bread and puppet

The “Why Cheap Art?” Manifesto from Bread & Puppet Glover, 1984:

People have been THINKING too long that ART is a PRIVILEGE of the MUSEUMS & the RICH. ART IS NOT BUSINESS ! It does not belong to banks & fancy investors ART IS FOOD. You cant EAT it BUT it FEEDS you. ART has to be CHEAP & available to EVERYBODY. It needs to be EVERYWHERE because it is the INSIDE of the WORLD. ART SOOTHES PAIN! Art wakes up sleepers! ART FIGHTS AGAINST WAR & STUPIDITY!
ART SINGS HALLELUJA! ART IS FOR KITCHENS ! ART IS LIKE GOOD BREAD! Art is like green trees! Art is like white clouds in blue sky!


Do you ever talk to your pets? Legend has it that St. Francis of Assisi spent a lot of his time talking to animals he met on his travels. Bread and Puppet Theater’s charming St. Francis Preaches to the Birds recounts the story of Francis preaching to a flock of birds he meets one day. 

The Masonite relief cuts and text were done by Peter Schumann. The hand-coloring of the images was done by Solveig Schumann and Kaja McGowan. Claire Van Vliet designed and printed the book at Janus Press in 1978. 

This copy of the text was generously donated to Special Collections this past summer by New York book collector Jerry Buff. 


Bread and Puppet: Glover, Vermont

One of the most inspirational places for one to find hope in this confused world— It is a community based on compassion, work, and creation without the constraints of the money economy.  Never have a seen such a simple, poignant, thought provoking production as their THIS and THAT Circus. Within twenty minutes I had tears in my eyes. After the production we surprised my dear friend Sarah- a Bread and Puppet-ress. We saw each other and ran to a tearful, joyous embrace. I have so much gratitude for my friend sharing the experience of Bread and Puppet with Homme and I. Vermont is a blessed country side, where goodness happens in abundance.

{The top photo is a rosemary plant in Sarah’s pocket we smuggled across the Canadian border.}

The Guerrilla Arts Brigade (GAB) is an open, democratic student group dedicated to using the arts as a means of building community at Hampshire, raising awareness around issues of social justice, and making our campus and college more beautiful and joyful. Based on the principles of the “Why Cheap Art?” manifesto by Bread and Puppet, we believe that making Art more accessible and abundant is important for the continuous human struggle to realize greater democracy and freedom in our schools, society, and world. Therefore, part of our political/artistic mission is to foster a culture of creativity and spontaneity at Hampshire by bringing Art into the open, directly to people in public spaces, as opposed to keeping it tucked away in galleries.