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Jungkook Fanfic Rec

In honour of his birthday, these my friends are just some of my favourite Jungkook fanfics! They are all damn well written not like my shit and the authors are so talented, amazing and brilliant they DON’T NEED NO INTRODUCTION. We cannot compete with dis awesomeness! There is like a shit ton of smut AND I AM NOT ASHAMED CUS THEY ARE SO WELL WRITTEN I CONSIDER THESE FANFICS ART! I love you please never stop writing

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One shots:

Midnight Snack (Fluff)

The reason why (Fluff)

Relinquish (Angst/Fluff)

Amortentia  (Fluff)

I Need You  (Angst/Fluff)

Safe and Sound  (Fluff)

Halcyon  (Fluff)

Care  (Fluff)

Competitive edge  (Fluff)

Bread Pudding (Fluff)

Sleepy (Fluff)

Truth or Dare (Fluff/Semi-Smut)

Canvas   (Fluff)

Bedtime  (Fluff)

The Boyfriend Shirt™ (Fluff)

Lucky  (Angst)

Wild Hearts (Angst)

I dare you (Taehyung x You x Jungkook, m)

Oh, so delicious (m)

Melomaniac (M)  

Pour Up (M)

Tight  (Jungkook x She x Jimin, m)

Syrup (m)

Philophobia (m)

Shameless (Taehyung POV) (m)

Beneficial (m)

Cobalt and Charcoal (m)- ft. Yoongi

Case Closed (m)

Summer’s Over (M)

Playing to Win (m)- threesome ft. Taehyung

Tinder 2.0 (m)

In Bloom (m)

Fact over Fancy

Tattoo artist!jeongguk (Fluff/Smut)

A Hundred Lifetimes (Angst/Smut)


First Light  (2/2)

Best Friend  1 // 2 // 3 [Complete]

Untouchable [1]

Accelerate onetwofinal

ShadesStormy Weather (M)

Try Hard Part 1 Part 2 (M)

Brother’s Best Friend Part 1 Part 2  Part 3

Next Door Playboy Part 1 / Part 2

Think Fast  Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Roommate  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Vow  1, 2, 3

Soulmates 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Neighbour!AU 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10

I hate you, I love you  Pt. | 1 | 2 | (complete)

Future Hearts [ft. Jimin] Pt. | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Hidden Stars [ft. Yoongi]  Pt. | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | (complete) 

Kitten [Bad boy!Jungkook / Gang!Bangtan, Fluff/Angst/Smut] 01,  0203

Lust & Errors (M): 01 | 02 | 03 | 04

Sillage (soulmate AU) p1 | p2 | p3 | p4 | p5 | p6 | p7

Bunny Boy (m) Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | Pt. 5 

Spellbound | fluff - Raising demons | fluff ; smut

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Hope I’ve done this right and gave everybody the right credits! If not please let me know! :)

Jim Hates Strickler (for reasons he wouldn’t have expected)

My headcanon for Strickler and Jim began as a pretty obscure, but rational thing. Jim hates Walt Strickler. Walt Strickler did his very best to ruin his life. The life of his own mother temporarily put into the hands (and heart) of the changeling was near ended because of love that Jim had convinced himself was impossible.

Jim has a plethora of reasons to hate Walt Strickler.

And yet, above all else, he hates him because he gives what Jim couldn’t have.

Strickler marries Barbara. Their wedding is a small one on the steps of the courthouse. She dresses in a white slip of a dress with her uniform tucked into the bottom of her purse -her shift would begin a few hours after- and he’d managed to dig up a proper suit from the back of his (hers) (their) closet. The wedding would be quick, Jim would be a silent witness, and things for Jim’s mother would be good.

So, so good.

Laughter at the breakfast nook, settled in one another’s arms, tea before them and the paper shared.

Dinner would be ready by the time Jim got home, exhausted. Calling out, “mom, I’m going to make dinner I’m so sorry it’s late-” before he’s greeted with the nonchalance of his former history teacher pushing a plate into his hands. Of his mother telling him not to worry about it.

Of his mother falling asleep over her patient files, and Strickler swooping in before he can to take off her glasses and rouse her enough to trip her way up the stairs.

Jim watches as he becomes…


And then the baby arrives. And Jim prepares to hate Strickler for bringing a half changeling into the world. Prepares himself to hate Strickler for trying to go about his revenge in the form of a babbling little girl with his mother’s hair and Strickler’s (not his father, not ever his father) eyes.

And Jim is prepared to hate Strickler for being what Jim expects.

Strickler is not what Jim expects.

He’s there every moment- sharing the exhausting and taxing work as a parent with the babe’s mother as often and as much as he can. Jim finds that his own sleep schedule can finally be rectified once Strickler’s becomes scarcer, taking care of a mewling babe. That Strickler is so annoyingly present. That he’s there to feed, to change, to play, to coddle.

That weekends are spent taking the child to museums and to concerts in the park. The picnic blanket that had stayed in their attic for so long, untouched since Jim had been four years old, now has fresh grass stains and the smell of bread pudding cloying to it.

That Strickler still turns round before he and the babe are out the door to ask in that awful and concerned voice- “you’re sure you don’t want to join, Jim?” And Jim grinds his teeth and responds with something cordial, but a denial all the same. “Very well.” Strickler will kiss the new child’s fat cheeks. “Are you ready to see the fish!” It was an aquarium visit that day while Barbara pulled her third double shift of the week.

Jim hates Strickler for all the wrong reasons.

What started out as a festering hate for his invasion of Jim and his mother’s life (they were fine, they were always going to be fine) had turned into something else.

Jim never got a father.

So why does this child get a better one than he did.

cue amazing and adorably villainous father/son bonding time. Jim needs to get over himself and Strickler needs to woman up and be a dad.

Proposal - Bruce Wayne

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Request: Hiya!! Can i request Bruce Wayne proposing to the reader? Thank you so very much!! - anon


Word Count: 758 

Your Name: Submit What is this?

Click Click Click Click, you heard the sound of your heels tapping the hardwood floor as you maneuvered through the grocery store looking for some, well, groceries. Usually Alfred would be getting them, but the man does so much, you just decided to do it. Even though Alfred insisted that he would go because it’s your and Bruce’s anniversary, you still went.

You heard the chitter chatter of the people, you tried not to listen in on their conversations but you would just listen to a couple of sentences and then continue searching the aisle for what you were looking for.

“Barb, did I ever tell you what happened to Carol?”

“No, what happened.”

“I heard that her husband cheated on her and they’re gonna file a divorce”

“Oh no, Carol and John were perfect”

“Ugh, i know”

You stopped listening right there, it was too sad for you. You couldn’t imagine Bruce cheating on you. Although he wasn’t your husband, he was your boyfriend, for 7 years today. You loved him dearly, you couldn’t bare him suddenly leaving you, just the thought gave you shivers.

You continued roaming the aisle in hoped of finding bread pudding, or at least the mixing for it. You had once made it for all the boys and they had fallen in love with it, so you decided to make it once again, just because. Once you had finally found the mixing, you made your way to the check out. You had around 20+ items so you couldn’t go to the 10 items or less aisle, so you just went to the regular one. It took awhile but you finally got all your things checked out and you made your way to your car to go home to Bruce.

Once you had made your way back to the mansion, you took out all the bags and fiddled with the keys to the front door, remembering that Alfred always left it open you just walked in. But as soon as you walked in you saw flower petals leading outside. Being the curious person you were you decided to go and check it out. You dropped the bags gently on the floor and followed the path. Once you had went outside to the patio you saw bright lights hung up everywhere and a huge collage of the picture you and Bruce took over the years.  

You spun in circles trying to take it all in but you noticed Bruce standing there in a full tuxedo. “Hey, you look handsome.” you complimented as you reached him. “Hello gorgeous, follow me,” he said as he took your hand and directed you to a small table for two. He pulled out a chair for you and then sat in the one across from you. “If you had told me about this i would have dressed more properly,” you said as you started nibbling on the breadsticks, “Well, you look beautiful anyways, you always do.” you blushed a deep red once he said those words. “Thank you,” you replied as Alfred brought out the main course. Once he had left you asked, “So whats all this for?” Bruce looked at you while taking a sip of his whine, “well, um now that you asked, i’ve been meaning to tell you something”  you nodded as a sign for him to continue. He stood up and took your hand once again and brought you to the center of the collage, he started to kneel down on one knee and took out a ring from his jacket pocket. “I have loved you for 7 years now, and I can’t go another day as you being just my girlfriend, I want you to be more, I want you to be my wife, I want to love you forever, I want to wake up next to you, knowing that you’re my wife. So, Y/F/N Will You Marry Me?” At this point you had your free hand covering your mouth and tears coming out of your eyes, “Yes, yes I will” you stuttered out, nodding your head. Bruce slipped the ring on your ring finger and got up, he held you in his arms, kissing you passionately. “YESSSS!!!!” you heard behind you. All the boys, including Alfred, had been secretly watching you behind the bush, but that secret ended when Dick yelled out. Jason slapped him upside the head, murmuring “idiot” as they all went inside. You looked at Bruce smiling as he held you in his arms, smiling back at you.


Title : Submerged

Characters : Namjoon of BTS & You

Genre : Dream!Namjoon; Angst + Fluff, a little bit of both.

Summary : Kim Namjoon is the man of your dreams; or rather, from your dreams.

Word Count : 6,231 words.

A/N : A Dream!AU. I wrote this during the hours of sleep, no regret at all. Do give notes if you read and hope you enjoy!

My Other Works : Bread Pudding (Jungkook of BTS),  Luna (Taehyung of BTS), Good Cop (Jungkook of BTS) My Favourite Pair of Eyes (B.I of IKON) , Friend from College (Zico of Block B) , Darling? (Jimin of BTS)

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Layover - cc ficlet

Title: Layover
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Length/Rating:  ~1,450 / PG
Summary: As requested, a small follow up to Departure.  Now where are my promised mimosas?


Chris’ stomach twists in cold knots when the landing announcement sounds through the cabin otherwise quiet cabin. They’re arriving in Los Angeles and Chris doesn’t know what comes next.

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