bread & circuses

The new CBS show HUNTED strikes me as another attempt to normalize the use of police action as entertainment.

And I know these shows are filmed way in advance – there was a calendar shown indicating it was filmed in June 2016 – but it still feels darkly ominous that this premiered so soon after Trump’s inauguration.

It is essential to understand that the very principle of Nazism is its radical opportunism. What mattered was that hundreds of thousands of petty bourgeois, who in the normal course of development had little chance to gain money or power, as members of the Nazi bureaucracy now got a large slice of the wealth and prestige they forced the upper class to share with them. Others who were not members of the Nazi machine were given the jobs taken away from Jews and political enemies; and as for the rest, although they did not get more bread, they got “circuses.” The emotional satisfaction afforded by these sadistic spectacles and by an ideology which gave them a feeling of superiority over the rest of mankind was able to compensate them - for a time at least - for the fact that their lives had been impoverished, economically and culturally.

Erich Fromm, Escape from Freedom