david: *is in the bathroom, right in front of the mirror and singing*




gwen and max: *opens the bathroom door*

gwen: oh my gosh david are you ok!?

max: yeah, you sounded like someone was killing you.

david: i… i was just singing??

gwen: ah, that explains a lot.

max: this is even worse.

david: *embarrassed* can you guys leave??? please?

Beach Week - Pietro Maximoff x Reader

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Words: 1999
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Featuring: yeh like most of the avengers lol
Warnings: none
Requested by anon
Could I request a imagine where the reader and Pietro, and the avengers have a vacation at Tony’s private beach.
Authors Note: yoo this is cute and I’m always down to write some Pietro.


Tony was tired of hearing it.

It as in all the complaining from everyone.

It as in all the complaining from you and Pietro. Sure, the team was ready for a break. But you and Pietro complained more than anyone.

“Maximoff,” Steve had said. “Stop flirting and both of you come train.” Steve spoke of the speedster and fire powers.

Pietro just groaned in reply.

“Stop being a child.”

“Stop being an antique.” Pietro replied. “I have been training all week. I need a break.”

“Yeah, come on Cap, everyone’s exhausted!” You agreed.

Steve rolled his eyes. “Fine, you two can have today off.”

Pietro stood up. “One day?” He asked. “It is summer, we should get a vacation!”

Steve sighed. “We’re heroes, remember? We don’t get a break.”

“But, a breaaaak….” You groaned.

“Would you all shut up!” Tony yelled from the doorway. “Stop complaining and we’ll go to my damn beach!”

You and Pietro both had a smile flash across your faces. “Yes! When do we go?” You asked.

Tony sighed and looked at Steve. “Two days?” Tony said, and you and Pietro ran to your rooms to pack.

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Symphogear Live 2016 report!

Okay this is less a report and more me rambling about all the ridiculous stuff that went down in vaguely chronological order…

–but okay so I’ll start with what was really exciting, all the JUICY BITS of the weird… in-and-out-of-characterness everyone was doing.

  • Aoi Yuuki being 100% IC as Hibiki almost the entire time until the very end
  • Endless comments about WOW THE CROWD’S PHONIC GAIN IS SO HIGH, aside from Takagase talking how the aircon in the green room was too cold instead
  • Hikasa talking about Maria’s “beloved Tsubasa who won’t touch her”
  • Takagase talking about having a Tsubasa phone strap to match her Chris one
  • Nana Mizuki saying ‘fuck that’ and talking about Tsubasa wanting to bang Kanade again instead
  • Aoi’s performance dress being the ugliest thing of all time
  • Iguchi basically confirming HibiMiku as canon, and that she plays Miku as being in love with Hibiki, and Aoi’s comments on the matter were mutual.
  • hibimari flirting…… maybe. There was one bit where Hikasa, doing the Maria voice, held Aoi’s face and brushed away her tears and told her not to cry and even if that’d be the most hypocritical thing for Maria to ever do, just IMAGINE
  • a joke about an Aikatsu crossover???? can you imagine Mizuki vs Tsubasa
  • Hikasa talking about what if Symphogear got an iOS rhythm game, and how it’d be about matching the Hibiki squawk noises
  • Yoshino worrying about Kirika and Tsubasa becoming meme characters (literally said ネタキャラ!)
  • so many jiiii jokes. including Nana Mizuki doing a Shirabe impression and then going through half of the rest of the characters before dying a death
  • Aoi talking about how Hibiki’s dad is a bit of a shitlord
  • Nana Mizuki admitting she’d be pissed off if Symph had ended after GX (because apparently the X stands for ‘this is not the end’???) and she wants it to keep going and going
  • Iguchi wants more seasons too, so Hibiki and Miku can grow closer and closer
  • Mizuki and Takagase breaking out into really dumb jigs while other people talked
  • Team FIS doing  dumbass co-ordinated dance techniques in order to compete with the original three’s chemistry
  • Garie and Micha promising to give us The Special Kiss if we buy enough merchandise… and also threatening to return in general.

Full report after the cut!

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okay, so, i wanted to share some study tips of mine. They probably won’t help anyone, and some may even be wrong but i still wanted to write them down, shh.

  • You can’t expect your brain to be fresh after a long day of school. If necessary you can take a nap, or even chill and watch tv for an hour or even more.
  • You have to plan your work the day before (or just before starting your study session, if you are lazy like me) so you know how much time you’ll have to dedicate to yourself at the end of the day.
  • When you study, make sure to have a bottle of water near you. Water helps a lot.
  • TAKE A BREAAAAK, BRUH. Whenever you feel like your concentration is lacking, it’s time to pause - i mean, what’s the point of trying to focus, if even a fly can distract you?
  • Drinking coffee or tea is helpful too as long as you don’t exaggerate. ((said the tea addicted. i am such an hypocrite, such an hypocriTE))
  • If you have to rewrite notes, or do things that don’t require your full attention you can listen to music; it’s distracting but you can do it once in a while. (after a long day of school, sometimes you just need to take it easy, yes yes.)
  • While writing down notes, or underlining books, I suggest you to use different colors. It seems banal but it’s a trick that helps your memory, and it’s always pleasant to have clean and good looking notes.
  • Use a lot of post-it and stickers if necessary. They are super useful. (and cute)
  • Oh, the desk! It must be clean. No one likes to study on a messy desk, with papers and pencils everywhere. (this is personal-ish. if you like it better when your desk looks like a battlefield, suit yourself, soldier.)
  • Get comfortable. Study in your PJs if necessary.
  • And make sure you study in a quiet place.
  • background music. ahhh, yes.

And, that’s all! For now(?)

If you want something more specific, ask away.

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