okay, so, i wanted to share some study tips of mine. They probably won’t help anyone, and some may even be wrong but i still wanted to write them down, shh.

  • You can’t expect your brain to be fresh after a long day of school. If necessary you can take a nap, or even chill and watch tv for an hour or even more.
  • You have to plan your work the day before (or just before starting your study session, if you are lazy like me) so you know how much time you’ll have to dedicate to yourself at the end of the day.
  • When you study, make sure to have a bottle of water near you. Water helps a lot.
  • TAKE A BREAAAAK, BRUH. Whenever you feel like your concentration is lacking, it’s time to pause - i mean, what’s the point of trying to focus, if even a fly can distract you?
  • Drinking coffee or tea is helpful too as long as you don’t exaggerate. ((said the tea addicted. i am such an hypocrite, such an hypocriTE))
  • If you have to rewrite notes, or do things that don’t require your full attention you can listen to music; it’s distracting but you can do it once in a while. (after a long day of school, sometimes you just need to take it easy, yes yes.)
  • While writing down notes, or underlining books, I suggest you to use different colors. It seems banal but it’s a trick that helps your memory, and it’s always pleasant to have clean and good looking notes.
  • Use a lot of post-it and stickers if necessary. They are super useful. (and cute)
  • Oh, the desk! It must be clean. No one likes to study on a messy desk, with papers and pencils everywhere. (this is personal-ish. if you like it better when your desk looks like a battlefield, suit yourself, soldier.)
  • Get comfortable. Study in your PJs if necessary.
  • And make sure you study in a quiet place.
  • background music. ahhh, yes.

And, that’s all! For now(?)

If you want something more specific, ask away.

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