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What's up buttercup?•Shawn Mendes

A/N: This is dirty im soz

Hey guys! I’m back at it again with bad boy Shawn!!! And some smut!!!!

⚠️ warning: contains smut ⚠️

If you want to see something specific with bad boy Shawn pop me an ask!!! maybe a little snippet of what you want? You might see it in the next upload!!!

Thanks for all the love, love you guys, remember we’re a family, ok?

You can find more bad boy! Shawn in my masterlist ✨

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He thinks that maybe he’s going crazy.

He thinks that his brain has been rewired and reworked, all of his sockets now bleeding her name – sparking it in a blue haze, electrocuting him back to life. At first he thought he’d get over it.

He thought that after she’d made him come - saying her name, panting baby baby baby, yes that’s it, like that, fuck, doll, you’re so pretty with my cock in your mouth – that he’d be over her, but wouldn’t he be so lucky.

He’s stuck.

Stuck like a record player, the needle ticking away on a vinyl, probably The Stooges - well I’m your crazy driver, honey im here to steer you wrong.

Which probably explains why he’s in bed right now, fighting the urge to call her, fighting the urge to go over to her place (again) and taste her sweetness, taste her so good that she’s left panting, his name the only word gracing her pretty wet lips.

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Yaaaaay Markiplier! I’m pretty new to the community, and I was upset when I realized that I missed the 8 million subscriber milestone AND your birthday. So I was determined to do something super-amazing when 9 million came around.

Eehhhh does this count as super-amazing?