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I have a klk question, and I apologize if you've answered it before, but, do you find any significance in Ryuko taking a big bite out of an unpeeled lemon in her introduction? Like, was it just meant to make her seem hard? Or like, does it have some subtext I don't understand? Is she ever seen eating lemon/drinking lemonade as a background thing? I've always wondered about this. Thanks.

I gotta be honest with you: I’m atrocious at talking about symbolism. There’s a reason that my hundreds of essays hardly ever mention it. 

So… I haven’t especially covered this before, but I can provide some Thoughts.

First and foremost, the lemon scene has been largely understood as a homage to FLCL, a coming-of-age anime worked on by Gainax—the studio that Hiroyuki Imaishi and Masahiko Otsuka left to found Studio Trigger, which is the team behind Kill la Kill

In the first episode of FLCL, Naota, the protagonist, refuses to drink the rest of the sour, “Lemon Squash” pop that his friend Mamimi didn’t finish. He claims that he “[doesn’t] like sour drinks” and proceeds to toss the can aside.

However, at the end of the episode, Mamimi offers Naota the sour pop again, and his reaction changes. While he repeats his sentiment—“I told you, I don’t like sour stuff”—Naota doesn’t toss the can aside this time, instead guzzling the drink down.

So, when Ryuko, the protagonist of Kill la Kill, begins the first episode of her show not just forcing herself to consume something sour, but does so purposefully, without flinching… there’s probably something there. Kill la Kill’s director Imaishi did work extensively on FLCL, after all.

But what exactly is meant to be conveyed in either series is entirely dependent on how the “sour” symbol is understood.

On the one hand, the “sourness” could be a symbol of “first love.” For Naota to accept the drink in FLCL would be to accept an “indirect kiss” from Mamimi, who had been drinking from the can previously. The “first love” idea seems supported in Kill la Kill, with Ryuko noting, after Mataro steals her lemon (at least in the original Japanese script), “You’re that eager to learn what first love tastes like?”

Mataro: Bitch, don’t try to be all witty! I’ve had my first kiss!

And with the idea of “first love” comes the idea of childishness. Though it may have some… Unfortunate Implications, in both FLCL and Kill la Kill, it could be said that getting into a first romantic relationship is a sign of growing up. The fact that Naota initially refuses to taste “first love” represents his initial refusal to come of age—and the fact that Mataro in Kill la Kill insists that he has had his first kiss (or “get[s] way more action than [Ryuko]!” in the dub) represents his desire to seem “grown-up” and experienced.

Ryuko’s utterly blase eating of the lemon would then also imply that she has had romantic relationship(s) in the past and is not afraid of them.

However, with all of this, the “sourness” could simply be a larger metaphor: a metaphor of adulthood, maturity, that kind of stuff. Naota deciding to take in the sourness at the end of the first opening episode signifies that his show is going to feature his coming of age—something he initially didn’t want anything to do with, but that the story is going to push him to experience regardless. Ryuko immediately biting into a lemon could then signify that she’s already come of age, but—and more likely, considering Kill la Kill’s ending—it could also signify that she’s not afraid of the hardships, challenges, and “sourness” that comes with coming of age.

In this way, I also see the “sourness” as a bit of a metaphor for moving forward rather than running away. The lemon pop in FLCL is first featured when Naota struggles to tell Mamimi that his brother is seeing someone else—a hard, difficult, “adult” situation that’s not fun and not comfortable. Naota throws the can away, perhaps representative of how he wants to run away from this problem. At the end of the episode, though, Naota has revealed the truth to Mamimi, and he then drinks the pop, signifying that there’s no more running away: he’s growing up, whether he likes it or not.

But disregarding the FLCL tribute, a character introduction that features the character biting into a raw, unpeeled lemon is powerful on its own. It tells audiences right away that this character is badass—whether her lemon-eating is because she’s not afraid of growing up or hardship or “first love” or because of any other reason, you shouldn’t mess with this chick.

Komaeda and Hinata in DR2.5

Before you ask, yes. This is a sequel to That Post, where I waste my time on a university thesis-worthy essay trying to convince you why the Danganronpa 2.5 OVA both brought a decent conclusion to Komaeda as a character, and showcased Komaeda and Hinata as perfect for each other. Am I looking too deep into everything? Possibly. Do I regret it? Nope.

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The sun rises, and it brightens everything, even my sadness. I believe in the future where we’ll come together as one.”



Characters: CastielXReader

Word Count: 695

A/N: Established relationship – the reader shows Castiel what it means to fly. This drabble is SO FLUFFY.

(not my GIF)

You woke in an empty bed, finding only cold rumpled sheets where hours before a blue-eyed angel snuggled you near as you drifted contentedly to sleep. His absence did not alarm you. Rubbing bleary eyes, you squinted at the red digital numbers on the clock – 4:51 AM. Sam would be up already, many miles into a run. Dean would stir soon, roused by the scent of coffee set on automatic drip. You stifled the desire to pray for Castiel to return. He would, of course, return – he always came when you called. Although, with clipped wings, these days he often phoned first to advise you of delay if he was not in the bunker or its immediate vicinity. Swinging your feet over the edge of the bed, your toes hesitatingly tapped at the cold tile floor. You had an innate sense as to where you might find the brooding angel this morning. You also had a strong disinclination to venture out of the cozy bed. But if you dallied any longer, Dean would most certainly catch you creeping past the kitchen threshold and coerce you into sharing a deliciously greasy breakfast. You liked bacon as much as the next person, but something inkling deep within your being compelled you to seek out the angel you loved. Jeans haphazardly tugged over pajama shorts, sock-less feet jammed into untied boots, you threw on an oversized sweater, fit a beanie over your unkempt hair, and slipped outside into the dewy dawn.

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Notes from HPCC Part 1 (2016.02.09)

I’m sorry this is completely jumbled and without a keep reading cut, I am on mobile and am a busy tourist :’D Just some stuff I found worth noting from Thursday!! Will do another one for today (Friday)’s show if I can manage to take notes without collapsing in a heap of feels :’) (I may compare with last week’s show, sorry I couldn’t prepare a big post on the Saturday show but @torestoreamends did a great job of that so do go check out her recap post if you want to know more!)

- JAMIE AS SCORPIUS IS A+++++ he does the cloak flapping and flourishing spot on (as well as the getting it tangled on his head) and the way he keeps tucking his hair behind his ears omg. It was cute seeing Anto’s Scorpius do it but even more so when Jamie did that!!! *melts*
- oh and Sam keeps failing to do the big muggle clothes -> robes change at the beginning when they all twirl and let their robes fall. It’s a minor thing but it happened last Saturday too. :’)
- just a small thing I noticed: when they infiltrate the ministry, there are workers carrying stacks of documents around and this one female worker had her documents perfectly balanced on one finger as she walked past. It was a cool detail!
- the ppl sitting beside me on both sides both hadn’t read any spoilers so that was so much fun! I loved their gasps and whispers of ‘HOW DID THEY DO THAT?!’ whenever the Ministry telephone box sucked up the cloaks. I think it’s a fine piece of theatre magic too.♡
-THE BREAD SCENE WAS RIDICULOUS Scorpius sounded a little trumpet fanfare thing as he mimed breaking a baguette. Something like ‘du-du-duuuuuun!!’ and Rose and Albus were just staring. Bless.
- I just realized Delphi’s hair isn’t just a bouncy ponytail, it’s got these little half-buns on top (like when you don’t pull out your hair completely and keep it as a loop when you tie it). It adds to the bounce and I liked it!
- Baby or a holiday got massive peals of laughter, the audience was amazing. They all laughed when Delphi denied Scorpius a kiss as well.
- Let me elaborate on that scene bc it was ridiculous: Albus just goes all…. all flirty like OFF THE SCALE FLIRTY and the crowd just HOWLED and when Scorpius leaned in for a kiss Delphi said her signature ‘no.’ and that got a big laugh too. Then Scorpius says in his super ridiculous voice ‘SHE DIDN’T KIIIISSSSSS MEEEEEEEEEE.’ but Albus was being pale and red at the same time so then he reverts to his regular voice like ‘did you notice?’ it was really cute and fjdhsjsgakshal.
- But Scorpius was NOT enthusiastic about any of this at all. Nope. He was just… going along half heartedly I think.
-Scorpius didn’t feel like doing anything Albus was planning. Even in the library scene he wasn’t as animated as James’s Scorpius last week. James’s Scorpius was highly optimistic, he’s bouncy and smiley and trying to make the best of the situation, but Anto’s was overall very anxious and withdrawn and unsure of himself and the situation. I think Anto might be a bit tired from his LA trip, he was kinda droopy all evening. Also his voice was really gravelly rather than posh so it wasn’t what I expected?? (I’m worried that he might be ill or something;; ) The anxious look made a great staircase ballet scene though. His expression was so droopy and sad that it looked even more heartbreaking during the pining. MY HEART.
- The first ‘slightly weird 24 hours’ hug was a bit rushed, but the library hug was magnificent. Truly. Magnificent. I will get back to this later.
- Speaking of the library scene: this was the only part so far where Scorpius stopped curling up/fidgeting/looking down at his feet/biting his fingernails and just straightened up. He got up from his chair, staightened up, (I can’t remember if he had his hands on his hips/thumb casually tucked in his pocket or not) and SMIRKED. ‘Oh poor Albus Potter.’ He literally spat that. Ooooooooo so much Draco Malfoy in that. Oooooo.
- But then he started crying not when he talked about his mom, but when Albus apologized. He hid his face in one hand, pinching the bridge of his nose and was ABOUT to get weepy when Albus started talking more about himself. :p Haha.
- THE HUG. Scorpius was totally huddled up on himself with his arms wrapped around his body, all throughout Albus’s apology, and when Albus offered his hand with his 'Friends?’ line, it took him a moment before accepting the handshake. Which he did with only one hand so his arm was still curled around his body. THEN ALBUS PULLED HIM INTO A BIG HUG AND SCORPIUS’ ARMS WERE TRAPPED BETWEEN THEIR CHESTS and he was also awkwardly teetering on his feet because Albus had pulled him too far from where he was originally standing and he had to rely on Albus entirely for support BECAUSE HE COULDN’T FREE HIS ARMS TO SUPPORT HIMSELF. IT WAS GLORIOUS. SCORPIUS JUST STARTED FLAILING HIS FEET TO GET A BETTER GROUND BUT NOPE DIDN’T WORK. Best hug ever. All the feeeeels.
- When Hermione at the TWT asks them why Scorpius’s accent is weird, Albus reassured her with his fake Bulgarian accent then gestured towards Scorpius who started shaking his hands and shoulders all jerkily making weird roar-y animal noises. I have no idea what that was supposed to be, but it was HILARIOUS.
- Myrtle was so-so. I’m happy I got to see Annabel play her last week, her Myrtle is brilliant.
- The dementors at rhe end of the play came down and BRUSHED SCORPIUS’S FOREHEAD LOVINGLY(???) WITH THEIR FINGERS THAT WAS SO SCARY

I’ll be back with more feels after part 2!!! fjdhsks feel free to poke me in my askbox if you’d like any elaboration on specific details. I’ll do my best to reply but I can’t guarantee you a satisfactory answer bc I am horrible at writing :’)

Estela’s Kitchen

Summary: Estela is assigned kitchen duty and she has no idea what to cook. She does know one recipe, but isn’t prepared for how her cooking would impact her friends.

Author’s note: This is for #ChoicesCreates, with the prompt “kitchen”, hosted by @choicesmyway (Rating: T)

Estela’s Kitchen

They say that people can feel what the cook feels when he prepares his dish. That night in La Huerta, everyone had gone off on their own to cry.

The dish was a simple one — bread pudding, a recipe from home. While it brought comfort to the baker, it made those who took a forkful of the pudding pine for home, but not in the way one expects home to be. The yearning the pudding had pulled out of each one was for a home that wasn’t defined by four walls and a roof, but something else.

It was her turn in the kitchen. Estela dreaded the night dinner was assigned to her. After Raj had opened up the kitchen to the group, saying he shouldn’t be the only one feeding everyone (at least during dinner), each one had taken turns at the kitchen. Estela had gone last, and now there was no backing out.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees Farenheit. The kitchen reminded her too much of her mother. She recalled sitting on a kitchen stool, watching her mother whip up various dishes to satisfy the large appetites of her always-hungry uncles. She would help her mother on occasion — slicing vegetables, mixing soup, but the kitchen to her was a place where she could just sit back and relax. No trainings, no exercises, no mental games to be played. It was a cove of comfort, and one that she would always associate with her mother.

This is why she had been avoiding kitchen duty in The Celestial. That, and she had no idea how to cook. Except for one dish — the dish her mother would prepare for her when she’d come home from a long and tiring day from school or training. Bread pudding.

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@raevell After having seen the episode myself, I have to agree, that bit was in really poor taste. I feel like it’s a repeat ofence of the ep 2 bread scene. If they cared to examine the bond between Eren and Armin, they’d know this was ooc. This means they either don’t understand/know the bond well enough (due to neglect) or they just don’t care. Either explanation is a sad one.

However, this was my only major complaint from the episode, and I suppose I was expecting a longer series of those types of errors in the episode - which is why I’m pleasantly surprised over all! The offence by no means went unnoticed by me, but at the same time I feel so powerless to prevent these misrepresentations that I think I’d just be exhausting myself to no avail by staying angry at the bad, instead of enjoying the good, since the season is already made.

For me personally, I’m sort of holding my breath and trying to go with the flow until I can view the entirety of s2 as a whole. I’m certainly not done handing out my piece of mind concerning Armin’s treatment, but I like grasping at straws to find a way to appreciate the good aspects, instead of letting the bad hurt me. Because it has the potential to hurt so bad, indeed.

Edit: woops too late to ignore you lol.

Okay, thank you @erzaluvcake​ for making that the first thing I had to think about this morning. Like I said in the actual post, I’m not actually kinkshaming. This was more a pointed, lowkey jab at the fact that Juvia propositioned Gray to do things with a sexual connotation and/or actually spank her when they weren’t in a relationship and he’d given no indication of wanting to do any of those things, and despite his negative reaction to every single one of her passes she still keeps doing it. (The Juvi-bread scene gets a dubious pass in this case since I’m still not sure what the hell those were meant to accomplish, but asking him to spank her and getting her to drink her water body don’t). 

In other words, I was making a very non-serious point about Juvia’s inappropriate behaviour. I don’t really thinking pointing your ass at your male friend whom you aren’t in a relationship with and asking him to punish you in public is anything close to appropriate behaviour, and especially if this is his response:

And this sets the tone for almost all of Juvia’s most aggressive advances, sexual or otherwise. Juvia leaps at Gray, Gray baulks. Juvia clings to Gray, Gray looks uncomfortable. Juvia flirts, Gray doesn’t engage. And lest we forget Juvia trying to “sleep in Gray’s bed”, whatever she actually meant by that, and the fact that Gray had to kick her out. Juvia pays so little attention to the fact that some of the things she does make Gray uncomfortable that it’s actually astounding. 

tl;dr, I was getting more at the fact not that Juvia was doing those things, but the fact that she and Gray weren’t in a relationship at the time that she did them. (Again, the Juvi-bread scene gets a pass! Because I’m still not sure where Juvia was going with that.)

Also, yes, you’re absolutely right. Having subconscious stripping habits instilled in you at a very early age by your teacher definitely, without a doubt, means you’re down to vore. That’s how this works, yes