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My safe foods! (Least to greatest)

⁃ Yam noodles (0)
⁃ Tea (0)
⁃ Bullion (5)
⁃ Pickles (5 in a whole pickle)
⁃ Lettuce (5 calories in 1 cup shredded)
⁃ Celery (6 calories a stalk)
⁃ Spinach ( 7 calories per cup, fresh in bag)
⁃ Cucumber (10 calories per medium-sized)
⁃ Rice cakes (15 a cake)
⁃ Egg whites (15 per egg)
⁃ Sugar-Free Jello (20 a box)
⁃ Squash (20-25 per cup)
⁃ Nonfat turkey or chicken slices (20 per slice)
⁃ Baby food (20-100 calories a container, depending on what you get)
⁃ Carrots (25 in one medium-sized)
⁃ Tomato (30 calories in one large tomato)
⁃ Baby carrots (30 calories in 8)
⁃ Whole wheat bread (35-100 per slice (check brands))
⁃ Popcorn, microwaved or air popped as plain kernels without toppings (36 calories a cup (use salt))
⁃ Cabbage (40 a cup)
⁃ Strawberries (45 calories a cup)
⁃ Kiwi (50 in one medium-sized)
⁃ Broccoli (50 per cup)
⁃ Sweet potato (55 calories in one small sized)
⁃ Tomato juice or V8 (60 calories a cup)
⁃ Salsa (60 calories per cup (pair up with blue corn tortilla chips))
⁃ Crackers (60 in 5)
⁃ Red rasberries (65 a cup)
⁃ Edamame (65 calories in 2/3 cup)
⁃ Green beans (70 a can)
⁃ Apples (75-116 calories (depending on size))
⁃ Bananas (75-120 calories per banana (depending on size; eat after a purge to restore potassium))
⁃ Fat-free or sugar-free yogurt (80 per container)
⁃ Chicken (80 in a drumstick and 120 in a small breast)
⁃ Red kidney beans (85 in 2/3 cup)
⁃ Quinoa (85 calories in 1/3 cup)
⁃ Blueberries (85 per cup)
⁃ Veggie burger or tofu burger patty, (90 calories (without bread or dressing))
⁃ Vegetable soup, (90 in one cup)
⁃ Watermelon (90 calories in 2 cups)
⁃ Blue corn tortilla chips (90 in 10 chips)

petit dejeuner aujourd’hui.



we know all the costumes for the romanceables.

But I need an extensive list of what every single fan apprentice is going as. I need this to live.

And don’t you even think about coming at me with that ‘my apprentice is above such flippant things’ excuse. you’re wrong.

Marion’s going as bread. If you ask nicely, she’ll take off her capelet and be slutty bread.

Now go, get dressed up for the 'ween.

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Sansa strode across the courtyard to Sandor and Tormund, where they were standing by the gate of Winterfell. She was wearing a long dark blue dress that hugged her slim waist and flowed down past her feet, her hair braided. A silver direwolf was stitched on her breast. Sandor tried not to stare for too long.

“My lady,” said Tormund, his eyes dancing.

“Little Bird.”

She smiled and nodded. “Did you find anything on patrol this morning?” Patrol had been quiet, crows cawing and few people stirring in the streets. Winter town was growing more desolate and hungry by the day, and the horses outside of Winterfell were growing thin and weary.

“Just some starving people in winter town and horse shit.” Tormund never minded his words and was always first to speak. Despite his bothersome disposition, Sandor had taken a liking to him in their time together.

“Did you give them food?” Sansa asked.

Sandor sighed. “We didn’t have any with us. I’ll bring some to them tomorrow.”

“Today,” she said firmly. “We haven’t got room within the walls of Winterfell, but we have bread and they are hungry.”

Both men bowed their heads. “Of course,” Sandor said.

“Good.” Sansa smiled. “I’ll go have bags of bread made up.” Her dress twirled around her ankles as she turned away, hands held and chin up. His eyes lingered on her as she walked away, and still as she stopped to talk to Jon and Davos. Her face was serious and when she glanced over at them, Sandor quickly looked away, trying not to give in to the flush in his cheeks.

Tormund nudged him. “And you said you don’t like gingers.”





A/N: Hello everyone! It has been some time but here I am with another mini fanfic. This one was totally random and extended into something I didn’t expect but had so much fun writing! I hope you guys enjoy it and never be afraid to talk to me~! As always the series and characters do not belong to me. :)

Small snippet: “However, even if it was painful for her to admit, he was right. She really did love to fly.”

The sun wasn’t forgiving today. Nor has it been forgiving in the past week. No matter how much time passed throughout the day the sun continued releasing its golden rays which slowly rippled with heat towards Velaris. Mostly the Court of Dreams was crisp and pleasant all year round. It’s the perfect temperature to sport any apparel of your choice. Whether it’d be light materials or heavy, both were suitable. But once every so often during the year Velaris is greeted with climate that is much more humid for anyone’s liking.

Nesta had grown accustomed to the mellow climate but never to this amount of heat. Even though she has experienced all four seasons when living within the Mortal Lands, the summer she learned to adapt to was something that builded up over time. So as the days to summer came dreadfully closer, so did the heat. But when it emerges without warning is just something she hasn’t gotten quite used to.

To make light of the situation Nesta decided to busy herself. As she awoke from her restless slumber she decided to go through her regular routine. Later she will decide what project to tackle in order to keep occupied. But for now to keep cool Nesta dressed herself in light pants because of the breathable fabric. After some time pants grew on her instead of the usual dresses she wore. Different garments of clothing kept finding their way into her wardrobe to experiment with. However, Nesta surprisingly didn’t complain or miss any of the frilly gowns. When done deciding on the shorts she chose a blue dainty top with no sleeves carefully tucking it into the waistband of the slacks. To complete the look her hair was tied into an elegant braid which then cascaded into a secure bun.

Not much later in the day Nesta ran into her youngest sibling. The two found themselves greeting each other in the kitchen while Nesta picked at the variety of breakfast options. As a roll of bread dressed with jam was tucked swiftly into Nesta’s mouth she couldn’t help but overhear how distressed Elain was. It turns out she had been fretting for the fourth time this week about the health of her gardens. Once Nesta finished her meal she curiously asked Elain for more information.

With a distracted look Elain mumbled about how the unexpected heat wave could send the plants into shock and damage them making the recovery lengthy. This was the forth day in a row of the brutalizing weather which the plants weren’t accustomed to. Hopefully with extra care they would make it out without wilting.

In hopes of brightening the look upon Elain’s features Nesta offered her hand in help, both eager and glad to spend some time with her. Recently Nesta was traveling to various courts and the human realm to share her story. The Inner Circle appointed her new Emissary in order to close the gap between Fae and mortals. So often at times she rarely had moments like this.  

So here she was watering Elain’s garden hoping to keep them hydrated and alive while her sister closely observed the rest of her vegetation. In the process beads of sweat rolled down her forehead and nose. The feeling was ticklish so she released the handle of the hose and wiped the build up of moisture along the furrow of her brows. One even made its way to her lips giving Nesta the taste of salt and dirt. Sighing she continued to mist the flowers.

“How are they looking Elain?” Nesta called out behind her. Her sister casually drifted her gaze away from the plants to her older sister. Her eyes were bright as a small smile reached her beautiful immortal features.

“They’re looking better already. As long as we water them and keep the soil moist I think they have a good chance at beating this heat wave.” The expression on Elain’s face made something twinge inside Nesta’s chest. When Elain was thrust into a conversation about her gardens she lit up the room. Her knowledge was always expanding and it was the one activity that could pull her from the darkest of times.

For some assurance and acknowledgement Nesta nodded and returned to misting the greenery. Not too long after completing her task she felt more sweat bundle across her forehead which then slid down to her cheeks and chin. To take care of that she extended her hand below the nozzle of the hose and squeezed the handle. Water splashed quickly drenching her hand in cool relief then lifted her chilled fingertips to her forehead. Nesta made quick work targeting her reddened cheeks and neck.

Nesta also spotted Elain suffering from the same problem and thought it’d be a good idea to fetch some refreshments. But before she made her way back into Rhysand’s and Feyre’s home Azriel emerged from the house with a pitcher of cold water and glasses. The Shadowsinger approached the two girls in swift movements wearing loose and light fighting gear helping to relieve some build up of warmth. Azriel quickly approached Nesta offering a glass and she happily obliged. He then turned in the direction of Elain and made his way to her.

Nesta eyed the exchange between Azriel and Elain while sipping from the glass. She invited the soothing liquid running down to her core hoping to cool her down. To take a quick break Nesta plopped her body down onto a bench thankfully shielded from the powerful rays. She took another sip and leaned back into the plush cushions wishing to rest. However, a rustle of wings in the distance prevented her from doing so fully.

A powerful thud slammed into the ground beside the bench sending a small rattle through the earth. In shock she snapped her blue eyes open to inspect what had disturbed her down time. A few feet away stood Cassian ruffling his wings before tucking them in. His long hair had been tied back into a bun while some strands loosely framed his face due to the previous flight. His eyes found hers with a heavy glance. She felt his fiery gaze flush her hotter which didn’t seem possible. Suddenly she needed more water to cool herself off again.

“Nesta,” Cassian greeted her with his signature grin.

She lifted a brow and looked him up and down with one glimpse. To rile him up a bit she pretended to relax into the lawn seat and closed her eyes not sparring another look at him.

The only thing her ears picked up was a silent huff as well as some chuckling? Now the curiosity inside peeked as well as the giant urge to tease. Though several taunts and jokes threatened to spill she bit her lip to contain them.

“Nice to see you too,” he said sarcastically. Cassian settled right beside Nesta emphasizing every movement he made. He mischievously rattled his wings until finally spreading them out to bath in the light. After settling them he shifted his body in a more comfortable position and extended an arm around Nesta’s small frame.

She felt his arm lay limp along the border of the chair. Already his body heat hit the back of her neck in full. “I would advise to move your arm elsewhere.”  

“Oh? Why is that? I found you quite like it sometimes.” She could hear the playfulness within the tone clearly.

Cassian was then graced with seeing the blazing glare from those alluring blue eyes. While he matched her gaze she peeled his arm out from behind her. “Cassian it’s too hot for your abnormal body heat.”

Cassian threw his head back and a laugh tumbled out, “So what exactly are you doing to battle it?”

She gave him a side glance letting a sly smirk appear, “Why don’t you tell me Cassian.”

“Well, that’s a question I can’t answer,” he shrugged his shoulders then continued. “But I have a solution.”

“And what is that?” She asked interested. At this point she’d do anything to rid of this warmth.

Cassian only extended a hand out to her in response. Nesta hesitated for a moment and locked eyes with him again in silent question but then slid her hand into his. He then proceeded to lift himself off the bench holding onto her still. As a gentlemen he helped her up to her feet overlooking her confusion. Once she was on her feet Cassian wasted no time tugging her to him. She braced herself against Cassian’s sturdy chest clearly startled by his pull. Cassian only gave her a grin and scooped her up into his arms.

“Ready?” he asked looking down at her. Nesta silently debated to herself then looked up at him and nodded bracing herself for what would come next.

The next moment happened all too quickly for her to register. Cassian lengthened his wings out from his body, each vein and bone visible. With a powerful flap they were swept off their feet hurling through the air in a matter of seconds. The roaring rush of the wind slamming into them was instantly cooling and overall better then lounging on a chair like mere moments before.

For good measure she clung onto him a bit more taking in the smoke and pine scent. In return Cassian gripped Nesta closer to his body shielding her from the deafening cry of the air.

Ahead she could spot the barrier surrounding Velaris and furrowed her brows. The possibilities to where he would be taking her were endless. She couldn’t come close to guessing a right answer. There were seven individual courts all respectively massive and peppered with hidden geographical gems. So instead of trying to guess she took in the scenery around her.

Trees whirled past from under them vanishing moments later. She never realized how fast Cassian could travel especially in the short amount of time they were airborne.

The whole experience was mesmerizing. Often at times Feyre or Mor would winnow her places. Winnowing still caught her off balance sometimes but she begun to steady herself and fight the uneasiness. Flying was something different. At first she disliked it more then winnowing but now it was a comfort. However, it wasn’t only a comfort, it was a relief. Seeing now how well Cassian’s wings flapped not only holding them up with ease but propelling them through the sky was incredible. She even silently thanked this flight for instantly cooling her body down.

After some time of closely observing the landscape below and enjoying the way the wind brushed her cheeks Cassian squeezed her twice. This meant he was preparing to dive. Now Nesta’s heart started to beat rapidly which caused a sinking feeling to grow deep inside. Her fingers slipped up his torso to clasp behind his neck showing him she was ready.

Cassian tipped their bodies forward and tucked in his wings. They could cut clean through the air by the sheer speed of the dive. Usually Nesta would close her eyes on instinct but this time she peeked over her shoulder and saw the ground coming into view closer with every second. The feeling of the freefall sent adrenaline coursing through her veins. It almost ended too quickly. Almost.

About twenty or so feet from touching the ground the general flared out his wings to slow their fall. A second later he landed with another hard thump feeling the strength course through his body into hers. The sound of the wind stilled echoed throughout her mind as she brushed the strands of hair that untucked themselves from her updo.

Already the climate here was much cooler, not humid as it was in Velaris.

As she looked around the first thing she noticed was a large lake off to the right. The water was completely still, no ripple skimming across the surface. Across the water as a backdrop were massive mountains in the distance dusted with snow. All around the pair were towering trees giving them ample privacy. Then finally a tiny wooden cottage stood next to the lake off to the left. Attached to the cottage was a thin dock extending over the water barely touching the surface.

“Where are we?” Nesta asked while Cassian carefully set her down.

Before answering her he stared at the cottage then swept his eyes over the lake and up to the mountains. “This was where I grew up,” he whispered still not meeting her gaze.

Suddenly Nesta found no words. Everything she wanted to say simply disappeared and remained quiet. The way he looked at the cottage reminded her of her childhood. His usual fiery gaze wasn’t there, they were replaced with sorrow and longing. Her heart yearned for him in that moment and realized how she still didn’t know much about him or his past. Maybe this moment would shed some light on that topic?

“This place doesn’t bear the best memories but some part of me still keeps coming back. Whenever I need a place to escape to I always come here,” his voice was still a mere whisper barely audible.

Nesta noticed how their fingers were still entwined with each other then gave his hand a slight squeeze for reassurance. He finally looked at her, his hazel eyes lightened up a bit when doing so.

“Come on, let me show you my favorite spot.” Cassian started guiding them towards the cottage. As they slowly made their way across the landscape a wind blew past them rustling the grass. While inhaling the fresh scent of pine Nesta couldn’t help but wonder if it was to greet them or tell Cassian to leave and never come back. If this place didn’t particularly harbor positive memories, why come back at all?

The cottage up close looked much bigger but the wood was worn down from centuries of facing the elements. The door didn’t have a lock anymore and the hoop handle was already lined with rust. Cassian pushed the door open listening to the creak of the decayed hinges. The room reeked with the smell of wet wood.

Once stepping inside the living room space the kitchen was far off to the left just ahead of them. A hallway lined with doors was off to the right. Nesta assumed that was where his previous room was located. But she never got a chance to check for herself. Cassian walked through the living room passing the kitchen to another door. He stole a quick glance of Nesta before nudging the door open, again with a broken lock.

The door led them to the little dock hovering just above the water. The scenery and sight was something to behold. She could see why he liked coming here as bitter as it was. The view was unlike any other and something you would want to see everyday. 

But one question kept bothering her and she couldn’t restrain herself when asking, “Cassian why do you keep coming back?”

Cassian let go of her fingers and settled himself down onto the wood. He peeled off his boots and set them aside then dipped his feet into the water. Before she had a chance to react he patted the wood beside him signaling for her to sit if she wanted. Nesta mirrored his movements and sat cross legged next to him.

“I’m not too sure myself why exactly I come back,” he sighed running his fingers through his now untied hair. “But I think it’s to remind myself of a promise I made.”

“A promise?”

His expression soothed into something less somber. “I promised myself that if one day I start a family..” he paused.

“Cassian you don’t need to say anything if you don’t wish to.”

He only shook his head and took her hand again for a sense of security. “I want my children to have a memorable childhood filled with laughter and happiness. Unlike my own.”

For the first time in a long time Nesta allowed herself to smile. To truly smile. Something inside melted at his words because she too would want the same thing. Growing up the way Nesta and her sisters did, one question always managed to haunt her the entire time. Would they live to see the next day? Would they live to see their next birthday? Would their be a day where they didn’t fear for their lives at all?

“I think thats a promise you will fulfill with ease,” she murmured more to herself than him.

His head snapped to her and she saw his eyes widen.

A couple silent moments passed between them until she finally heard him say, “Thank you.”

Nesta only hung her head a bit to avoid the eye contact. The only thing in view now was the water. To this day Nesta still couldn’t submerge her body fully under water. But as a start she removed her shoes and dipped her toes into it just as he did. She continued to ground herself into the wood reminding herself that she was alive and safe.

“Better than the heat in Velaris?”

She lifted her head up, “A lot better.”

Cassian flashed a victory smirk. “We have to be heading home soon before dark.”

To her surprise she felt a glimmer of sadness rise. Nesta didn’t want to leave just yet but he was right. Plus she didn’t want to find out what creatures lurked here during nightfall.

Cassian lifted himself up swiftly sliding his boots on and extending his hand to her. She took it making her way up and slipped into her own pair of shoes.

“Try not to mess up my hair on the way back,” she nudged him playfully as he lifted Nesta and cradled her to his chest.

“Don’t lie to yourself. You know you love to fly with me.”

She scoffed him off and oped her mouth to retort but before she could he shot up into the sky chuckling in the process.

However, even if it was painful for her to admit, he was right. She really did love to fly.


Joining late to the @phantheraglama party and doing the ‘fuck gender roles’ with @danisnotonfire flashmob >) Ha, I bet Dan would have nothing against wearing a dress! He’s a free bird and he tell us to be such as well.
That’s why I think daniscatchingfire would be the character! Don’t you think?

P.S. Why does he look like Bambi though?

P.P.S. Korein, I really like how you answer to anon sometimes. Spreading good messages, yea~ (:

great comet as things my castmates have said
  • natasha: i try not to cry until it's dramatic and climatic enough.
  • pierre: the only things i want in life is death and to finish this baguette.
  • sonya: my personality consists of a mix between eponine and sandy from grease.
  • anatole: my dream role is elphaba so i can be green and sing a sexual song.
  • hélène: *laughs sadistically while eavesdropping on people awkwardly flirting with each other* fabulous.
  • dolokhov: i wish he'd been cast as helena so we could finally be gay for each other.
  • marya: the only websites allowed in this classroom are khan academy and
  • mary: look at us, baking bread in our homemade dresses. we're like quakers or something.
  • balaga: you know what's a great idea? doing vinegar shots! SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS !
Starpop Dish List

Here is a masterpost of all the dishes in Starpop, including satiation/health/affection values, ingredients required and anything needed to make pre-cooked ingredients (like fried egg requiring egg, for example).

This list is as of posting probably about 97% completed. It does not include temporary dishes (such as the B.A.P members’ favourite foods). If a dish in this list is not present in your recipe book it is most likely because you haven’t made 10 of the “lower-tier” dish (check the dish listed above the one you don’t have).

If you have uncovered any dishes not listed here, the ingredients of any “????” dishes or have any corrections; please send me an ask and I will edit it.

I will also insert this list into an Excel spreadsheet that can be accessed here.

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Split, buttered, and broiled, with dressing of bread crumbs, cheese and more crabmeat. Lightly splashed with Sherry. Served with melted butter, seasoned with garlic and parsley.


May be reached by land, sea, or air. On Cleveland’s E. 9th St. Pier, adjacent to the Downtown Airport, and only 300 ft. from ballgames at Cleveland Stadium. While waiting for the finest, most delightful dinner on Lake Erie’s shores, Cap'n Frank invites you for a ride on his yacht. Varied menu features fish, fresh caught from Cap'n Frank’s boats. Ample parking.