breaches of international law

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why do you say people are overreacting about this drama with the video footage when dnp's privacy was breached, which goes against their human rights and is therefore against international law? i'm aware that this has happened before but it doesn't mean it's any less worthy of concern, people who stalk them the way they did today deserve to receive backlash and the phandom needs to be aware of what's happening with all of this so the necessary backlash can be handed out

uh people may have overreacted about what exactly happened when dan asked someone to delete a video of him because the truth was embellished, not because of the airport drama in general. it’s not any less worthy of concern, it’s a breach of dan and phil’s privacy when people actively seek them out at airports with the intentions of following them around. but what the people who continue to do those things truly deserve is education on the difference between showing respect towards dan and phil when meeting them in public and disregarding their boundaries

Tina, Queenie, and Newt all have good reasons to become Grindelwald followers

That’s what makes Grindelwald so seductive. His platform is actually one that makes sense to the main players on a personal level. 

1) Tina - Tina suffered a lot as result of the International Statute of Secrecy. She breached the law to defend a boy from physical abuse, even though she had the power to stop it, and she took a huge fall for it (demoted). The law demanded that she stand by silently and allow the boy to suffer. If Grindelwald had his way, Tina would have been able to freely use magic for a lot more good. As, historically (or in folklore), witches and wizards mingled a lot more openly in Muggle society, and often served as advisors/healers. Muggles stopped benefitting from having wizards in their midst. We see this with Tina, who’s not allowed to help a (presumed) Muggle. 

2) Queenie - The Statute of Secrecy has been taken to such an extreme in America that No-Maj/Wizard fraternization is forbidden. If Grindelwald had his way, Queenie would be able to freely pursue a romance with Jacob, who she’s fallen hard for. As it stands now, Jacob had to be Obliviated, and she’s breaking the law to rekindle that romance. 

3) Newt - Magical creatures were once feared and hunted by Muggles, and played into a lot of the anti-magic hysteria that led to witch burnings and persecutions. However, under the International Statute of Secrecy, wizards of the ‘20′s seem more keen on exterminating magical creatures themselves as they’re such a liability. During Newt’s time, we see that many species of magical creatures are on the brink of extinction, presumably having something to do with the Statute. If Grindelwald got his way, creatures would be able to live freely, and wouldn’t be the liability wizards currently consider them to be. On the other side of the coin, the Statute seems to have been the main reason why there are so few Obscurials anymore, so Newt certainly walks on the edge, as far as where his motives could fall. Perhaps Newt is where we can most starkly see the Statute as a lesser-of-two-evils compromise. 

Just some food for thought!


‘A gruesome, medieval scene’: Shocking images reveal Japanese fleet is slaughtering whales INSIDE an international sanctuary

  • Campaigners say they spotted vessels in Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary
  • Images of whale carcasses on bloodied ship deck captured from a helicopter
  • Another minke whale was being butchered on board, says Sea Shepherd
  • Commercial whale hunting outlawed in 1994
  • Japanese whaling vessels allowed 'for research purposes’

These graphic images depicting the carcass-strewn deck of a Japanese whaling boat were captured by campaigners after they allegedly caught the vessel inside an internationally-recognised sanctuary.

Militant anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd says it spotted the Nisshin Maru sailing through the protected Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary during the annual whaling season.

As the Sea Shepherd’s helicopter flew above the Japanese ship, campaigners shot footage of the blood-streaked deck and the carcasses of three dead minke whales lying on the ship as another creature was butchered.

Sea Shepherd said it had spotted the Japanese fleet yesterday and captured evidence that four whales had been slaughtered this morning, alleging the ships were found inside the sanctuary.

Campaigners said they had located all five Japanese vessels and were now in pursuit, forcing the harpooners to cut short their operation and retreat.

'There’s three carcasses on the ship, a fourth carcass has been cut up. There’s blood all over the place, meat being carted around on this factory ship deck, offal and innards being dumped in the ocean,’ said Sea Shepherd Australia chairman Bob Brown. 

'That’s just a gruesome, bloody, medieval scene which has no place in this modern world.’

When the Nisshin Maru was first spotted from the air, Dr Brown said it was in Antarctica’s Ross Dependency, within New Zealand’s territorial waters and the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, which he described as a 'gross breach of international law’.

The commercial hunting of whales is prohibited in the sanctuary, which was designated by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) in 1994, but Japan catches the animals there under a 'scientific research’ loophole in the moratorium on whaling.

New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully denied whaling was taking place within his country’s maritime jurisdiction, saying the site was considered international waters, as he condemned the 'pointless and offensive’ practice.

'The New Zealand government has repeatedly called on Japan to end its whaling programme. We reiterate this message today,’ he said.

Japan’s fisheries agency said its programme was being conducted 'in line with a research plan submitted to the IWC’.

'We are not aware of the existence of a whaling sanctuary so we don’t want to comment on their arguments,’ an agency spokesman said of Brown’s claims.

The Japanese foreign ministry said research whaling was 'not a violation or an abuse of a loophole in the international convention’.

'Quite the contrary, this is a legitimate right of the contracting party under Article VIII of the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling,’ it said.

Dr Brown described 'massive violence’ against the whales, using grenade-tipped harpoons to catch them, and said Sea Shepherd would do 'all it peaceably can to prevent this grotesque and cruel destruction’, also urging Australia and New Zealand to take action.

'There is nothing scientific about this, it is butchery,’ Mr Brown said.

'The one thing that’s missing here is gumption - a bit of spine in Canberra and in Wellington to put an end to it.’

Australia has taken Japan to the International Court of Justice seeking to have its research whaling programme declared illegal, with a ruling due this year.

Peter Hammarstedt, captain of the Sea Shepherd ship Bob Barker, said Japan had shown 'flagrant disregard for international law by continuing their illegal whale hunt while the world patiently awaits a decision from the International Court of Justice’.

Sea Shepherd left Australia for their 10th annual harassment campaign of the Japanese fleet last month, sending three ships to tail and run interference against the harpooners.

High-seas clashes between the two groups are common, resulting in the 2010 sinking of the Sea Shepherd vessel Ady Gil.

Australia will be monitoring confrontations between the pair from a government jet which is due to fly surveillance missions over the Southern Ocean between January and March.

However, Dr Brown said there had so far been no sign of the aircraft.

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Tony Abbott is the best pm Australia has ever had. He is rebuilding the country after labour wrecked it, he isn't bowing down before "climate change experts", and his policies regarding illegal boat people are saving their lives, which is more than they deserve

Oh fuck Andrew Bolt found my blog guys.

Let me source some facts for you to shake up your ignorant worldview. I’m sure you’ve heard of these things called “facts” but never bothered to learn what they are so I’m going to give you a crash course in why you’re completely wrong in every single way - AKA: reality.

The budget crisis that cost Labor the election was a myth, a lie fabricated by Liberals for the sake of scaring the public into voting for them. Joe Hockey admitted it wasn’t real himself.

Wayne Swan was awarded “World’s Best Treasurer” during the global financial crisis for managing to maintain economic growth while other countries were going downhill.

After less than a year in government Joe Hockey managed to double the deficit. Remarkable considering they said they’d be in surplus by now and keep backtracking on that further and further into the future.

The debt left by Labor that Liberals inherited wasn’t very high at all despite their outlandish claims it was “the worst set of accounts.” Not that debt is an inherently bad thing for the government so it’s just a scare tactic for people who don’t understand economics.

Oh and you know the unemployment rate is the highest it’s been in over a decade and was last this high when Tony Abbott was employment minister under Howard.

So that’s point 1 of this heap of words you vomited through the internet debunked. Let’s move onto point #2 where you are skeptic about the scientific fact of climate change.

Tony Abbott says he won’t risk the economy for the sake of the environment. That’s where we’re going to start with my rebuttle: where Tony Abbott says that a few jobs (which he hopefully will try to create to counteract the literal tens of thousands he/his government got rid of) are more important than the health, safety, and wellbeing of everyone on the planet. He is more concerned about the economy than he is for the estimated millions of people who will die from climate change in the decades to come or the hundreds of thousands being affected by it right now. Seeing as your final point implies you don’t care about people overseas let me point out that climate change increases the risk of bushfires. Farmers are going to be put under increasing pressure due to the issues of climate change.

Want to know the kicker?

Renewable energy is way better for the economy than fossil fuels. It will create jobs - more so than fossil fuels, bring money from foreign investment instead of stifling it like we currently are, prevent health problems from pollution caused by fossil fuels that are causing an estimate 1.6 million deaths per year in China, and if the coal industry - a dying industry where coal mines are becoming increasingly unprofitable - is more important to you than real economic growth in an industry that can only expand from this point then you’re an idiot. You’re objectively stupid. Even if climate change wasn’t real which it is there’s still more economic benefit in renewable energy than there is in fossil fuels.

Tony Abbott scared the country into thinking the Carbon Tax would cost our electricity bills more yet tries to limit the renewable energy target despite renewable energy being cheaper than fossil fuels.

There’s no economic sense to destroying the environment for the sake of bigger electricity bills. So that’s full of shit too.

SEEKING ASYLUM IS NOT ILLEGAL. Referring to asylum seekers as illegal is a breach of journalistic ethics and complaints can be brought against publications that call them illegal. Turning back boats is a moral and legal failure. It breaches international laws we’ve agreed to adhere by. The Australian Navy itself has spoken out against the dangers of turning back the boats. Tony knows it’s dangerous but he still supports it which makes him seem more like a sociopath than a good willed person. Asylum Seekers are trying to escape persecution and death, turning them back doesn’t save lives it tells them that they need to die elsewhere.

Considering you think that think they apparently deserve to die and the only significant thing about them that is “different” about them is that they’re foreign then that is quite frankly in one word: racist. That’s the truest sense of the word.

You are the human embodiment of a sack of shit. You’re a racist ignorant piece of shit. I don’t need an external citation for that because it’s just blatantly true just like I don’t need a citation to state the fact that the sky is blue.

Look, if you’re going to dare even talk to me (or anyone for that matter) about politics you better fact check every single word that comes out of your mouth because if you haven’t got facts to back you up then your opinion doesn’t mean shit and your opinion on the Abbott government is so full of shit I could shovel it into plastic bags and sell it to farmers for $10 a bag as a full time job. People are entitled to their opinions as politics is a complicated thing but when the points you expressed aren’t a matter of opinion but just objectively wrong you gotta wonder how good your critical thinking skills are affecting your other opinions.

Educate yourself before you speak. You’ll waste less time that way.

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whats your opinion on the refugee/immigration laws of aust atm

I think the current immigration laws here are absolutely atrocious. Seeking asylum is NOT illegal; it’s a human right. I’m pretty sure Australia is breaching international law (Refugee Convention, 1951) by criminalizing those who come to our shores in seek of basic shelter, food, water and safety?