bread kitty

kawaii-hello-kitty  asked:

*holds one end of the ball of yarn and throws it up to window sill, then climbing it with smol kitten paws up to the window* o/ hai how've you been sweetheart? Everything alright? How's everyone? ^^; Gotta be the best kitten and check up on you atleast once every week cx. No idea if I beat the bread loaf for best kitty, that kitten ish my competition ; u ; And uh! Thanks again for drawing me ;; You are perfect in every way~ ily ♡ )>^.^)>❤ *rappels down the ball of yarn and sways my tail goodbye*

My bread loaf is a fucking asshole dude you win hands down 20/10! I still love her to death but she is very inconsiderate and I found her bullying my roommate’s cat this morning ; ^ ; she kept eating his food and taking over his litterbox!!!! grrr. Everything has been going pretty well. Thankfully I qualified for some sort of thing at school that lowered the cost of some payments I needed to make. It’s still a bit of money but after some help from a very kind lady at the receptionist desk, I thiiinnkkk I’ll be able to afford to go to school this fall!! THANK GOODNESS I WAS HONESTLY SO WORRIED FOR THE PAST WEEK!!!! I CRIED SO HARD EVERY NIGHT AAA. I’m so glad I can go to school ; u ; Honestly getting an education is one of the only things encouraging me to keep going besides friends like you! ; u ; thank you so much for all the love and support! I’m finally gonna get on that picture finalizing as soon as I’m done aswering this ask. I love you! How have you been though love? *smooch*