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V Diary: Suga Log Two

Diary of Suga Au

Rated: M Smut (Handjob)

Word Count: 733 

A/N: Whoops I almost forgot to post this.   

Suga Log

Can’t believe I’ve gotten myself into the housekeeper mess.  Last night after Jin came in and cut off my thinking I realized I need to blow off some steam.  I didn’t want to get into the mess with Y/N.  It’s gonna come back to bite me.  

I got thinking about how it may be hard to have a safe hook-up.  It seemed like a lot of work just for a one night thing.  That’s not really my style anyway.  

Then I realized that’s exactly what the company is paying Y/N for.  Might as well take advantage of what’s conveniently offered.  I feel a bit like I’m objectifying her but in the end she agreed to it.

While I was in my studio today I texted her.  I asked if she could bring me coffee and some breads from her café.  That clever girl showed up 15 minutes later with enough coffee and bread for all the members.  Worked even better as a cover up for me.  

She’s also smart enough to come to my studio first before going to the others.  I asked her if she had time to stay with me for a while.  She said she couldn’t technically leave if I asked her to stay.  

Then it got a bit awkward.  This is the most I’ve spoken to Y/N ever.  Having sex with her out of nowhere was going to be weird.  I didn’t even really want to kiss her?  That’s a little too personal and romantic for me.  A good hand job should do the trick.  

Asking for a quick hand job is just as difficult as asking for a quickie would have been.  That girl is so smart and good for her job.  She caught on to the situation as soon as I told her to stay.  She set down the extra coffee and bread boxes and locked the studio door.  

Simple as anything she asked what it is I’d like her to do.  My exact thoughts came out easily and she didn’t think it was weird at all.  What a relief that she just gets it.  

I pulled my bag out from under the desk and brought out a little bottle of lube.  So great you can buy those things online.  Y/N came over and knelt on the floor in front of me.  Her hands rested on my knees and rubbed circles over my thighs.  I’m pretty embarrassed that just the visual had me half hard.  

She asked if it was okay to continue.  I let her know she was good to do whatever.  She ran her hands over my thighs a little higher and ended with cupping me through my pants.  I got full hard just from that like two minutes later.  I don’t know how that even happens.  If I had tried to do this by myself at home it would’ve taken at least twice as long.  

The situation was still a bit weird to me.  Of course I’d like to enjoy this sort of thing for longer but we’re in my studio in the company building and I kind of just wanted this to be quick and over with.  

I figured I was hard enough so I undid my pants and pushed them down far enough that they would get any mess on them.  Y/N poured a bit of the lube in her hand and slicked it all over my hard on.  

Catching my mood again she started tightly pumping her fist.  Damn this was really what I needed though.  It’s like she knows just how I like it.  I tipped my head back and settled into the chair to enjoy the feeling.  When I started getting close I grabbed the tissues off the desk and held a couple over the head.  

Y/N worked me perfectly right through my orgasm.  The tissue caught pretty much everything but it was really a lot of cum.  We needed a couple more tissues to clean up the mess as best we could.  So nice I even gave her some hand sanitizer.  

We both agreed to not mention this to any of the others.  It didn’t even feel that weird.  I went back to work and she took the goodies over to the others like nothing happened.  I think this set-up is going to be perfect as long as the others don’t know.