for getting off topic) even if the woc is trying to protect her white friend.  And do other fandoms bother to even dedicate long ass posts to characters of color about how they’re amazing friends? No. Just Lottie because she didn’t get to be a princess, because being a white girl she obviously deserves it.


I just decided to do this to commemorate my decision to put Luhan third on my bias list today after I was attacked with the feels :)

1) HIS SMILE (and the way his eyes crinkle when he does aww)

2) His singing voice and just general performances he does on stage


4) His laugh it is the best thing ever tbh

5) When he does things that make me smile or break out into a chuckle

6) He has the capacity to be extremely adorable and I hate it

7) But he also has the capacity to look extremely hot (seriously I could toast bread) 

8) His hair definitely needs a mention, I mean all of the other gifs show you already but I’ll just add some more 

The hair he had throughout the whole Overdose era (he changed it quite a bit) but they all looked amazing!

We also just need to take a moment for…


9) His eyes

They are just so nice, and I’m not someone who usually takes much notice of eyes

10) This moment

11) His entire presence in the Overdose music video

Okay I probably forgot something but oh well I have included quite a bit and slightly went overboard with the gifs, but I feel better now hehe :)

*None of these GIFS are mine credit to the owners*

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Heya! This may seem like an odd question, but im not very knowledgable on the topic of the SPN writers. Could you break it down for me? (I hear a lot of bad stuff about Singer, but Edlund seems to be everyone's cinnamon roll.) Thank you so much!

Pls allow me a minute to stare at the rainy window and reflect on the fact that I am now apparently an expert on details like this. :P

Not all the writers have much of a fandom personality cult. Like, for example, Andrew Dabb will this season probably be the writer with the MOST episode writing credits to his name, and I’ve been in the fandom a year and half now and seen like, 3 revivals of “we MUST attempt to fangirl Dabb more!” with limited success of the awareness campaign. (To be fair, it’s a lot of episodes to remember :P) He doesn’t have a social media presence so far as I know (or he doesn’t utilise it interestingly enough for it to have ever been brought to our attention) and he hasn’t been responsible for many fandom scandals, and generally just sort of does what he does, and so he passes somewhat under the radar as a character, despite my various attempts to start a one-sided fight with him to make him more interesting to fandom about. Of the current writers, aside from him, the ones I know next to nothing about are Jenny Klein, Nicole Snyder and Eric Charmelo, with an honourable mention for Adam Glass who left before the end of season 10 but is still vaguely current anyway, and Nancy Won, his replacement, who we know very little about just because we haven’t had time to get to know her yet, so I’m not going to mention these writers. And if there’s someone else currently on the staff I’ve missed it’s because I literally do not know enough about them to remember their name, because I’m feeling dubious I’ve mentioned everyone. :P

Anyway. To business, on the ones who get discussed a lot and therefore I know anything about them at all and have opinions or can regurgitate fandom opinions when I don’t actually have any (there’s a lot of that in here… :P), but can tell you what other people seem to be saying when these names come up. (Which means some negativity below the cut, sorry, I’ll get the worst out the way first) 

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Casual viewer story time! I roped my boyfriend into watching SPN with me and he kept jokingly making comments about Dean and Cas having a thing. When I asked him if he was serious he laughed and said it was totally obvious. He isn't invested at all, he doesn't care if they end up together, he just thinks it's a glaringly obvious part of their relationship. I told him a friend of mine didn't see it at all and he made a super confused face, like, is she watching the same show?! :D

That is fantastic ahhhhhhhh I love casual viewer stories, they are my bread and butter and some chocolate on the side :) :) :) :)

(I’ve mentioned that after 9x23 I asked my mom, who had previously said that Destiel wasn’t a thing romantically, and she said “Yeah, it kinda looks like Cas has a thing for Dean” and it made me so happy)

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More & more I see people saying how amazing (acting wise) everyone is on the show. There's a large part of the audience that thinks that but I think it has to do with what else they consider is amazing entertainment wise. On this site I've journeyed through some interesting stops explaining why the actors on the 100 are so great but then they post their other interests & then it makes sense. There isn't a high bar in the majority of those viewers interests. Which there's obviously nothing 1/2

Wrong with that. There’s a massive group of people who think Depp deserves an Oscar for his work in the Pirate franchise but let’s be real, that’s not at all going to happen. When I was younger I thought SMG as Buffy was the best thing since sliced bread, along with the other actors on the show. Now? Not so much. I love the show but I can say how bad it is & where are the actors now? Forgotten. CW churns out low bar crap that people eat up but at the end of the day it’s still crap

I love having followers I can actually have unbiased and intelligent conversations with, because this…so much this. Media literacy is SO LOW on tumblr/twitter that it astounds me sometimes. I’m glad to be able to converse with people who seem to get it. I wish audiences would expose themselves to media that has true quality and mastery behind it so they could understand what good acting, writing, and directing looks like. If people watched less shitty blockbusters and less unforgivably awful shows they would understand what “amazing” really entails in this field.

I would have zero issues with people watching things like The 1OO, the vampire show, the demon show, the female superhero show, etc if they could be honest and admit that they are factually not good. I enjoy stuff that I know isn’t high brow entertainment. We all have guilty pleasures. We all enjoy shitty TV or movies sometimes, but could we please - FOR THE LOVE OF FUCK - at least be truthful about the fact that these things are crap??? I continuously see people in their 20s-30s (people who should absolutely know better) trying to claim that WE or any of these other shows deserve awards and it makes me want to run my car into a wall. By all means, love it, but please don’t pretend like it’s good. Please stop conditioning the young audiences on this hellsite to believe that is good. We’ll forever be forced to get fucking awful media if the blind support for it continues. 

Even if you didn’t go to film school or studied film theory or media studies or whatever, you can still educate yourselves. How? I think one of the best things you can do is follow the entertainment trades. This might even be the best time to do so. Look up the year end lists of actual reputable sources (not internet blogs, but the trades). See what they are saying are the best movies of the year and watch some of those. Make it a point to read an article a day from one of the trades. It will take you ten minutes, but slowly you’ll be building your knowledge. There’s so many great places that put out reputable critical content. Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, IndieWire, and The AV Club all cover both film and TV. Film Independent, Filmmaker Mag, Total Film, MovieMaker Mag, AFI, and Film Courage mostly only cover film. They’re all on twitter and FB. Literally even if you just read the headlines as you’re scrolling down your feed you could start to slowly digest information and be able to better discern what is actually quality content and what isn’t. If you only follow a few of these accounts follow the first four. They won’t fail you. 

Seriously, read their year end lists about what was good TV and what was good film in 2016. Watch a handful and see if it changes your perception. After a few good shows are in your system I doubt the demon show will seem enjoyable. 

Mind and body

Since I started going to the gym my mother has made a point of telling me how good I look, that she “sees a difference.” I don’t think there is a difference at all, not that I’ve weighed myself, but you know these things. I keep telling her to stop saying that. I am not doing this to lose weight. I’m doing this to try to form a healthy habit, to be more fit by making sure I move each day. I’m not dieting and I’m not weighing myself. The progress I feel has been in looking forward to going each day and seeing my improvement in my pace and stamina on the treadmill. I hated the gym, always have. I don’t want to make this about my body. This is about my well-being. Can I form a healthy habit after forty? Can I enjoy it? Is this exercise calming to me mentally? I think I can and I think it is. I hate that she jumps on any excuse to make it about a physical improvement. It always goes back to this idea that what was before was not as good. I feel attractive. I’m okay. I am not skinny, not even close. I’m okay with that. Sometimes I hate all my clothes, and it brings me down. I think that’s normal. We all have those days, but mostly I feel good. I find ways to love myself just the same. Growing up I was repeatedly told that I wasn’t the pretty one, that somehow among three sisters I was the least attractive. It was hurtful, but I never really bought into it. It’s strange. I can remember early on thinking, fuck that. I was always fairly popular, always had great friends and boyfriends. I never really believed there was anything wrong with me. I hate to see the excitement in my mother’s voice when she thinks I’m trying to lose weight. Nothing makes me want to shut that down faster. If I could eat a Snickers bar as she’s complimenting me I would. She is constantly on some crazy diet although she is not overweight. My sister is always on one too. She can’t eat bread or vegetables right now. This week is protein only. It’s always something. She loves talking about it too. The whole thing makes me nuts. I don’t want my daughter to worry about this stuff. I try to show her by example. I take care of myself. I have fun with my clothes. They make me feel good. We don’t talk about our bodies negatively. I tell her she looks strong. She’s the best striker on her soccer team. Her skin is soft. She makes the best braids in her hair. I hope it’s enough to give her some armor against this constant self-scrutiny were expected to be engaged in.

Romance (A Mats Hummels and Nina One Shot)

 This is a little sequel, spin off, chapter, whatever you want to call it from my Mats Hummels story, that you can find all parts here.

  The full lenght story is coming, I promise. Just need to post a little more Müller, Reus, Neuer, Durm, Griezmann, Rodríguez and Götze first (any more names? seriously gimme eleven names, i will form the Notorious Football Club). 

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