breach trip

The Assignment (H.R. Wells x Reader, Chapter 1/4)

Rating: T

Summary: In order to get back into the good graces of the Master Collectors, colleague Gypsy gives you her mission so you can prove you are as reliable as Collectors come. Little do you know, your assignment is pretty damn charming. And that could be a problem.

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anonymous asked:

i'm in need for some summer-related prompts (meetings at the sea, playing, going to camping, sth like this??) so pls could u give me some ideas? thank u!

  • When Characters A, B, C, and D decide to take an impromptu breach trip, everything does disastrously wrong…and also disastrously right. From Character A accidentally catching a shark, to Character C and Character B having a cry fest at 3AM on the beach, to Character D getting dragged into a stranger’s beach wedding, the trip is definitely a success.
  • “I’ve spent my entire camping trip down by the creek and balancing rocks but you just came up to me and it turns out that you’ve been taking pictures of my work and like, you think it’s really cool?? Thank you??” AU
  • Character A and Character B are at a giant summer festival for indie folk music when Character B meets Character C, a foreign exchange student from Germany who got dragged to the music festival by her American host, Character D. Good thing Character A speaks German and can translate.
  • Summer camp adventures of Characters A and C as their camp cabin faces off against Character D and B’s cabin in an epic pranking war.
  • “You think that I look like a foreign actress with these sunglasses on and I’m not going to correct you because this is the most excitement that I’ve had this entire trip.” AU